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Help Wanted Ads / [Technical] Dragon Quest Monsters Map Data (GBC)
« on: January 12, 2019, 02:06:29 am »

I have completed a mod which changes monster, spawn and item data. But I was never able to make changes to map data.
It seems likely that people would have some familiarity with how dragon quest games store the
ir map data.
If anyone has any tips on how to search for the map data as well as town data it would be greatly appreciated.

ROM Hacking Discussion / [Technical][GBC] Dragon Warrior Monsters 2
« on: August 04, 2018, 06:19:55 pm »
I have completed and submitted a hack recently for this game. The gameplay aspects are completed however I'm not able to figure out how to change some cosmetic elements. For my hack I would like to be able to change the sprites used in some story sequences prior to battle.

Also because my hack is only compatible with the Cobi version, I would like assistance figuring out how to modify which sprite is used by the hero. I'm using BGB but I'm not sure how to use the various sprite map tools.

I can see it requiring separate patches for these options:

Newcomer's Board / Hack Updates and Fixes
« on: July 31, 2018, 01:01:09 pm »
I have a hack that is almost finsihed. The intended gameplay changes will all be complete. However, once submitted I would still like to look for solutions to some cosmetic changes I haven't found yet. (Some may require assistance)

Basically I'm wondering if there is any issue with me posting updates or fixes to my hack. For the most part these do not affect gameplay, they are cosmetic changes I'm currently unsure about.

If I receive feedback about something being unreasonably difficult or something appears unintended, I may be inclined to adjust gameplay content.

Is there any issue with continual improvements?

Personal Projects / Dragon Warrior Monsters 2 Ultimate (GBC)
« on: July 26, 2018, 02:23:11 am »
Hunt and collect monsters like never before!
Dragon Warrior Monsters 2 Ultimate
This hack is essentially DWM2 NG+ for those that have played this game many times in the past and would love a new challenge. Changes have been made to monster encounters throughout the story to provide much more variety and difficulty. Many aspects have been made more convenient to facilitate grinding for the dramatic jumps in difficulty.

If you already have a completed save file this can offer great post-game grinding and loot. If you have not tried this series but enjoy a challenging Pokemon-like experience, you should give it a try .

I have submitted hack v1.03 as of 28 September 2018. Please give it a try and let me know if anything seems like a bug!

The Tara version is not fully compatible, but you can start up a save and then continue with the Cobi version
If a file is started with Tara, you will remain as Tara if you load the save with the Cobi version..

Map and Encounter Changes

   Changes have been made to nearly all prebuilt monster data.
      Starting monster (Now Gismo with Heal) 
      All Story key Monsters
      Mimic Monsters
      Boss Battles
      Arena monsters
      Random Master Monsters
      Tiny Medal Rewards

   Changes to monster regions to encourage exploration. Monsters are typically grouped by species to improve memory of their habitats.
   Monsters available have been dramatically increasedery few monsters need to be bred or found in random keys:
      Oasis 11 -> 30
      Pirate 36 -> 53
      Ice 39 -> 52
      Sky 48 -> 59
      and more!

Monsters and Gameplay

   Game now starts at Lv 5 instead of Lv 1.
   Monster stats are built using in-game stat growth tables and a custom lv 1 formula.
      This increases with each region to promote increased challenge and provide great breeding options.   
   Some monsters have utility skills they do not learn naturally. (eg. Heal, Whistle, Outside, Pheremone)
   Custom EXP formula to ensure the challenges are worth it.
   Many monsters have had their experience requirement rank reduced.
      Out of a total 32 ranks, ultra rare monsters were reduced by 2, rare monsters were reduced by 4, and other high Exp req monsters reduced by 6.
   Base form Lord monsters can be found and recruited in some story key worlds.
   Most boss battles now have 3 enemies
   Fewer boss fights have unrecruitable monsters some of which require meat.
   Some monsters are uncatchable until they have been bred first.

NPC and Item Changes

   The number of uses has been increased for Antidote, Laurel, WarpWing, WarpStaff, ExitBell and Books.
   The effectness has been improved for Herbs, Lovewater, Potion and Meats.
   All Sirloin prices have been set to 1000G (No price gouging!)
   Seeds can now be purchased at a post-game store.
   Tiny Medals can be purchased at a post-game store and also sold for 10000G (No loss.)
   Staves, seeds and equipment now sell for more.
   Dialogue may be altered to provide hints. These will begin wil Star instead of the typical '*:'

Skill Changes

   Family Cuts reduced from 3 to 1 MP
   Revive reduced from 20 to 12 MP
   Revive had its Int req reduced
   Outside now costs 0 MP
   Informer was replaced with Outside
   FireSlash changed to the same element as FireBolt
   MultiCut changed to the same element as MegaMagic
   Gigaslash had its Int req removed and its HP, MP and Atk req increased

Breeding Changes:

   For these I started with the current hack by BCRobert. From there I made some changes.
   These are BCRobert's changes.
   Slime (Monster) x Bigroost = Wonderegg
      Slime (Family) x Watabou = PetitBou
      Slime (Family) x Warubou = PetitBou
      Dragon (Monster) x Aquahawk = Skydragon
      Vampirus x Azurile = Lamia
      Almiraj x Aquahawk = Bigroost
      Almiraj x Kitehawk = Bigroost
      Hammerman x ArmyAnt = Gohopper
      Hammerman x StagBug = Gohopper
   The following are my changes
      Dragon (Monster) x DarkMate = Dimensaur
      Puppetor x Devil (Family) = Sabreman
      Kitehawk x Beast (Family)= Bigroost
      Foohero x Darck = Warubou
      Warubou x Slime (Monster) = Watabou
      Blizzardy x CloudKing = Lamia
      Pheonix x CloudKing = Lamia
      ZapBird x CloudKing = Lamia
      Beastnite x PomPomBom = Copycat
      Beastnite x FoxFire = Copycat

Arena and Random Key Changes

   New monsters for ranks Kiddie-S.
   After beating S Rank for the first time, a large variety of tough monsters are available to challenge.
   Rewards have high odds to award TinyMedals, MeteOrbs, Seeds and Magic Keys

   Greatly increased odds of obtaining a higher level key.
   The Number of Random Key types has been reduced to improve the odds to ~6% for each key.
   Keys now available are the 11 Family keys, Castle (Dragon+Slime), Land (Bug+Plant), Jungle (Beast+Bird), Star (Material+Water) and Hell (Zombie+Devil)
   Odds of obtaining Family Keys increase with the level of your party leader. Lord keys have a 5% change of being found with a party leader Lv 80+
   Random masters have extremely high level monsters including catchable bosses!
   Some monsters in random keys have had their base XP dramatically increased similar to Metaly.


Changes to Post Game

   Prince Kameha and Terry now provide a difficult post-game challenge.
   Elf, Traveler and Lonely world and are extremely difficult with very desirable monsters.   
   This Brawn key obtained in game has been replaced with the Lonely Key (Typically Tara only.)
      It can only be obtained by speaking to to the Old Man with Darck in your party.    
      Darck can now only be recruited from the Traveler Key.      
   Milayou is the ultimate boss fight with stats beyond 999!
   Using a cheat tool or by trading, one can obtain the Brawn, Baffle and Soul Keys.
      These now contain tough boss challenges with a promotional event prize monster at the top.

Future plans

The following are incomplete or I was not able to determine how to change the necessary values.
   I couldn't change Gismo's sprite in the story sequence..
   Unable to add additional characters to the Medal Man's Rewards. You should be able to know what they are despite the missing letters.   
   Unfortunately I have not determined how to change boss tile sprites on the map before the fight :S
   Changes to post-game breeding options.


Incredible thanks to BCRobert, DwM2 DD, Secondadvent for figuring out the majority of this game's ROM Map.    
If you are curious about making a hack of your own, check out their wiki

Also thanks to Dylan and Rabite890 for helping to test this game.

ROM Hacking Discussion / BGB Breakpoints
« on: July 12, 2018, 02:43:50 pm »
I'm starting to experiment in the BGB debugger. I'm just experimenting with a shop in order to find the source of the of the item cost.

Is anyone able to explain the distinction between F3(run line) and F7(trace)? When I step through with F3, suddenly it jumps to my breakpoint and skips the steps where the registers are loaded with the price. Trace on the other hand goes through numerous loops (likely display) and never seems to get back to the store function.

I have most of what I need to mod this game. I'm looking for any help or advice to try to locate the tile sprite data. Each npc, monster has it's own 16x16 sprite but I'm not sure where these are paired. I want to be able to change the assigned tile sprite of the hero, npc and event characters/bosses.

June 21, 2018, 05:09:02 pm - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)
I found the location of the sprite data. All I need is to figure out where npcs and bosses are assigned this value.

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