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Hi. I have submitted a freeware Sega Genesis game, Zero Tolerance, to the database. Right now it is in the queue and my screenshots of it are in the scratchpad (the ROM itself, I linked to the official website for instead of adding to the scratchpad). On the website of the company that made it, Technopop, Randel Reiss, the owner of its copyright and trademark, makes it available royalty-free for download and distribution as you can see here: This makes it freeware and perfectly legal for this or any other website to host, so I added it. It is listed on many sites that list freeware games, including Wikipedia’s list of freeware games that were once commercial.

However the submission form for games does not allow to specify an author not listed in your database. I specified “R” as the author, short for Randel Reiss, but I would really like the author to be listed as either Randel Reiss, or better yet, Technopop, since they are his company and other people were involved in making it to, although he was in charge of development as the producer, and is also the person who made it available for free, legally. I was not able to upload it without specifying an author, on the form, and the form also did not allow me to add a new author.

Anyway I hope that someone who is able to create new community entries can create a new entry for either Technopop or Randel Reiss. Preferably Technopop since a bunch of people were involved with making this game. It is quite rare for a formerly commercial console game to be made freeware like this, and I suppose that since it was originally developed by a game company before made freeware it is not technically homebrew, but it is not as if this game is outside the scope of this site, and also it is perfectly legal for you to distribute, it says so right on Technopop’s official website which I linked to. So I hope this submission is accepted and you can correct the “author” field. Thank you.

In the meantime, anyone who wants to legally download the game can download it from Technopop’s official website, before it is added here, or in case it gets rejected for not technically being homebrew or something like that. I would also note that on the old site Zophar’s Domain, Zero Tolerance is one of the 27 100% legal-to-download Sega Genesis games they have, although they mistakenly list it as “public domain” when actually it IS still technically under copyright, just freeware: Open-source software under GNU GPL and stuff under Creative Commons licenses is also technically copyright too, but it is still under a free license, this is basically the same situation except Zero Tolerance does not have any source code freely available, just the ROM.

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I submitted another game to the database, this one a homebrew game for Atari 2600 called Wall Jump Ninja, made by a ROM hacker who goes by the name walaber. Unfortunately yet again I was unable to find the ROM hacker’s name in the list, the closest I could come to his or her name was “Whatever”. Hopefully if/when the Wall Jump Ninja for Atari 2600 submission is approved, the ROM hacker name can be changed to “walaber”.

The submission form for homebrew games STILL does not allow to specify an author who is not already in the database of contributors, unlike the submission form for hacks and probably also the forms for translations and utilities. Somebody should really fix the submission form for homebrew games so we can list an author not already in the database. Anyway since this is an actual homebrew game that was first developed in 2015 and the most recent version came out in 2016 and the author published the ROMs for it (NTSC, PAL, and PAL60 versions) for free online, and it was never a commercial game, this ought to be completely non-controversial to add to the database, the only problem is getting the author’s name right: walaber. Oh and here is the post where the latest version of this game was posted online, in case anyone wants to check it out before it gets approved (I can’t see any reason why it wouldn’t be approved):

I found a webpage with a bunch of ROM hacking utilities, some of which are on here, some of which are not, as well as translations for almost all of the Zelda games into Russian. Unfortunately the website is in Russian but fortunately Google Translate works really well and if you are viewing the website in Google Chrome you ought to be able to see it in English quite easily. Most of the ROM hacking utilities are in English, just the descriptions on the website are in Russian but Google Translate can take care of that.

Various ROM hacking utilities

A whole bunch of Russian translations of almost every game in the Zelda series

I think for users of this site, since most of us are English-speakers and the site is in English, a much higher priority should be making sure all of the ROM hacking utilities that are listed, if they are useful at all, are also on this site too. It seems those ROM hacking utilities are the ones that were used to make all of those translations of the Zelda games. It is an actively maintained website. Anyway some of those utilities look really useful. In the Google Translate translations of those webpages, you sometimes will see the word “Roma”, substitute the words “Roman alphabet” whenever you see this, sometimes you see “rum” instead of “ROM”, various little things like that, no big deal, Google Translate makes minor mistakes. Anyway if we go through everything on this webpage that is quite a long list of things to submit here. Some very useful utilities for ROM hackers are there. Submitting the Russian translation patches is a much lower priority because Russian-speakers can already easily find those translation patches for Zelda games on that website and Russian-speakers are unlikely to look at romhacking dot net very much.

If nobody else bothers to submit any of these I will just have this post here for personal reference so that I can submit all the things on that site that are not already here, when I have the time, if I ever get around to it. In the meantime, anyone else is welcome to look at that and submit anything there they thing is useful too. If you are trying to increase your number of submissions to this site, I would suggest that this is an easy way to do it but you’ll have to put some time and effort in. It might be easy but it will take quite some time to submit all of this, quite a lot of time. If anyone wants to hack Zelda games, the utilities there are really good ones that have been proven to work for that purpose.

I found this site when looking at utilities with unknown authors, and coming across BFN Dump. When trying to look up the author of BFN Dump, I found there are hardly any sites on the Internet that mention this utility, but it and a whole bunch of other related utilities are all listed on this site. In fact BFN Dump is pretty useless by itself since the utility for dealing with .dds files that it generates, DDS Viewer 0.663a, is not on romhacking dot net, but this Russian Zelda ROM hacking and translation site has that utility and many others. There are a bunch that deal with Yaz0 compression, a common compression algorithm used in many games, and NONE of those are on this site. And a bunch of utilities for dealing with the BTI format and the TPL format and all sorts of things, yes these are also used in games on Nintendo consoles, none of those are on this site either. Hopefully we can get all the useful utilities from there submitted here on romhacking dot net.

I don’t know a single word of Russian so if anyone here knows Russian perhaps you would be a bit more suited for dealing with this than I am. Still I can handle myself pretty well with Google Translate. This is a site with dozens of obscure but very useful ROM hacking utilities I have found here.

RichterSnipes is the developer of Pokémon Throwback, a popular hack for Pokémon FireRed for Game Boy Advance. His main thread for the development of Pokemon Throwback is on the website PokéCommunity, here:

Last year (2017), RichterSnipes took a break from Pokémon Throwback development, and another hack developer, tkim, took over and has been putting out unofficial builds of Pokémon Throwback, the latest of which is version v180715 released July 15, 2018. Information about BOTH the official RichterSnipes AND the unofficial tkim builds of Pokémon Throwback are in the first post of the above thread on PokéCommunity, including download links and documentation. RichterSnipes has given approval to tkim’s unofficial version and encouraged people to use it. To quote him:

“To PokéCommunity:

I'm taking a break from hacking. However, that doesn't mean the end of Throwback!
In my absence, tkim will provide new updates and changes to the long-running hack.

Download tkim's most recent version
Changelog for tkim's version

The original download is still below. You can also skip down to the source files and further fine-tune the hack to your liking, if you wish.
I hope Throwback will be able to thrive long after I'm done working on it myself.

Thank you, everyone!


ROMhacking dot net has the latest official RichterSnipes version of Pokémon Throwback here: However, this website does not have the unofficial tkim version of Pokémon Throwback, which, I believe, would merit its own separate entry as a different ROM hack. Specifically according to ROMhacking dot net terminology, the unofficial tkim version would be an Addendum Hack to the official RichterSnipes version of Pokémon Throwback.

tkim calls his updated addendum version of this hack “Unofficial Pokémon Throwback”, and RichterSnipes also uses that name. So I think that is the name that should be used. Anyway I think this should be added as a hack in your database.

Anyway I have not done a submission before to your hack database. I will attempt to do one for this hack. If I run into any problems or need any help I will post about it in this thread. Thank you.

September 12, 2018, 02:13:27 pm - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)
OK I managed to post it and now it is in the queue at At first I had trouble submitting it but I managed to figure out how, I just needed to use the scratchpad and study some BBcode, I got it working. Well, I am glad I managed to do that, I had quite some difficulties at first but I managed to get the hack submission done.

Hopefully it will be accepted, since this is a really really great hack. I am not the developer or anything, I just really like playing it, this hack is the definitive version of the original Kanto journey of the Pokémon games. I mean RichterSnipes’s official version of this hack was already the best version of the Kanto journey of Pokémon Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, FireRed, and LeafGreen. But now this improved version of it, this addendum hack by tkim, is even better, I think people will really like this. I have been playing it and honestly I don’t notice any difference from RichterSnipes’s version so far. I don’t think I have gotten far enough in the game to any of the parts that are different in tkim’s version. And tkim made 2 versions of it, one that includes improvements and changes as well as bugfixes, and one that just has bugfixes to RichterSnipes’s last version. So really this is the Pokémon hack for people to be playing, this is really quite good.

Of course with the upcoming Pokémon: Let's Go, Pikachu! and Let's Go, Eevee! for the Nintendo Switch, I suppose once that is out, it will be considered the best version of the original Kanto journey. But it doesn’t come out until November 16, 2018 and I don’t think the Nintendo Switch emulators “yuzu” or “Ryujinx” are good enough yet to support those upcoming games. For now this is the best version, it will be nice to see it once it is approved, assuming it gets approved.

September 14, 2018, 05:02:25 pm - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)
It was approved! Thank you. You can find the hack at Try playing it, it’s great!

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