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Personal Projects / Secret of Mana, Turbo - Beta 210915
« on: January 31, 2019, 06:45:12 pm »
Public test release is available (updated as of 2021-09-15):

Comprehensive info in this post has not yet been updated. Just getting the link available, will beef up documentation someday.

Script and utilities to convert the 2018 Remake's soundtrack to MSU-1 compatible PCM files (thanks to emuandco and PabloGaldini):

Also, be sure to go check out Mop's Secret of Mana Randomizer:
It's not compatible with this project (each project makes too many conflicting changes to the game), but it is awesome.

zoolgremlin's Secret of Mana Information (and Data Analysis, especially useful for modding):

(not a mock-up)

Mostly complete, but have not yet decided on release format; will elaborate in a bit.

The primary gameplay change for which it's titled "Turbo" is the complete removal of the game's stamina system for attacks (and running).

Core "Turbo" Features:
- Removes stamina (attacking / running / blocking)
- Streamlines weapon charging UI
- Removes weapon charging klaxon
- Stairs don't prevent running (but still slow you)

This patch is built on top of zhaDe's New Gameplay Improvement and is currently piggy-backing on zhaDe's ZPS patch format (and patcher). It also includes any dependency patches (FuSoYa's VWF Edition, vivify93's Proper-caser, etc., the list is pretty long) within the ZPS file. Which is why this patch release is still in an indeterminate state; I'm not sure about this community's stance on permission getting for redistribution vs. simply giving proper credit. At the very least I want to hear from zhaDe because this mod relies on changing some of his work (while other dependencies are effectively as-is). Edit: I got in touch with relevant authors and have been doing regular releases for a while.

The following is not up to date; this project contains vastly more than is listed here. Check the patcher itself to see all available features (and be ready to be overwhelmed because there are a lot).

Secondary Features:
- Adds MSU-1 v2 support to ZSNES v1.51 Win (official build only).
- Adds a day / night cycle that affects stuff.
- Adds the unused Ruby Armet to a shop.
- Restore prettier Japanese title screen image.
- Filter title screen image chunks to reduce blockiness.
- Simulate shimmering light on title screen image.
- Remove TM symbol from logos and trim legalese from end of intro text.
- Option to use the more minimal Japanese legalese.
- Preliminary FastROM enabling.
- Bug Fixes (listed below).

Changes to zhaDe's New Gameplay Improvement (V0.18):
- Organized the patch selection menu
- Glove weapon has guaranteed enemy knockdown (was Axe)
- Whip has negative knockback (pulls enemies towards you)
- Boomerang moving attack executes quicker
- Added sound to Axe thrust
- Changed sound of Sword thrust
- Added diagonal thrusts to Sword
- Hold 'A' while charging to pause charging gauge
- Block button changed to 'R' and stamina use removed
- Damage and healing numbers disappear faster (split to its own option)
- Magic Recharge times greatly reduced, but still present to prevent spamming
- Magic Recharge made configurable in the patcher (Advanced Options)
- Changing direction while running requires gradual turns (no instant 180s)
- Added sound when selecting secondary weapon
- QuickSpell primary hotkey changed to 'L'
- QuickSpell use doesn't require direction holding
- QuickSpell use finalizes on 'B' press instead of release
- Can reset QuickSpell menu with 'X'/'Y'
- Can still strafe while charging using 'L'
- MP display only shows after obtaining Undine
- Split ally and enemy AI changes into multiple options
- Split spell tweaks into multiple options

Bug Fixes:
- Fixes various whip post issues that get you stuck.
- Fixes having Spike Knuckle equipped when Mana Magic fades when originally equipped with sword 9 and being double unequipped when the spell's second half fades.
- Shifts boss rooms right to prevent invisible bosses when at the left edge of the room.
- Cleans up messy tile graphics in out-of-bounds areas (primarily helps when using [Scroll_Hack]).
- Fixes water flow direction in Temple fountains.
- Fixes for obscure permanent character loss (often related to being Frostied?).
- Prevent the ring menu from opening offscreen to avoid a hang.
- Fixes the truncated 'Weapon Skil' label on the Weapon / Magic Skill screen.
- Fixes a Mode 7 rendering issue near the world corners (especially visible near the volcano).
- Changes gogogogogogogogogogogogo... into ..... when talking to Elman before naming the girl.
- Disables the Magic Rope in the Pandora Castle Barracks (which normally gets you stuck).
- Fixes the 'sticky' trap on the right cliff outside the Wind Temple.
- Fixes a save data glitch by having the landing spot in Northwest Ice Country put you outside of Neko's clearing.
- Plus many more; look at the [Bug_Fixes] section in the patcher.

Patches currently included in the ZPS:
- New Gameplay Improvement (V0.18) by zhaDe
- VWF Edition (v1.00) by FuSoYa
- Proper-caser (v0.1a) by vivify93
- Relocalized (v1.7) by Timbo
- MSU-1 (v1.0) by DarkShock
- Item Limit Increase (v1.0.0) by Masterflow
- No HP Restored At Level Up (v1.0) by Kethinov
- Easier or Harder Monsters (v1.0) by Kethinov
- Level 9 Weapons Progression Balance (v1.5) by Kethinov
- Early Luna (v1.3) by Kethinov
- Restore Unused Fanfares (v1.1) by Kethinov
- No Music (v1.0) by Kethinov
- Better Default Text Boxes (v1.0) by Kethinov
- Earlier Midge Mallet (v1.0) by Kethinov
- Later Midge Mallet (v1.0) by Kethinov
- Faster Weapon Grinding (v1.0) by Kethinov
- Faster or Slower Spell Grinding (v1.0) by Kethinov
- Neko and Watts in the Mana Fortress (v1.1) by Kethinov
- Neko in the Underground City (v1.0) by Kethinov
- Watts in the Haunted Forest (v1.1) by Kethinov
- Gaia's Navel With the Girl Without Doubling Back (v1.0) by Kethinov
- Alternate Karon (v1.0, mysterious) by Kethinov
- Overworld Hidden Treasure (v1.2) by Kethinov
- More Useful Evil Gate (v1.1) by Kethinov
- Remove Barrels on Run (v1.1) by Kethinov
- Magical Herb (v1.1) by Kethinov
- Faerie Coconut (v1.1) by Kethinov
- Faerie Coconut Replacement Graphics (v1.0) by Kethinov, ThanatosZero, and Timbo
- Scroll Hack (v1.0) by Binarynova
- VC without PCM (v1.05) by DarkAkuma
- SNESCE Mempatch (v0.0) by rhester72
- Skill Screen Spaces (v0.0) by Justin3009
- Full Percentage Damage (v0.0) by Mop
- Hittable Vampires (v0.0) by Mop
- Overcharge Fix (v0.0) by Mop
- Weapon Affinity Damage (v0.0) by Mop
- Seven Items Max (v0.0) by Mop
- Super Change Form Boss Crash Fix (v0.0) by Regrs
- Luna And Dryad Weaknesses (v0.0) by Regrs
- Functional Armor Wisdom Stat (v0.0) by Regrs
- Restore Aegagropilon Devour Attack (v0.0) by Regrs

The reason for including so many, apart from convenience, is to resolve conflicts (or in some cases, bugs) between patches. The VC and SNESCE patches are mainly available for conflict testing for Canoe support. In the case of Skill Screen Spaces, I was implementing the same but having two different patches that do the same thing floating around seemed like a bad idea (that's the case for some of the other included patches as well, or there is really only one sane way to implement something and I'm giving credit for prior art when I find it, even if my recreation was coincidence).

And now a story (that basically explains why I made "Turbo Mode"):

In the Summer of 1994 I bought Secret of Mana... then the next day I went on vacation for two weeks, leaving my Super Nintendo and expensive (SquareSoft tax, wtf) new game at home. I took the game's manual along with me and read it cover to cover a few times. Needless to say, I was excited. I finally sat down and played through it and loved it.

Then time passed.

In the late '00s I was replaying some old favorites and got to Secret of Mana and... well, hated the gameplay. Why did I need to flee and cower between sword swings? Why did less than 100% attacks do jack for damage? So in 2011 I figured I could fix things. I removed stamina usage from attacks and running and streamlined the stamina UI area. I combined it with the Hard Mode Hack by Masterflow (which itself included FuSoYa's VWF Edition), generated an IPS, and gave it to a buddy as a birthday present. I also had fun playing it.

Then time passed.

My buddy (not the same one as in 2011) got a Super Nintendo Classic Edition for Christmas (2018). He started up Secret of Mana, and within minutes his wife was asking why anyone could possibly stand playing the game with the combat as it was. After relaying this to me, I remembered my project from nearly 8 years prior and suggested I might have a solution. I had about 2 weeks before we'd have a full day we could spend modifying his SNESCE (and playing), so aside from reading up on what would be needed to properly change Secret of Mana on the SNESCE (spoiler: we added it as a separate game rather than changing what was there), I figured I'd spit-shine my hack. I came across zhaDe's New Gameplay Improvement and quickly realized it'd provide most of the spit-shine I was looking for. After dealing with a speedbump in zhaDe's patch that made Canoe overturn and sink, everything went great.

Then I decided maybe I should share this with the world at large. RHDN has given me lots of fun over the years, so I figured it'd be good to give back. But applying 8 or so IPS patches as a prerequisite, adding and removing an SMC header depending on the IPS, and getting everything correct was, uh, not a great user experience. So, I ported all the dependencies from IPS to ZPS so it could all be in one patch file, with a pleasant check-box-driven selection menu.

Here are a couple other title screen images (baseline and subtly animated). I'll figure out what else is screenshot-worthy later. Probably.

<= Timezone Map

I'm still working on more vanilla game bug fixes. Weapon overcharging, item trashcan abuse, item selling abuse and charge level 5 Whip are on my radar, but I'd really appreciate posts mentioning other vanilla bugs that I might not be aware of. I don't intend to fix any sequence breaks (unless they also cause data corruption), but things that get you stuck, corrupt data, or just are sloppiness (like stray pixels in art) I'm interested in.


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