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Personal Projects / [Homebrew] INTO THE BLUE for the Game Boy
« on: July 22, 2018, 01:20:36 pm »

I'd like to show you INTO THE BLUE, a new game for the Game Boy I just released on this website. The goal of my project was to create a game that looks and feels like a commercial game from back in the day. The result is a puzzle game that plays similar to Tetris Attack. This game is a homebrew, so it doesn't use any other game's engine or assets.

Please check it out here:

Here are some screenshots:

I hope that you like it!

**** EDIT ****

Cartridges are available from Catskull Games:

Personal Projects / [Homebrew] RETROID for the Game Boy
« on: April 06, 2018, 04:54:02 pm »

I'd like to announce that I made RETROID, a homebrew Game Boy game, available on this website.

RETROID is a Breakout clone similar to Alleyway but adds some features from Arkanoid and other games to it (such as bonus items, better graphics, in-game music, boss battle etc.). The game is coded from scratch and doesn't make use of any other game's code or engine.

The game has been on the internet for quite some time now, so if you are interested in homebrew games for the Game Boy you may already have seen it. If you haven't, please check it out here:

Have fun!

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