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MD sound change it´s starting to be improved!!!

This hack have the following:

Super Street Fighter 2 New Challengers Rodoviaria(here in Brazil, some arcades have crazy things like you can do shoryukens in the air)

Version 0.01

Thanks to:
Stef, Kamming - 2007 and Pyron - Enhanced colors

But, some colors bothered me ....


- Text Rodoviaria (I may change for international edition)
- The volume of the sounds in the sound editor was bursting, so I'd decreased slightly, now it´s better.

- Soviet Union stage (Zangief)
Details in Red instead of Green.
Russian Plate redone

- USA stage (Ken Masters)
Best shade of blue for the sea.
Softer skin colors for people on the boat
2 secrets to look for

- USA stage (Balrog)
Black cars instead of green
Red/dark red person instead of yellow and brown

- USA stage (Guile)
1 secret to look for

- China Stage (Chun-Li)
1 secret to look for

- Cammy
Do not select her with Start to fight (+18)

Possible changes in new versions:

- Change voices for better ones (I have already done successful tests)
- Change the names of some fighters (I already got text and graphics, but I need to change the pointer of a single name to work):
Balrog to M Tyson (successfully tested)
M Bison to Vega
Vega to Balrog (but this one, I need to find the pointer, or go back and keep Vega)

My past contributions to MD Scene was on Super Monaco GP Brunette (Morena) Edition , that was the 1st one to change all drivers/cars/teams to their real colors/names. After that, me and a spanish friend T.A. Marcos, that with all the tools that I have, realized how to change the drivers images, and next to the game 30 years, we did almost everything we wanted, only the audio part, we want to improve too. We did in cooperation, Zakspeed Challenge with 1989 drivers and F1 2019.

Right now, we are finishing a Fifa 20 hack.

I will improve a little more and do an ips file

Want to know your opinions about... 


June 04, 2020, 01:20:03 am - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)
Progress :woot!: :woot!: :woot!:

Changed countries sound for Arcade sounds...

Let's goooooooooo


I may explain first.... 

We are in the work for a hack of Fifa 95,to becomes Fifa 20, with great achievements till now, as graphic edit, game sound change, new chants!!! , updated every team roster.... But I know, Soccer it´s not the greatest thing here, but this is such an interesting question. 

Because there's a russian hack for South Africa 2010 WC on Fifa 94!!!! And the guys simply put an intro with around 2 minutes before the game  :o  More details, the original WC song! Sprites of Fifa players animated in a window with 9 or more, decent pics of the players till the end.

And you know there is some roms with Scene Intros that you press the Start and the game original intro begins, or even some with cheats you may activate before playing....

So.... the way to do this is readdress the original intro? The new inserted intro section may be at the end and some pointers will do the work?   Copying a portion of hex of another game works?


February 22, 2020, 01:33:43 pm - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)
Let me say some tip to change MD Musics/Sounds/Voices and show to you 3 videos(very short), one of our current project:

Video 1
Our intro, we want the sound to be on TA Sports intro, not on black screen projetoffw.mp4

Video 2 projetoff2020ff.mp4
0:00 to 0:12 new leagues
0:13 to 0:27 new english crowd chant
0:28 to 0:52 new brazilian crowd chant
0:53 to 1:12 new spanish crowd chant
01:30 to 1:47  goal , Meow sound changed to some drums and fireworks to brazilian crowd voice

A tip to someone who are interested in change sound or music on Mega Drive games, direct on your Sound Editor - Open the rom as raw , 11.025khz , 8bit unsigned (not every game will be like this, so if the sounds/musics didn't appear, you may try another khz(even lower)... in the end, export the file as .raw , on the folder rename as .bin , do the checksum and test on emulator.

Video 3
And this another one of the romhack I´ve said to you, Fifa 2010 South Africa World Cup on the Fifa 94!!! projetoff94ff.mp4

We think that this great intro starts from 3BC930 tO 3FFFF0

So, how they could insert this intro before the game?


  :o :o :o

And our translations?

Transcribed from YT Retroarch video:

Welcome to the future! Sometime ago, a RetroArch bounty got posted proposing OCR (Optical Character Recognition) and Text To Speech services being added to RetroArch.

Some months later, and here we are - a bounty hunter valiantly took on the challenge and there is now a fully fledged AI Service up and running that works seamlessly with RetroArch!

You use the AI Service like this - you enable the AI Service (should be enabled by default), you then setup the server URL (could be a local network address if you have the server up and running in your own network, or a public IP/URL in case you're going through a service). After that, you only need to bind a button or key to the so-called "AI Service" action. You can bind this key by going to Settings - Input - Hotkeys.

In this video, you can see each of the two modes that the AI Service currently is capable of doing -

Speech Mode - Upon pressing the AI Service button, a quick scan is done of the text, and the recognized text is then translated to speech. You can press the AI Service button at any time and it will try to process the current snapshot of the screen it made. This mode is non-interruptable, meaning the game will continue running when you hit this button, and the output speech will take as long as it takes for the server to respond to your query and pipe the sound to RetroArch.

Image Mode - In image mode, it tries to replace the text onscreen with the output text. For instance, in the video you see above, the game is played in Japanese, so when we hit the AI Service button, it tries to replace the Japanese text with English translated text. This mode is interruptable - this means that when you hit the AI Service button, it pauses the game and shows you an image with the replacement text UNTIL you hit either the AI Service hotkey or the Pause hotkey again, then it will continue playing.

We encourage everybody that wants to submit feedback to us on this amazing revolutionary feature to go to our Discord channel and in specific the retroarch-ai channel. We'd love to hear your feedback and we'd like to develop this feature further, so your input and feedback is not only appreciated but necessary!

ROM Hacking Discussion / Sharing hack finds with you
« on: June 12, 2018, 03:40:20 pm »
It`a nice to see you reading my topic ;) , hope you find interesting...and may help with EA (Electronic Arts) games hack..
So... let`s go...

I`m doing a Fifa 95 hack to became Fifa 2018 Russia World Cup, but it`s not completed, maybe by the end of the year with a help from some Whatsapp friends...
It`s like 50% player names, 80% team shirts corrected, 90% graphics and translation

But over the time I know this great site and forum, I know you don`t care so much about soccer games, so this talk will be about my knowledge with this one, but if you ask, I can provide an .ips patch of it...

One of the biggest discoveries in Hack and  lollable was also that I noticed in the Hexadecimal Editor after the name of the Team / Selection and before the players name had an exclamation and 3 letters (double), example:
!A0B !B0B ... So, I started to see a certain pattern in that ... I noticed better and discovered that selections / teams with the same color had these same letters.

Then this example, was !A0B first(home) white and green uniform, and second(away) green and white uniform !!!!
I was able to make a table with all these combinations and the corresponding colors.

Two teams, however, I found it strange, because River Plate (A3P B3P) and Boca Juniors (A3L B3L), had the perfect shirts, so going to Hive Pal (color editor), I noticed that these two teams had a fourth possible color !!! : shock: And the others, 3 (of 4 possible) ...but I will not mess with it now, maybe after this hack to improve it even more !!!

Hope it can help you.... :)

Please, may I ask you something that bothers me. Help me understand how this can be done...

This above, it`s an animated intro of this hack (Fifa 2003 Road to World cup), I`m re-hacking... lol
But Fifa 95 the original game don`t have this!!!! :shock:
Don`t know what`s the name of the game of this intro, though...

With tiles of Supersoccer from Super Nes ,I `ve copied and pasted to became my character known in Brazil rom hacking scene and an awful writed

So, how this "game code implant" could be done?
By assembly? Or copyiing a portion of some hexadecimal an putting in front of Fifa 95 beginning???

Thank you,

Super Monaco GP Brunette Edition, now with countries colors in their races

Hi folks!!!

Not really a portion of a game itself... but , let`s say an opening...

If we do know the start and end of the openning , of ...let`s see... Nba Jam (Genesis) openning in Hex Code , and copy that to another Genesis game it will work or the lack of pointers to that will just do that game broke?

Now the pallete question...

Because I just`ve entered in wonderful world of the graphics editing, and I`m on a Fifa 18 project for Genesis and just copied tiles from a game named Super Soccer (Super Nes) , like letters and a player celebrating a goal and it fit well on the screen , but the previous pallete didn`t changed :( 
So the letters on Super Nes was 4 or more colors (gradient) in this openning get only red color (like before) and the player celebration only get blue/white ... So I can change this 2 scenes palletes?

If you could see this vid below , it answers by itself!! The original rom was Fifa 95, It was changed for Fifa 2003 by fellow argentinian friends, now I want to do Fifa 18 Russia World Cup.

Remembering... it`s only my first steps on this...  ::)


Ps: We are searching for someone who know how to decompress graphics of Super Monaco GP , change drivers images and reinsert in the game, we have no money for this , but you`ll have your name forever in history!!! The game will be 30 years old in 2020!!!

March 09, 2018, 02:15:34 pm - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)
Just to clarify my question...

This beginimg in the game as you can see in the vid, don`t exist in the original Fifa 95

So it could`ve been taken rom another game...


IPS patch at the end, please read this...

         Well, I was a little worried :o before posting this with so many rules... And is kinda funny, because this game is well known state-of-the-art-racing-game-16-bits that received not one, but 2 10`s from EGM, and is already finished!!! Let me explain, I`m changing the game`s colors and patching texts, but if someone apply the ips patch and play, it`s fully playable, lol.

         My intention was to put this on Hacks section, but it`s a bit complicated and the Super Monaco GP name isnt`t there for naming the hack. :huh:

         I`ve choose SMGP , first because of my love for this awesome game and second because of our Super Monaco GP Community has just ended a championship these days (I`ve had run with Millions and Blanche) :crazy:

         So, after almost 30 years, and not even one hack, Super Monaco GP gets updated, with 90% of all cars faithful to it`s real life teams colors. Some tracks with an new exciting color, besides that ones with only blue sky from the game. Drivers and team names updated, but only in Brazilian Portuguese version (I can`t find those texts to edit).

         I can change texts from games, but only the simple texts that appear. I don`t know hexadecimal editing, table, pointers, lol...
Just used Gens K emulator to see the game`s palletes and change in the game with HivePal.

          You maybe are waiting for some pic, I`had problem uploading images, so this is a video on Youtube, i`ve made for you from

Video with all screens changed, plus the brazilian portuguese with all teams and drivers names correct
Ps: Some texts before the screen updates are so faaast, please click pause to read :shame:

           Now, I want to share all my research on internet about the Super Monaco GP , something about the audio that is making me nutz!!! Everyone who has played this game only one time know the poooor audio from the game voices... Terrible!!! But, using MDV Sound Editor for Genesis and searching many of the bank voices, i`ve found some quality voices like the Sega CD Version :o  How could Sega do this mess with the game?

           I think, Stef who made a great change in Street Fighter 2 voices for Genesis may find a way to replace that sound with the actual ones in the game. Listen to 2 examples, please:

This is the voices of this first one : Final Lap, Keep it Up! and Good Luck!

And this is the voices of this another wav file: Common, Now it`s up to you! and Nice Drivin!
To find this voices, I`ve used MDV Sound Editor(it`s on romhacking tools) and did this:
- Used a .bin rom like this that I`ve patched to update.
- Changed Bank Address from 60000 to 71800
- Where is written pitch on right side, put 30
- Now in the left side, choose Voice 16 that I know it`s one of them.
- But, if you all, search more bank address, adding 100 to the 71800 , like 71900, 72000 or inverse, 71700, 71600, you`ll find more of the same voices!!! Like, a lot more!!!

             Before you think this gigantic post, it`s caotic and confuse, it`s not, my goal is to update the game , with better sounds, real drivers pictures from 89 season, like Dav2015 made on Ayrton`s Senna Super Monaco GP 2 with 91 Season. But if we could do this,then we can make an update year by year, with, maybe F1 2018, before the next season starts!!!
Some Genesis groups, make a update every year, like NHL fans...

             What about a F-Indy version of the game?

             Before I forgot...acknowledgements to Pyron , because of his color hacks and Youtube great HivePal Tutorial. To Stef and his deep knowledge about our Genesis Mega Drive...  Dav2015 , who created a wonderful ASMGP2 hack, with all teams , drivers and colors, inspiring me!!! And to DMN_Sonic , that corrected all Teams and Drivers names, as well translating to portuguese.

          I`m just searching for someone who knows how to edit the texts,find and insert graphics, and the major one, the driver`s picture, your name will be in history, as one of the editors of a new updated version, but no money the love for this game!


Ps: No copyright infringement intended here, just a work of love for this great game... Seeeeegaaaaaaaaa

IPS Patch of WIP as of 10/09/2017 (applicable on the game Super Monaco GP (USA) (En,Ja) (v1.3).bin)
You may share this files, but please give credits to who had this work done...

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