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I'm working on a Mario themed Zelda hack and I wish to use the sides of entrances in a better way. It's coded in a very confusing way. How can I re-arrenge them so I can make best use of them?

Now it loops in a weird way. (the numbers are just placeholder)

Help Wanted Ads / SMB2 The Beatles in Pepperland
« on: March 07, 2020, 12:36:40 pm »
Original thread:

It's getting better all the time! Thanks to Shauing this hack is actually going to feature Beatles music. And I'm working on the levels.

-----------To do (HELP WANTED):-----------

- Make warp jars also work outside subspace
- Make mushrooms also work outside subspace
- Change text: "warp level 2” to: Sea of Monsters
- Change text: "warp level 3" to: Headlands
- Change text "warp level 4" to: Pepperland
- Edit text in end credits: Contributors
 (PM me for staff)

- Make the slot machine look like a jukebox
- change FRYGUY Boss into - The Dreadful Flying Glove
- Change the fairies into the original old men in Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
- Change End Scene Mario Sleeping Animation to The Beatles waving good bye



I'll be doing the levels since I want this to follow the movie: Yellow Submarine.
But PM me if you wish to contribute.

(I think we're good! Shauing and the good folks at the SmB2 discombobulators got the music hacking covered.)

There's a Discord for this. Come join us.
All together now!

Pepperland Discord:

Gaming Discussion / Worst games that hackers fixed
« on: January 14, 2020, 12:32:26 pm »
I'm thinking of creating a series of videos on my YouTube Channel about the worst NES/SNES/SEGA games (or games from that era) that hackers MANAGED TO FIX.

Like the game has to be very broken or unplayable or just very unenjoyable. And the rom hack manages to fix it.

Like, Ghostbusters come to mind.

Do you have any suggestions?

NesDraug's Channel:

Personal Projects / Ice Climber Mario - Pipe Plumber
« on: September 27, 2019, 04:41:01 am »
Mishra made this 4 player hack of Ice Climber so i decided to start working on an old idea of mine.

This is Pipe Plumber. Play as Mario, Luigi, Wario and Waluigi to rid the sewers of Brooklyn of pests.

Programming / FCEUX Four score is wrongly mapped
« on: September 17, 2019, 06:02:15 am »
This is an emulator related question, I didn't know where to put it.

I'm using FCEUX 2.2.3 and for some kind of reason buttons are all messed up if you try to play a four player hack like:
Ice Climber 4p or
Battle City Mario

It's not the hacks fault. I've tried with Nightmare on elm street and other originally 4 player games as well.

This is the solution I come up with. But anyone experiencing this?

ROM Hacking Discussion / Change SMAS into SMB2U
« on: September 06, 2019, 07:25:23 am »
Does anybody know if there's some way to extract SMB2USA from Super Mario All-Stars to create a standalone game without the menus and intro?

Personal Projects / Enable a 9th world in SMB
« on: July 11, 2019, 01:38:44 pm »
So I made nine worlds in my SMB hack: ”Mario’s Keep” and people have been asking me how to achieve that. Well Mario´s keep just have 3 levels per world instead of the original 4, so I hid some levels after level 8-3. It was a mess really. Just trial and error but it worked.

Do you want to create a world 9?
This is probably a pretty backwards way of doing it. But I’ve created a patch that allows you to warp to a hidden ninth world I just created.

What I did:
SMB doesn’t have very much space so in order to create a ninth world; something has to go. In this patch you’ll get a hidden ninth world with one level for the cost of the letter ”J” and the automated cut-scenes before underwater levels.

I used SMB Utility. So what I did is that i took all the redundant ”transition levels” called 29H and made it level 9-1 by moving them way down the list in ”sort areas”.

Then I looked all over the entire game for redundant blocks, coins and enemies and moved them to room 29H. The game is pretty much the same. I mainly moved coins to my new ninth world. Then I had building material for this new level.

It’s not that easy though. The game doesn’t really allow you to have 9 worlds. So you can only get there by warping. I put a warp in the end of level 1-2. (Where the warps usually are, duh!).

Warp is set to 19 which goes to room 29H. The warp text was displaying the letter ”J”. So I had to transform the letter J into a 9 in Tile Molester. (The letter J is never used in the game anyways!)

So. If you like to create a new SMB hack with a hidden 9th world, you can use my patch and then edit level 9-1 in SMB Utility.

IMPORTANT: In order to edit level 9-1 you have to go to Tools—>Sort Areas, and transform your 9-1 level into 8-4 by moving it up the list. Then you can find it in Edit—>Choose room… Remember to sort it back to 9-1 when you’re finished or else the original level 8-4 will disappear.

Download the patch:

Personal Projects / Battle City Mario Bros 4-player hack
« on: June 01, 2019, 05:05:05 am »
So, I decided to do a graphics hack of the Battle City - 4 Players Hack by Ti. ( )

In this version you can play as Mario, Luigi, Wario and Waluigi.

Swap Palettes must be turned off. (Or you'll get a flashy grey 4th player)   

I'd like to set these options to default. But I have no idea how:

This is my first proper romhack with completely new levels. This puzzle solving Super Mario Bros hack was started and then abandoned by w7n. I scooped it up and... I think it's finished! Would be awesome to get feedback and fix any errors I might have missed before I finally release it.

Edit: It has been released !

Personal Projects / SMB2 - Super Beatles - Pepperland
« on: January 11, 2019, 03:10:38 pm »
So, this is my dream for many years. I already mentioned it in the Hack Ideas thread but I thought I'd give it a go.

This is how far i've got. The character select screen is ok... but gosh. Those graphics. Such a hard game to hack!

UPDATE (2019-02-21):
Unfinished DEMO 01:
Rom: Super Mario Bros. 2 (U) (PRG0) [!]

UPDATE (2020-03-16):
No new levels, music test:
Unfinished DEMO 02:

Newcomer's Board / Understanding Super Mario Bros. graphics
« on: January 11, 2019, 01:30:49 am »
I'm working on a SMB hack...

...and I'm trying to understand why I can't have 9+ lives without this strange symbol showing up instead of a "1".

My question is: what does this do and can paint a 1 over it without messing up the game? It has to be graphics.

Personal Projects / Mario's Keep (Finishing abandoned w7n hack)
« on: January 03, 2019, 06:27:09 pm »
Ok! This is quite a fun puzzle solving Super Mario Bros. hack.

So I found this abandoned hack by w7n called ”Mario’s Keep”. I found it on w7s site
Since I’m new to hacking but eager to learn I thought it would be a good idea to stand on the shoulders of giants. There where only about two and a half levels completed and they where kinda impossible to beat. 

These are w7n:s descriptions:

”If you're interested, maybe you can finish these projects. Some projects may be inspiring. Here are the descriptions: Mario’s Keep - A hack which requires tricky jumps, but not glitch abusing skills to pass. You have to figure out the sequence of the levels. ATA's SCROLL patch is used.”

What I’ve done so far.

- Used SMB Utility
- Made the levels playable
- Added some obstacles
- Placed out more enemies
- Designed new levels
- Game stuck in 1-2. Added warp to level 2 as a solution.
- I’ve only gotten to Level 2-1. The rest of the game is just regular.
- Changed the music

The last part was really tricky. For some kind of reason the Koopa Castle music was corrupted (which is really hard on the ears as it is). I managed to insert the music from this SMB Music Hack. I probably did it in a strange backwards way… but somehow i made it! Sounds awesome!


My music process explained here:
- Found
- Patched the romhack nes-file with music8.ips in Lunar IPS
- Didn’t work… :(
- Looked online for game genie music codes for SMB
- added some music Game Genie Codes (by trial and error)
- Game Genie Code XPPPPP+PPPPPP+SKINIT added with GGGUY.exe
- Success!

The game is not finished. But here’s Demo version 0,1:

Update: (2019-01-04) Demo version 0,2

Update: (2019-01-20) Demo version 0,3

Update: (2019-03-19) Beta Version 3

Update: (2019-05-08)

Final version 1.0 uploaded to RHDN

Any feedback and or help is appreciated. This could be such a cool puzzle!

ROM Hacking Discussion / List of Co-op / Multiplayer hacks
« on: December 16, 2018, 07:01:41 am »
I’m really in to these co-op hacks. So here’s a list of hacks that add additional players to Nintendo and Sega games. Feel free to add to the list, I've probably missed a lot of stuff.

- NES co-op / multiplayer hacks ————————

Balloon Fight - 4 players hack

Battle City - 4 Players Hack (NES)

Battle City Mario (4 players) (NES)

Battletoads 4 players (NES)

Battletoads & Double Dragon 4 players (NES) New

Bomberman co-op (NES)

CnD2-4pl: Chip n Dale 2 - 4 players New

DuckTales 2 - Two Players Hack (NES)

Flintstones 2 Minigames (NES) New

Ice Climber - 4 player hack (NES)

Pipe Plumber - Ice Climber 4 player hack (NES)

Pipe Plumber - Ice Climber 2 player hack (NES)

Mighty Final Fight for 2 players (NES)
(2P is able to control the enemies.)

New Ghostbusters II – 2 players (NES)

P.O.W.: Prisoners of War - Two Players Hack (NES)

Super Dodge Ball 4 Player Hack (NES)

Super Mario Bros. - Two Players Hack (NES)

Bill Kill - SMB hack (Controll enemies)

Batman Bros. co-op (NES)
(Hack I made based on the Super Mario Bros. Two Players Hack)

Super Mario Bros. 3 (Control a cheep-cheep)

Tetris Zero (NES)

Wrecking Two (NES)

Zelda II: The Adventure of Link (NES) New

- SNES ————————

Secret of Evermore - 2 Player Edition (SNES)

Seiken Densetsu 3 3-player Hack (SNES)

Super Mario World - Two Player Co-Op (SNES)

Super Mario World - 2 Player Co-op Quest (SNES)
(2P is able to control the enemies.)

Super Mario World - 2 Player Co-op Quest 2 (SNES)
(2P is able to control the enemies.)

- N64 ————————

Jet Force Gemini Trainer and Co-Op Hack

Legend of Zelda OoT: Four Swords Arena Edition (N64)

SM64 Multiplayer (N64)

- SEGA MEGA DRIVE  ———————— 
Sonic Classic Heroes (SEGA MD)

Almost finished Sonic 1 CO-OP hack (SEGA MD)

Almost finished Sonic 3 CO-OP hack (SEGA MD)

Super Mario Bros Co-Op - Glitch World
This is just a hilarious mistake from when I tried to mod the Two Player Hack of SMB1. Play co-op as Mario and Luigi in random levels with strange glitches such as walking through walls. Have that reset button prepared tho. Some levels are impossible to beat due to the randomness of this mistake of a hack.

Personal Projects / Batman Bros. - SMB1 Two Players Hack
« on: November 30, 2018, 07:40:43 am »
So I wanted to do something with that awesome Super Mario Two Players Hack by Corpse Grinder and Ti.

This is Batman Bros. Co-Op.
Batman and his long lost twin Batbro find themselves in a very dark Mushroom Kingdom.

Link to IPS-file: (version 0,6)

ROM: Super Mario Bros. (W) [!] [NES] - GoodNES V3.23b

It's a real chore hacking this rom because I can't use any of the custom smb1 utilities since the information in the two player hack is altered.

- Sprite editing in NES CHR Editor
- HEX-editing in FCEUX to fix the colors

This is a work in progress, please tell me what you think or feel free to ask me if you have any questions.

Edit: (Released version) :


Personal Projects / Super Mario Bros. - Goomba Attack!
« on: November 28, 2018, 07:50:33 am »
So I think I finally made a pretty decent hack!  :laugh: This is for Super Mario Bros.

Lots of speedy enemies are lurking in the background. They can jump out to surprise you at any moment!
On top of all: the fireflower is not as strong as it used to be.


- Faster enemies
- More goombas
- Enemies are in the background
- Enemies go through objects
- Multiple stomping on enemies
- Piranha Plants turn into troopas if you stomp them

- Powerups go through objects
- Powerups move faster
- No Starman

- Slow fireballs (will disappear if there’s more than two)
- Higher jumps

- Level selector (use A)
- Slightly altered music
- Different colors 

ROM: Super Mario Bros. (W) [!] - [NES] - GoodNES V3.23b


Personal Projects / Ice Climbers Evil Nana
« on: November 15, 2018, 05:07:32 am »
So, this is the first hack I've ever done. It's a variation on Ice Climbers for NES.
Did you know they're named Popo and Nana? 

- Player 2 can kill Player 1
- 2X Speed
- Snow monsters can't kill you
- Controllable jumps
- Starting with 6 lives
- Altered text
- Skipped intro


It's perfectly playable but there are thing's I'd like to improve:

- Change title so it says Evil Nana
- 6 lives actually show instead of 3
- Player 1 start with 6 lives
- Player 2 start with 2 lives
- Player 1 move fast
- Player 2 move slow

I don't know how to do this.  :banghead:


Ice Climbers 4 player

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