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Personal Projects / Super Kirby Bros (v0.1)
« on: February 24, 2019, 05:33:01 am »
Hi! So, I'm new to all of this, so maybe this isn't a really good hack (it's my first one), but I put a lot of work into it, and I wanted to share it. Keep in mind, that I will keep updating it, since the goal is to completely change everything related to graphics and sounds (BGM and SFX) to things from kirby's adventure (and others kirby games maybe). I may change the level design after finishing this. I still have to learn how to, though.

* Features:
-Changed almost all sprites that appear on 1-1
-Changed 1-1 music to "Butter Building" (from Kirby's adventure) and "1UP" SFX
-Changed font and some text (not much yet)
-Some Screenshots:

* To do list:
- Change all remaining sprites
- Change some low quality/random sprites (like the floor)
- Change all remaining BGM and SFX
- Think of something to replace the original text
- Fix 2 specific notes on 1-1 music (they are a byte higher than they should)
- Find a way to shorten 1-1 BGM, since there is no space for some music. Because of this, Underground and Underwater levels use "Castle Theme".

* Problems:
I don't know how to solve these currently. Any explanation or link to a document is appreciated  ::)
- Can't change title screen: I know how to change it but the problem is that it shares a lot of sprites. I just want to change "Mario" for "Kirby", so it says "Super Kirby Bros." Like this:
I found a way to solve this using the PPU viewer, and I could change all the area that said "Mario" to only 1 sprite:
Obviously, I need more than 1 sprite to write Kirby, but I can solve this by using some sprites I discarded (as you can see, on the top left of the PPU viewer, there are some numbers, some unusual sprites, and some blank sprites, I was planning to use those). So here comes the problem, I know how to change sprites using the PPU viewer (like setting tile "$1F" to tile "$5E"), the issue is that it only works if the sprite is on the same side of the PPU viewer. The title screen sprites are on the right side, and the sprites I have available to use are on the left side, so I can't assign them to the title screen. If you read this, thank you! Is there any way to solve this?
- Turtle shell sprite: The adress of these sprites on the PPU viewer are $6E and $6F. However, I've searched for this values on the ROM several times and I can't find anything related to the sprites. Does anyone know another method to search for a sprite on the hex editor?
- Brick blocks: So these don't mirror...
Is there any way to make the left side mirror the right side?

* Download:

It's a .bps file, I patched it with beat. ROM: Super Mario Bros. (World)

Note: I have only tested level 1-1, anything beyond that might have bugs or some weird colors.

Any opinion/criticism/help is aprecciated!

Newcomer's Board / Noob question
« on: February 19, 2019, 03:13:37 am »
I've started a few days ago reading guides about romhacking, because I want to translate a game. I've read some guides on the getting started section here, but I'm stuck with tables and relative search. I don't really understand them, and the three documents which explain them are very old, the programs they use don't open in windows 10. So, what hex editor should I use, and could you explain how to use tables (I know how to create them) and relative search? Thanks in advance

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