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Okay, first let me say to the moderators that I'm not really sure if a post like this belongs here or in the General Discussion section, although it does happen to be please feel free to move it if it belongs somewhere else. I also wasn't sure if I should post a news report about this since the news submission section says that news articles without a corresponding project page may be rejected and I wasn't sure about the validity of submitting someone else's work without their direct permission, so just to be on the safe side I'll post it here. Sorry, I'm still just a newbie here trying to feel my way around.  :-\ Anyway, I thought this was a rather important development, and I haven't seen anyone else report on this, so here goes...

I was putzing about the 'net yesterday and thought I'd wander on over to the Metroid Database because I haven't been there in a while and I happened upon this news article. Apparently some previously unknown ROMhacker going by the moniker "SB" has created a Zero Mission style hack out of the SNES Super Metroid ROM.  :o I tried it out last night and it's basically exactly what I hoped it would be...a Metroid 1 remake using Super Metroid as it's engine, with Zero Mission style graphics, Super Metroid style sprites, and a map layout reminiscent of the original Metroid. The overall level design so far seems to be tighter than security at Fort Knox, although I'm currently having a lot of trouble progressing in the hallway leading to the bombs.  :( Nonetheless, I'd highly recommend checking this out if you happen to be a Metroid-phile. This seems to be a pretty amazing ROMhack by all standards.

Cheers and happy exploring.  8)

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