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Okay, it's up.
Blaster Master - Metafight Alpha v1.0


So I wanted to turn this...

into something closer to this.

and I've done a little of this...

...and a few odds and enemies here and there. Running into two roadblocks at the moment. Trying to rearrange the title screen, as offset wording looks imbalanced and wrong, and trying to fit the end card for Chou Wakusei Senki Metafight into the end of Blaster Master, buuut this is not a matter of copying and pasting from the JP ROM, of course. I'd like to get the hexagon from Zero onto the title screen, along with a sub title, but control codes setting the positioning and spacing of tiles on each screen are a mystery to me, and my forte is more firearms and "photoshop", not so much in the way of coding. I'm considering turning Area 2 from the castle structure that it has, into the ruined residential area that Blaster Master Zero exhibits, but I'd rather pretty a few fixed things up before I go and completely overhaul an entire area of the game. Any pointers on how to expand the usable area of static screens, or manipulate the existing free tiles? Research has been slow in the going. I'd rather not just edit Metafight if I can help it, even if I can just un-████ that leap of faith area in it.

Code: [Select]
║  ║  ╠═══╦═══╦═══╦═╗  ╔═══╦═══╦═══╦═══╗
║  ║  ║ ╔═╩╗ ╔╣ ║ ║ ║  ║ ║ ║ ╔═╣ ║ ║ ║ ║
║ ║ ║ ║ ╚╗ ║ ║║ ║ ║ ║  ║ ╠═╣ ╚╗║ ║ ║   ╣
║ ║ ║ ║ ═╩╗║ ║║   ║ ╚═╗║ ╚ ║ ═╩╣   ║ ║ ║
    ┌─┬─┬──┬─┬─┐ ┌┐ ┌──┬──┬─┬┬─┐┌──┐
    ││ ││ ─┼   ┤┌┘└┐│ ─┼┐┌┤ ││ ││ ─┤
    ││ │├─ │ │ │└┐┌┘├─ │││├  │ └┤ ─┤
    └┴─┴┴──┴─┴─┘ └┘ └──┘└┘└──┴──┴──┘

Since "Metal Gear Faithful" is apparently to be released with Half Life 3, here's the far less impressive mess I've managed to cobble together in a few days, while figuring out how to use things other than raw hex editors. I am aware of GearTool, but without a background in programming and CS, I've not been able to accomplish anything with it.

Brief rundown of some of the changes:
Fixed all of the text errors cause by Konami rushing the Famicom port, including Schneider sending you on a wild goose chase for the EOD suit.
Made Big Boss's limited information on most weapon pickups more useful than snide comments.
As is my habit, corrected wording, spelling, and grammar as well as I could manage given the limited space.
Changed many of the palettes to approximate those of the MSX version of the game, identical for the most part to the MGF project.
Changed background tiles in whole or in part, to match those of the MSX version.
Changed the title screen to approximate the MSX version, but I have yet to redraw the logo.
Completely redrew the M79 grenade launcher, as an MP5 does not fire grenades. Being a gun collector, I could not allow this.

This is by no means a complete project, and there's still a bit that needs fixing, organizing, and flat out redoing, but unless someone wants to write a manual for GearTool, there's no way I can do something major like swap the computer with Metal Gear or overhaul the outdoor areas, and without being able to code more than a replicator virus in QBASIC, I can't turn the indoor trucks around, or fix the remote missile and flash light's broken tile arrangements.

Here are some screenshots and a download of version 0.8bf. Sorry it's not the miracle everyone has been praying for. I only did this out of anger, the most fuel-efficient motivator in human history.

Optional Konami logo for the title screen

Some before and after (NOT REPRESENTATIVE OF THE 1.0 RELEASE):

And some whatever.

   I had come across a great many complaints about the grammar and spelling in Crystalis, and having read Webster's 9th Collegiate Dictionary about 30 years ago and doing nothing with the information acquired, I determined that I must do something useful with my free time. I've never done anything closer to a ROM hack than figuring out new Gameshark codes for Darkwing Duck for Game Boy, so while I don't think that I have broken anything, more eyes cannot hurt. I have played through about 60% of the game, on top of using save states to jump ahead to check NPC text, and so far, everything looks alright. No text jumping out of the boxes, no random sprites showing up in text. Lamentably, the original code is a bit messy, with lacking in the way of slack room, so there may yet be a few items that could stand fixing. Nevertheless, I believe I've cleaned up all of the misused instances of "it's", added commas where appropriate (and possible), reworded some particularly messy text, and fixed a slew of minor items. I would consider this version of the patch to be complete, but I would appreciate it if someone could give it a test run to spot any egregious errors on my part, or that I may have overlooked.

tl;dr: I think I un-████ed the writing in Crystalis to a satisfactory degree.

Before and After, in one egregious case of what the heckery. While a "that" would make the sentence better, it would not fit in the space allotted, due to the limited word table.

My advance gratitude.

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