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I worked on this rom for months, and I got really close to finishing it.  I was not very good at Changing The opening letters, and some other stuff.

The levels are done, at least 10 of them.  I wanted to do more, I had so many more plans.. But I havent touched it in months.

I'd like to just put it out there.  Whether the opening looks like crap and didn't get fixed or not.

Maybe one day I will continue it.

My ultimate goal was to have a player beat the game.  Then in the Princess box, Type a secret message.  Such as... "Go to the 2nd level, and over the 2nd block there is a hidden Whistle."

The whistle then takes you to the special world.  where the kaizo levels were even harder.

Maybe 1 day... But for now.  Hopefully people enjoy the 10 kaizo levels.  The first level is plain, as you go further... my experience with SMW shop got a bit better. 

I see an attachment option, Not sure if I am allowed to just post it here now.  Or who I have to contact to hopefully have it updated to the site.

Long story short... I dont see many tutorials.  Even on youtube, there are only a few small tutorials.

Im assuming Mario workshop is my best option to make a nintendo rom hack?

I tried to use it.. but am struggling pretty hard.

If I click add 3 or 4bit, or even enemy, it wont pop up.

In order to change or add anything, i have to click on something thats already there.

I want to make a great hack... I have time.. I just don't know where to start.

Any help would be awesome.

April 10, 2018, 05:43:18 pm - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)
100 views, nothing yet.

Let me open it up a tad more.

So i Finally got it to where it allows me to add enemies and objects, i had someone checked where it wouldn't let me.

My recent problem is this....

I am on level 2, and it goes to m3 level 2, which is that hilly level.  I prefer not to have to copy each level design.

I wanted to use sky, level 6s format, for level 2.

However, every time I try, it either crashes, or goes back to hilly.

I tried to copy the code for objects and enemies, but when I reload it... like i said.. back to hilly.

I wish there were hot keys also.  Maybe there is?

Do  i have to click  add enemy or object every time?  is there way to hit a key and allow me to just spam what I need to?

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