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ROM Hacking Discussion / Final Fantasy VI - T Edition
« on: January 19, 2015, 04:40:23 pm »
I'm strongly considering learning Japanese just to translate this -

I probably should ask this in the newbie section, but does anyone have any advice for me on my journey? I can make my way around an editor, but I have no 'ASM hacking' or any other high level hacking experience. I'm pretty sure I know how I'd go about it (ripping the script, translating and reinserting, etc), but I figure I'd ask the experts.

I'm not being lazy and asking for links and guides, but if you could kindly point me in the right direction (aka tell me what to google haha)

Long story short - Assuming 100% knowledge in Japanese - I'm asking how should I go about this project? I'll google and research any terms and tools that you tell me if I don't know them.



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