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Hello guys. I am really confused about this, so far I have not found a solution?

I'm looking for pointer Letters after monsters group name like A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H
and I want change them to like J,K,P etc..

If anyone has a trick or a solution to this, I will be grateful and Credited to to him.


Finally!, Now Final Fantasy I: Dawn of Souls Playable Into Arabic.

Ready to Download:


This is an Arabic translation of great Popular RPG game, Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions on PSP.
is ready to download, note this right now only chapter one...


Personal Projects / [Arabic] Final Fantasy VI SNES Translation Released
« on: February 06, 2018, 10:12:34 am »
After 8 months, 9 days Finally Done!! Translation Final Fantasy III/VI for Snes into Arabic. hope you Enjoy it. feel free to feedback,

You need Lunar IPS to patch this game -

Don't forget to Readme for more info...

hello, I'm trying Translate this game into English , when i looking into files Dokapon! Ikari no Tekken ps1 version i say OMG WHAT IS THIS.... , i know the game contains lots of pictures,
but my question here how i can make table characters For this alien game can anyone help and looking into the upload file its Font.dat..

i try using monkey-moore and more stuff but no luck...


any tips idea you will make useful

thx :thumbsup:

April 29, 2017, 01:32:18 pm - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)
here table for game i Abandoned  this project so this table incomplete

Code: [Select]

Hello, i plan to Translation Dragon Warrior I on Nes to Arabic langue. everything are going well,
But is it possible to reverse the flow of text [general dialog] from instead of left to right and make it right to left? Or is this impossible?


when i want translate any final fantasy 1 nes i found a good start to translate is,
Grond's Final Fantasy, but i got a problem the FFHackster he don't want make any change,
so i found way to bypass this problem. anyway, if you want to modify the game you can download this FFHackster editor. --- edit link...

hello, i really need help to find or Is there a program to test Font without play game using emulator ?

coz i don't want play game ever change in game to view how look like the font.

i hope my question is clear.


hello guys rellay i need help to find a new DTE characters from Final Fantasy Restored

here link

when i apply the patch i got new DTE Table characters so i want to know how to find a new characters

so i cant use FFHackster to read words ...

i hope my question is clear to you guys ...


i really don't know how to start, Is it possible to extract/edit text from this game,  Nekketsu Koukou Dodgeball Bu - Soccer Hen (J)

i want translate this game i edit the font sprite but i miss how to find text

any idea, help please

i really I appreciate your reply.


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