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Hi, I've recently taken up binging X1-X6. I didn't realize how much of a problem double tap to dash would be for me.  Many times I would accidentally trigger a dash and it's been frustrating. I use a button to dash exclusively so double tap to dash is useless for me.

I'm not a rom hacker or programmer but I wanted to start this thread to have a compiled list of the ways it can be done for Mega Man X games on SNES/Playstation for me and those interested.

I assume disabling it can be done in each game by changing a certain hex value using a hex editor. If it's as simple as that, that would be great. If anyone knows how to do it for each game please feel free to contribute. I also assume that it won't conflict with any rom hacks like X3 Zero Project v4 or X5 Improvements Project Addendum as I don't think those change controls. If so, versions for those hacks would be much appreciated. I think X6 Tweaks has an option to disable double tap to dash so that one is covered.

Thanks a lot!

Seeing as how I haven't seen any info on this, I'd like to share what I've found. The Symphony of the night Hardtype hack (as well as other PS1 hacks I've read) has issues working in more accuracy focused emulators. It'll work in epsxe, but not some others - including mednafen, hence OpenEmu - which concerns me as that's what I use. For a while I've been trying to find out why. Turns out, and I've tested this, it's because you need to "recalculate the EDC/ECC fields of the game image".

After applying hardtype and/or quality hack, run the PS1 2352 image EDC/ECC recalculator tool on the bin file and it'll work.

It doesn't seem everyone is aware of this which seems odd, especially for the rom hackers not to know this. The megaman x6 tweaks hack guys seem to know this very well. Their page says the hack "Includes STARWIN's EDC/ECC Recalculator and is automatically run during patching. Without this, you may run into problems playing the modified game on real hardware or the more accurate emulators." So I figured, why not try it on SotN hardtype. Low and behold everything works now.

Putting it out there, FYI.

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