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I am putting together a little SMB de-make for Pico-8. You can see a quick playthrough here if interested:

Anyway, I am interested in looking at the byte code for levels and objects in a Super Mario Bros ROM. I have managed to find some of them by comparing data in a Super Mario Bros Level Editor, but it is fairly time consuming, so I was hoping someone has already done this work.

I found this ( which appears to be exactly the kind of thing I am trying to find, except that it leaves out Level and Object information.

I am essentially looking for something like:

World 1-1: 0x0000->0x000f [Map] 0x0010->0x001f [Objects]
World 1-2: 0x0000->0x0020 [Map] 0x0010->0x002f [Objects]

Apologies if this is super obvious stuff. I have no background in ROM hacking.

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