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Newcomer's Board / Regarding Updates on Patches and Translations
« on: February 07, 2019, 09:50:13 am »
Hello Everybody,

I hadn't been here for a while, but I went back and checked what new translations were added to the database for the NES and saw quite a few.  7 of them weren't new though, however, they were updates to existing patches.

At first, when I saw this, I thought the information here was just being presented in a better manner for end users, but that's not the case and you wouldn't ever know a lot of patches were ever updated unless somebody changes that field for the "Release Date".

For example (and I don't mean to call you out Psylax, buddy  ;), but yours is the first example I come across when looking at all NES translations alphabetically!), "Aighina's Prophecy: From The Legend of Balubalouk":

Relevant Info: Release Date   29 Jun 2017
                     Last Modified   13 October 2017

                     Note in Description: VERSION 1.1 CHANGES

I'm assuming that the Version 1.1 Update was uploaded here slightly before 13 October 2017 and was then approved by the moderator(s) here on that date.

But if you look at ALL Translations for Nintendo Entertainment System, it shows the initial release date of 29 Jun 2017 for that translation.  So long story short, the way the data is presented when searching for translations and hacks here, the only way that you would know if a patch you love was updated would be to click on the patch itself every once in a while and see if the author put an update on the page.  You would also know if the author changed the Release Date field, but you couldn't just take that for granted.

Perhaps if there could be a separate field in the search tables for "Last Modified" it would be much easier for people to see which patches got updates when searching by date?

Given how the system works here, I thought it was REALLY nice for the patch authors to update that release date field so that these newer versions would show up as "NEW", if you've been paying attention to the last time you were here.  But at the same time I feel that in doing so it's kind of de-legitimatizing the actual initial release date of their work, for historical purposes.  Patch Updates is should be what the "Last Modified" date is used for, not the "Release Date" field.

And actually, the "Last Modified" date probably is used for quite a bit of other things such as moderator approved edits on information found in these entries, of which I've had many approved over time here.  So maybe the "Last Modified" tag isn't the proper place for Patch Upgrades either and there might be a call for an additional field?

I'm just trying to figure out what I want to do here.  Seeing that there were 7 recent upgrades, I will eventually be going back through every translation and every hack that I have to make sure mine are all up to date, but I was hoping that after I do this issue could be addressed so in the future it will be easy to tell when patch updates were made after a certain date. 

I went through this very process around 1 1/2 years ago after not being here around 10 years and there were something like 50 to 75 patches that I needed to upgrade, along with all the new ones I put together.  I doubt that number will be very big at all this time around since it hasn't been a decade or more, but without any good way of seeing this on a quick and easy database that you can sort by date, it means I'm going to be verifying by hand and with my eyeballs over 1,000 patches.  :)

Thanks for reading.  I know I can get my thoughts jumbled and maybe I'm not the best at laying out exactly what I'm trying to say, so please do ask what the hell I'm talking about if I wrote it all confusing like.   :laugh:

Newcomer's Board / Help with newest NES Sonic The Hedgehog patch
« on: April 20, 2018, 10:48:05 pm »
Would somebody be able to download this patch and re-upload it somewhere for me?

Both the author FuriousHedgehog and the moderator Zynk have told me that this patch is downloadable and the archive can be opened in WinRAR.  I've been trying to download this for days and I get a message in WinRAR that says that it is an unknown format or it is damaged.  I've used two different computers and I've tried to download it in both Firefox and Edge and still have this problem.

I've downloaded 6 or 7 hundred patches here without any issues before, so I don't know what's going on here.


Newcomer's Board / Metroid 99 and it's applications...
« on: April 15, 2018, 07:45:11 pm »
I was wondering if anybody has ever applied the Metroid 99 to various hacks of Metroid here and then played it through? 

I know there have been some attempts at combining this hack with the more ambitious Metroid hacks, but I think it'd be a shame if this can't be applied to all of the other ones out there.  After playing Metroid 99, I know I'd never go back to playing the Official release and I find it terribly hard to get into any hack of the game when I see that life meter starting out at "30" on top.

Maybe somebody who knows a lot about hacking could just tell me that it's hitting some place in the game code that it shouldn't negatively impact any of the other hacks out there? 

Thanks. :)

ROM Hacking Discussion / Bio Hazard (Resident Evil) for the NES
« on: January 07, 2018, 05:58:49 am »
Thanks so much pacnsacdave.  I've been hoping somebody would translate this game ever since I first found out about it.

Just in case anybody is having a hard time trying to find a matching CRC to what was provided on the patch page, you have to find the "(No Bug)" version and you'll have the matching CRC of B4C8012D. 

Final CRC should be 4DFFD969. :)

EDIT:  I won't post the page here since it has the bug fixed rom, but after testing this out I can verify that the bug fixed version or the translation that uses it will not play on most emulators.  It won't work currently on NestopiaX or MednafenX for the XBox.  It does, however, play on lr-fceumm on the RetroPie. 

According to the place I got it, it only works on a modified version of VirtuaNES called VirtuaNESex and FCEUX 2.2.0.

It sounds like the rom that is not bug fixed suffered from randomly crashing all the time, so I haven't bothered testing this rom on the non fixed dump that will play on most emulators as I won't have time to play it all the way through and make sure there weren't any problems. 

ROM Hacking Discussion / Converting FDS images to NES?
« on: January 07, 2018, 02:07:43 am »
Hey everybody,

I'm running into some huge issues while trying to get FDS games running on a RetroPie system.  The two libretro cores they have for FDS are lr-nestopia and lr-fceumm.  From what I tested so far, I can get 100% of them to work with either one or the other or both.  That's not the issue.

The problem is that each of the emulator cores behave very differently when ejecting/inserting and flipping disks.  Nestopia doesn't give you any on-screen prompts that you're doing anything, so you have to just mash buttons until you luck into it.  Fceumm forces you to use L1 to flip disks and L2 to eject/insert a disk.  That's fine if you have a controller with shoulder buttons, but if you're using a NES style USB joystick you're completely out of luck running FDS games.

This program here allows you to auto-convert a very small number of them:

I've been able to convert "All Night Nippon SMB (Untranslated)" and "Clu Clu Land" with it, although I haven't even tested that they work and I assume they won't because it also says I'd have to manually change the mapper it uses, which at this point I have no clue how to do.

Unfortunately, the above program will only convert games with a 32k PRG file and 8k CHR file.  This set of circumstances only seems to happen in 64kb FDS roms, which are probably 10% or less of the titles. 

Has anybody tried to convert the FDS titles to NES before?  Is it way too much effort? 

I know that it would be far easier to change the code on the emulation side, but I'm not a coder.  It hasn't been my experience that it's easy at all to get anybody on the RP team to change anything emulator wise either.  I figured I'd ask here about conversion while I asked over there about fixing the emulators to sync up their functions and always put on-screen prompts so you know what is happening and see if one thing is easier to do than the other in the end.  :)


I was wondering if anybody knows why this game doesn't play in most emulators:

I thought it was a glitch in the patch itself, but I finally got around to testing the "Super Mario Bros. (W) [!].nes" patched rom on the RetroPie and it does work, but only with the lr-fceumm emulator.  It doesn't work with lr-quicknes or lr-nestopia.  It also doesn't work with NestopiaX or MednafenX on the XBox either.

Everything seems fine when you start playing it but whenever you hit a question block with a mushroom in it the game will either totally freeze or reset, depending on the emulator used.  Maybe it has something to do with the SMW3 mushroom sprite being used? 

LOL.. I didn't know until 2 minutes before writing this what the mushroom looked like.  I didn't think I'd ever see it in this hack.  :)

ROM Hacking Discussion / Banana (Translation) [KingMike]
« on: December 31, 2017, 11:32:34 pm »
Hey KingMike,

I just wanted to verify something with you.  It's regarding your Banana translation here:

It says to use the following rom:

Banana (J).nes (with Header)
CRC32: 5AC41464

I just noticed that when you hit the select button to go into a menu and leave the menu, the screen doesn't refresh and you move your character around the menu screen instead of the actual game.  It turns out that the verified "Good" dump "[!]", the same CRC on the page, does this as well.

There are several "Bad" dumps out there that don't have this issue.  The one I'm going to try patching now is known as "Banana (J) [b1][o1].nes" in GoodNES 3.23b and as "Banana (1986-09-08)(Victor Ongaku Sangyou)(JP)[h Vimm][mapper 3, iNES title].nes" in TOSEC, and has a CRC value of E7CAC9EF.

I was wondering if you could verify which version you used when making this translation.  I will update my findings after I re-patch this version.

EDIT:  Before posting this, I noticed your translation page says this:

Please note the needed ROM. Last I was aware, GoodNES thinks the proper ROM is 40KB. Note that is actually a bad dump! The GoodNES “mapper 3 hack” is 64KB, and is supported by the “banana-e.ips” patch, but that too is a bad dump. The ROM really should be 48KB. Use the “banana48K” translation patch on that one. (so, maybe the “p1″ or “p1 a1″ ROM is right. I don’t know. I just trimmed the 64K ROM myself.)

I'm showing the Good rom is 49,168 bytes, not 40k. (GoodNES 3.23b).

I do see that the "Banana (J) [b1][o1].nes" rom is 65,680 bytes, so I'm assuming this is the one you used. 

Please verify this whenever you get the time.  If it works and you're in agreement that this is the proper rom, I can submit a change to the page for the proper rom to use if you'd like. 


January 01, 2018, 09:04:19 am - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)
Okay... I patched that version and it seems to work fine. :)

Just hoping to hear that this is the one you used.

ROM Hacking Discussion / Nadia: Secret of the Blue Water (glitch)
« on: December 28, 2017, 04:29:06 am »
Hey everybody,

I was wondering if anybody has ever played this patch here before?

When you battle it out, quite often when selecting a command for a unit the screen bounces.  It's not a game breaking bug, as far as I can tell, but it's quite annoying.  This occurs on every emulator that I've played it on, which include Medanefen, fceumm, quicknes, and two versions of Nestopia. 

Curiously, the glitch does not occur when playing the non-patched rom. (CRC 1B93347B)

The final result of the CRC after patch is this: 9E49B111

This happens to be the translation included in both GoodNES 3.23b and the latest TOSEC set as well, which isn't a surprise since they have the matching CRC value.

This seems like a cool little game that I'd love to play, but I probably won't with that glitch.  I was wondering if anybody has tried patching other versions with any success, or if perhaps somebody could take a look under the hood and see what the problem is?


Newcomer's Board / Accessing Mario Bros. in Super Mario All-Stars NES???
« on: October 01, 2017, 03:32:44 pm »
Hey everybody,

I can't seem to find the original Mario Bros. on this game.

The author of the hack says that it's included in the description:

Here is a hack which combines:

    Mario Bros.,
    Super Mario Bros.,
    Super Mario Bros. 2 (USA),
    Super Mario Bros. 2 (Lost Levels), and
    Super Mario Bros. 3.

Even one of the reviews mentions it, and that you have to do something special to access it, but doesn't say what that special thing is.

However, trying to access this game led me to find a bug: I pressed Up and Start on the title screen (rather than what you’re supposed to do) and the game crashed.
(The bug referenced has since been fixed in an update, I just posted that part of the review to show that it looks like a trick is needed to access the game.)

I've tried pressing all other buttons while pressing start and nothing works.  I assume this was a feature in the Wii game or something else that was pretty well known to a certain group of people?  There is no readme for the game or no information how to access this on the Patch Page.


Newcomer's Board / Can I delete a fix I put in the Queue?
« on: September 30, 2017, 01:35:17 am »
I hope whoever goes over fixes in the queue reads this message first.

I was patching Legend of Zelda - Awakening of Onyx but I was looking at the patch page for Legend of Zelda DX.  Both of these use a different version of the Zelda rom.  Onyx uses a beat patch and since I used the wrong patch because I was looking at the wrong page it threw an error.

I put a "fix" in there that was incorrect.  The patch page for Zelda DX as it is right now is correct.

PLEASE don't make that change :)

Sorry about that.  If you can delete suggested fixes before they're reviewed, please let me know how.


Problem solved.  Submission deleted. 

Thanks Zynk  ;)

Newcomer's Board / Dream World Doki Doki Panic!..... Hack?
« on: September 26, 2017, 01:34:35 am »
Hey everybody.

I was just wondering if anybody ever made a hack to convert Doki Doki Panic with SMB2 sprites?

The game seems pretty awesome with the need to have to get all 4 characters to the end of the game to get the best ending.  I just thought it would be cool to be able to play it with the SMB2 characters instead.

I was sure that somebody would have done this already, but I couldn't find it here.

Anyways.... Just a thought.  Maybe somebody will get to this one eventually if it hasn't already been done.  8)

Hey everybody,

Just a heads up to anybody here since I don't know a better way of letting the authors of the hack know about this.  Everything in the game seems to be translated fine, except for the name creation.  At first I thought it was just the starting party they create for you, but when you try making new characters at the Training Grounds the alphabet is still Japanese.

Probably not a game breaker if you use unique enough looking names for your characters, but it would be nice to put in actual names you could read.  I would love to see this updated to have an English alphabet for name creation some day.

Here's the translation page:

Thanks for all the amazing work everybody!

Newcomer's Board / Doulbe posting after 7 days???
« on: August 29, 2017, 12:41:46 am »
I always get a message merging my post saying "double posts are not allowed before 7 days".  7 days of what?  I've been a member for more than 7 days now.  The thread is over 7 days old.  Does that mean I can't put a double post unless the last post I made on a thread was 7 days old?

I had a good news update for the rom testing on the NES translations so far that I put in the NES fixes thread that nobody will probably read since my last post there was 6 days ago.

Newcomer's Board / Rom download accidentially posted here?
« on: August 25, 2017, 02:46:54 pm »
Hey mods.  Just figured I'd give you a heads up that Excite Mario Bros. isn't a link to a patch download, but it's the actual rom.

Newcomer's Board / Difference between iNES byte 06 (11 and 12)
« on: August 24, 2017, 12:09:58 am »
I've noticed that even though I've patched quite a few Final Fantasy hacks and GoodNES 3.23b has them already that nearly none of them were matching CRC values.  I checked a few in HxD and the single difference between them was that using the current "[!]" US rom had 11 for byte 06 and the patched hacks in GoodNES 3.23b had 12 for byte 06.

I was wondering if somebody could tell me the difference between the two, or better yet, give me a link that has a breakdown of different possible values for that byte and what they mean.


6: Flags 6

n the iNES format, cartridge boards are divided into classes called "mappers" based on similar board hardware and behavior, and each mapper has a number from 0 to 255.

Some mappers, such as MMC1, MMC3, and AxROM, can control nametable mirroring. They ignore bit 0. On the other hand, if bit 3 is true, the cart has 4 KiB of RAM at PPU $2000-$2FFF, and it ignores the mapper's CIRAM A10 output (as in Rad Racer 2). One exception is mapper 218, which uses the four-screen bit to switch between one-screen and V/H mirroring.

Unlike the PowerPak, Famicom copiers did not implement even the most popular Famicom mappers. Instead, games for the copiers were patched to use the mappers that the copier supported, and some of these patches relied on extra code called a "trainer" that the copier loaded into PRG RAM before starting the game. One of these copiers was made by Front Fareast Industrial; hence the nickname "FFE" for these mapper hacks. It is probably not worth the effort to support FFE hacks in future emulators or copiers because substantially all games available with an FFE hack also have a good dump without a trainer.

I've successfully patched all 38 FDS games that were ever translated on this site that are in the "Fully Playable" state.  (As of 10/16/2017)

There was no standard to how these were patched because of the nature of the FDS headers and the debate surrounding whether they're even needed or not.  Because of this, there is a lot of variance between patches and this could be especially tricky on those games that require some sort of rom expansion program to be run before the patch is applied.

I wanted to put all of the info I gathered in my patching and testing for all FDS translations in one spot.  This is rather lengthy and isn't meant for enjoyable reading.  It's more of a tool for anyone struggling with FDS patching to use than anything else.

Here's some things to know about the data presented below.

1. The most important thing here probably is data on whether to apply the patch to a headered or headerless rom.  Roms with a header will be highlighted in BLUE and headerless roms will be highlighted in GREEN.

2. Every rom I used is either the EXACT match of what the author put on the page, or it is the headered or headerless version of that EXACT rom if the alternate is what is actually required for the patch.  I didn't make a note here of when the original page had the opposite version than they stated.

3. The Rom filename I provide may or may not differ from what the author put on the page.  If it is the same than I used a file that came from the same file name.  If it is different than I put the one I used that had a matching CRC value.  This really isn't all that important, but could help when searching for them.  Getting the matching CRC is much more important than the file name.

4. The "PATCHED CRC" values for every rom are the final CRC you should have if you used the right rom and version before patching, and followed the readme instructions for any of the more complex patch jobs requiring some rom preparation.

I will not give instructions here about how to use a hex editor.  It's easy, especially what you'd be doing here with them which is just adding or deleting the first line at the top.  I recommend HxD, which is a free program that is very simple to use.  Feel free to ask questions about it if you're stuck, but it's really not hard.

Oh... and there's not really a "." in "[.b]" in the rom file names.  Whatever genius came up with that part of the naming convention didn't realize how that might clash with forum posting.   ::)

Please feel free to contact me with any errors to this data that anybody might find.  I'm in no way saying that I'm perfect and there's a good chance that there are a few.  On that note, if you have a CRC value that matches 6 or 7 digits but is one off, chances are you have the right one and you found one of my errors.  Contact me and let me know if you found one and I'll let you know if you have the right one and fix it on the page here.  :)

19 Neunzhen -

ROM / ISO Information:

    Neunzehn (Japan) [.b].fds
    CRC32: 567FB962 (Headerless)

(Headered version of this rom is E6E06610.  If you patch the game with the header added, beat will throw an error.  It's unknown if this patch won't work in that case.

Find a headerless version of the game or remove the header below from the file with a hex editor.

Header: 46 44 53 1A 02 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00)

Boxxle - Warehouse Evening of Tears -

ROM / ISO Information:

    Namida no Soukoban Special (1986)(ASCII Corp.).fds
    CRC32: 24A387F0 (With Header)

(Headerless version of this rom is 943C5882.  You MUST have a header when applying the patch or the text will be garbled and the game will freeze before it starts.  If you can't find the rom with a header, add the header below with a hex editing program.

Header: 46 44 53 1A 02 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00)

Crystal Dragon -

ROM / ISO Information:

    Suishou no Dragon (Japan).fds
    CRC32: DBC95FF9 (With Header)
    PATCHED CRC: 7689D8C0

(Headerless version of this rom is 6B56808B.  You MUST apply this to a rom with a header.  If you apply it to the headerless version the FDS system will give you a "Disk Trouble ERR.24".  If you are missing it, add the header below in a hex editing program.

Header: 46 44 53 1A 02 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00)

Dandy - The Resurrection of Zeuon -

ROM / ISO Information:

    Dandy (19xx)(Pony Canyon).fds
    CRC32: F523A202 (With Header)
    PATCHED CRC: E729ADE3   

(Headerless version of this rom is 45BC7D70.  You MUST patch a rom with the header.  If you patch the headerless rom you will have a garbled title screen.  Unknown if there are other bad effects. 

If you can't find the version with a header, add the header below with a hex editor.

Header: 46 44 53 1A 02 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00)

Deep Dungeon - The Heretic War -

ROM / ISO Information:

    Deep Dungeon - Madou Senki (Japan) [.b].fds
    CRC32: ED9011D0 (Headerless)

(Headered version of this rom is 5D0FCEA2.

DO NOT run the diskexpander patch on a rom with a header (5D0FCEA2)!!!!.  I don't know what it is doing, but I ran it twice, once telling it to add a header and telling it not to add a header.  Both times I let it run for about 5 minutes and the rom it was creating was over 15MB.

Run it on the Headerless version (ED9011D0) given on the patch page and tell it to add a header.  You should now have a headered rom with CRC: F84CAE2C.  When you have this output, then run the IPS patch on it to get 29F8CF56. 

If you can't find the headerless version you need to remove the header below with a hex editor before using diskexpand.exe and patching the rom.

Header: 46 44 53 1A 02 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00)

Deep Dungeon II -

ROM / ISO Information:

    Deep Dungeon II - Yuushi no Monshou (Japan) (v1.0).fds
    CRC32: 3E7D2102 (Headerless)
    EXPANDED CRC: 0082150C

(Headered version of this rom is 8EE2FE70. 

Header: 46 44 53 1A 02 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00)

Other Notes:

1. When using the included rom expander program (diskexpand.exe), you have to use short DOS file names without spaces.  It is recommended to name the pre-patched rom something like A.fds and call the patched rom B.fds when using the program, and then rename it to whatever you want to after it's done.

2. Per readme instructions, force removal of the header when asked.  If using the headerless version the program will recognize that there is no header already so there is no harm done, so always choose to remove it.

Dirty Pair - Project Eden -

ROM / ISO Information:

    Dirty Pair - Project Eden (Japan) [.b].fds
    CRC32: 3C63DB59 (Headerless)

(Headered version of this rom is 8CFC042B. You MUST patch the headerless rom.  Beat will throw an error with a rom already headered.  Remove the header below with a hex editor if you can't find a headerless version.

Just keep it simple and use Beat to patch with the BPS instead of expanding the rom first and using the IPS.  I verified that you could expand the rom first with Rom Expander and patch it with IPS if you want and get the same CRC in the end, but why bother with the extra steps?

Header: 46 44 53 1A 02 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00)

Dream World Doki Doki Panic! -

ROM / ISO Information:

    Yume Koujou Doki Doki Panic (1987)(Nintendo).fds
    CRC32: 84018D5E (With Header)

(Headerless version of this rom is 84018D5E.  You MUST patch a rom with the header.  If you patch the headerless rom you will have a garbled title screen.  Unknown if there are other bad effects. 

If you can't find the version with a header, add the header below with a hex editor.

Header: 46 44 53 1A 02 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00)

Eggerland -

ROM / ISO Information:

    Egger Land (Japan) [.b].fds
    CRC32: 01D63062 (With Header)

(Headerless version of this rom is B149EF10.  You must apply this patch to the version with the header or it will not take.  The headerless rom won't even change a single byte. 

Find the version with a header, or just add the following header to the file in a hex editor.

Header: 46 44 53 1A 02 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00)

Electrician -

ROM / ISO Information:

    Electrician (Japan).fds
    CRC32: 9C37E289 (With Header)

(Headerless version is 2CA83DFB.  You MUST apply this patch to a version with a Header.  If you apply it to a headerless version the game will freeze after you hit start on the title screen.

If you can't find the headered version, add the header below with a hex editinig program.

Header: 46 44 53 1A 02 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00)

Esper Dream -

ROM / ISO Information:

    Esper Dream (Japan) (Rev 1) [.b].fds
    CRC32: FB23B6A2 (With Header)
    PATCHED CRC: E1471683

(Headerless version of this rom is 4BBC69D0.  You MUST patch the version of this rom with a header.  If you patch a headerless version you'll be stuck in a loading loop in the FDS BIOS and the game won't ever start.

If you can't find a version with a header, add the header below with a hex editior.

Header: 46 44 53 1A 02 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00)

Famicom Grand Prix - F1 Race -

ROM / ISO Information:

    Famicom Grand Prix - F1 Race (1987)(Nintendo)[a].fds
    CRC32: BB7DBD33 (With Header)

(Unheadered version of this rom is 0BE26241. This was not tested because Beat gives a successful patch message using the version with a header.  If you need to add a header to the headerless version, add the line below to the top in a hex editior.

Header: 46 44 53 1A 02 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00)

Famicom Grand Prix II -

ROM / ISO Information:

    Famicom Grand Prix II - 3D Hot Rally (Japan).fds
    CRC32: 0857C4E8 (Headerless)

(Version with a header added is B8C81B9A.  Headered version was not tested because Beat ran the patch on the headerless version and did not throw an error.

Header: 46 44 53 1A 02 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00)

Gall Force - Eternal Story -

ROM / ISO Information:

    Gall Force - Eternal Story (Japan).fds
    CRC32: 51EF74FB (With Header)

(Headerless version of this rom is E170AB89.  Patch MUST be applied to a version with a header.  If you apply it to a headerless version everything turns garbled and eventually freezes about 5-8 seconds into the title screen.

If you can't find a version with a header, add the header below with a hex editing program.

Header: 46 44 53 1A 02 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00)

Newcomer's Board / The nature of NES and FDS headers
« on: August 18, 2017, 12:03:32 pm »
Hey everybody,

So I've learned quite a bit about NES headers in the last few days.  Most importantly would be that they're just about absolutely necessary these days for playablility on emulators, and that they're somewhat unique in that way since many other systems don't have a need for them.

So that brings me to the FDS games.  What's the nature of headers for that system?  I've noticed a few things while looking at instructions and trying to find correct versions for the games.  Some specifically say that the rom MUST be unheadered for the patch.  Most don't mention this.  Some show a pre-patched value of a headerless rom on the page.  Most don't.

Should I be stripping all of the headers before patching these games, or just the ones that specifically say no header?

Are the headers necessary for the FDS?

Will I have to add my own headers somehow after patching non-headered games?

Thanks again!

Hey everybody,

I've gone through all of the Fully Playable NES translations.  Assuming that the CRCs given were correct on all of the roms that matched, most games had good information about pre-patched rom checksum values.  Any that did not have correct information I have figured out and put the correct patching information below.  This thread could be used to correct issues people may have with these patches in the future.

All games have been tested in Mednafenx and/or Nestopia on the Xbox, which are both based off of old emulation.  There shouldn't be any problems playing any of them in more modern emulators.

It should be assumed that if the game is an NES Translation in the Fully Playable state on or before 9/27/2017 and it is not on this list that the matching rom actually exists and your patched rom will play correctly if you follow the instructions. Most pre-patched roms can be found in GoodNES 3.23b or the recent No-Intro set, but a handful of them are quite a bit trickier to locate.  They are all out there.  Google is your friend.   ;D

Without further ado, here's the list:

1. 1991 Horse Racing

    1991 Du Ma Racing (Ch) [hM03].nes (GoodSET 3.23b)
    PATCHED CRC: 7FF98948

(The rom above was the version that gave the matching CRC of the patched rom available on the author's website.)

2. The Black Bass

    Black Bass, The (J) [!].nes (GoodNES v3.23b)
    CRC: 73BCCC8B

(The above rom/CRC matches the MD5/SHA-1 values that are provided on the Romhacking page, but it is a different CRC.  CRC listed on Romhacking is 50622D20)

3. Dash Rascal


4. Dog Town

    Onyanko Town (J) [!].nes (GoodSET 3.23b)
    CRC: C07CB40B
    PATCHED CRC: 8E819303

Patch page says you need CRC32: 0062785D.  Patching this rom gives you CRC: 4E9F5F55.  Patching this rom leads to the rom flashing so bad it will give you seizures. 

Patch the dump listed above instead.  This will give you a perfect match with the rom the author has on another site.

5. Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde

    Jekyll Hakase no Houma ga Toki (J) [!].nes (GoodSET 3.23b)
    CRC: A5B34384
    PATCHED CRC: 7D66F653

CRC listed on page is for the headerless version.

6. Dragon Knife


7. Dragon Ninja

    Dragon Ninja (J) (PRG0) [!].nes (GoodSET 3.23b)
    CRC: DB6EF617

CRC listed on page is for the headerless version.

8. Flowering Star Highway

    Hana no Star Kaidou (J) [!].nes (GoodNES 3.23b)
    CRC32: 5962A10D
    PATCHED CRC: C6034187

(The above rom/CRC matches the MD5/SHA-1 values that are provided on the Romhacking page, but it is a different CRC.  CRC listed on Romhacking is 1222029D)

9. Game Party

    Game Party (J).nes (GoodSET 3.23b)
    CRC: 9C744BC3
    PATCHED CRC: E81E2062

CRC listed on page is for the headerless version.

10. Ganbare Goemon Gaiden


11. Gun-Dec


12. Journey to the West

    Ganso Saiyuuki - Super Monkey Daibouken (J) [!]nes (GoodNES v3.23b)
    CRC32: 74DE437A

(The above rom/CRC matches the MD5/SHA-1 values that are provided on the Romhacking page, but it is a different CRC.  CRC listed on Romhacking is e8faf3ca)

13. Keisan Game - Sansuu 1 Toshi

    Sansuu 1 Nen - Keisan Game (E) [hM03][a1].nes (GoodSET 3.23b)
    CRC: 45BB53C6
    PATCHED CRC: 73957C84

(Romhacking's listed ROM CRC and MD5 is this ROM after it was patched, and after the header was stripped out!!!)

14. Keisan Game - Sansuu 2 Toshi

    Sansuu 2 Nen - Keisan Game (J) [b1].nes (GoodSET 3.23b)
    PATCHED CRC: 24D57E98

CRC listed on page is for the headerless version.

15. Keisan Game - Sansuu 3 Toshi

    Sansuu 3 Nen - Keisan Game (J) [hM03].nes (GoodSET 3.23b)
    CRC: CE2F2E71
    PATCHED CRC: 18D5139D

(Romhacking's listed ROM CRC and MD5 is this ROM after it was patched, and after the header was stripped out!!!)

16. Keisan Game - Sansuu 4 Toshi

    Sansuu 4 Nen - Keisan Game (J) [!].nes (GoodSET 3.23b)
    CRC: C461327A

CRC listed on page is for the headerless version.

17. Keisan Game Sansuu - 5&6 Toshi

    Keisan Game Sansuu - 5&6 Toshi.nes (GoodSET 3.23b)
    CRC: D587CD41
    PATCHED CRC: 953F9645

CRC listed on page is for the headerless version.

18. Labors of the Divine Hero

Rom Name: Herakles no Eikou - Toujin Makyou Den (J) [!].nes (GoodNES 3.23b)
CRC: 825F8089

(Page says it is usable on "both" versions.  Might as well just have the verified GoodNES value.)

19. Light of Indra -

    Original ROM, including header (128 KB):
    ROM: Indora no Hikari (J) [!].nes (GoodNES 3.23b)
    CRC32: FF03672E

    Above expanded to 256KB with NFlate:
    CRC32: F51AFBD7

    Final patched/translated rom:
    CRC32: 3B5CCB05

20. Little Ninja Hattori

    Ninja Hattori-kun - Ninja wa Shuugyou de Gozaru no Maki (J) [!].nes (GoodSET 3.23b)
    CRC: B20403EF
    PATCHED CRC: 873C7478

(The rom above was the version that gave the matching CRC of the patched rom available on the author's website.)

21. Mashin Hero Wataru Gaiden

CRC: B563981F
GoodNES Name: Mashin Eiyuu Den Wataru Gaiden (J) [!].nes
No-Intro Name: Mashin Eiyuu Den Wataru Gaiden (Japan).nes

(No idea if this is right since the page and readme doesn't specify any checks at all.)

22. Mini Putt

    Mini Putt (J) [!].nes (GoodSET 3.23b)
    CRC: 098AD414

CRC listed on page is for the headerless version.

23. Monkey King

    Monkey King (WXN Decrypted) (Fixed).nes
    CRC: E5119EED

(This is NOT the version in GoodNES, but I was able to find it eventually with some extra research.  The above CRC was found on a random website and is a rip that was "fixed", per the person who released it.  Patching this rom will result in the same CRC of F43FD00D that the author of the patch has on his website.)

24. Murder on the Mississippi

    Mississippi Satsujin Jiken (J) [!].nes (GoodNES v3.23b))
    CRC: 5D003EAD
    PATCHED CRC: F698E872

(The above rom/CRC matches the MD5/SHA-1 values that are provided on the Romhacking page, but it is a different CRC.  CRC listed on Romhacking is 52366456)

25. Ninja Kid's Demon Castle Adventure

    Ninja-kun - Majou no Bouken (J) [!].nes (GoodSET 3.23b)
    CRC: 29BE6BBA

(The rom above was the version that gave the matching CRC of the patched rom available on the author's website.)

26. Parodius - From Myth to Laughter

    Parodius da! (J) [!].nes (GoodSET 3.23b)
    PATCHED CRC: 7012E75A

CRC listed on page is for the headerless version.

27. Popeye Lingo Game

Popeye no Eigo Asobi (J) [T+Eng1.0_KingMike].nes (GoodNES 3.23b)

(No fix here, but finding that specific rom is a lot easier than hex editing the file or even finding and using the rom expander for it that isn't included in the patch zip.)

28. Q-Taro the Ghost

    Obake no Q Tarou - Wanwan Panic (J) [!].nes (GoodSET 3.23b)
    CRC: D47FFEB6
    PATCHED CRC: 452C7995

(The rom above was the version that gave the matching CRC of the patched rom available on the author's website.)

29. Saiyuuki World


30. SD Hero Total Battle

Filename: SD Hero Soukessen - Taose! Aku no Gundan (J) [!].nes (GoodNES V3.23b)
CRC32 06e42c00

(Romhacking says this game is in the GoodNES 3.23b set.  The above rom's CRC is actually F17FEFDD.  It is not in 3.23b with the CRC 06E42C00. That CRC value does exist somewhere online though....  Maybe google it?).

31. Spelunker II

    Spelunker 2 - Yuusha e no Chousen (J) [!].nes (GoodSET 3.23b)
    CRC: F076F168
    PATCHED CRC: 72A28744

CRC listed on page is for the headerless version.

32. Street Basket - Ganbare Dunk Heroes

    Nekketsu! Street Basket - Ganbare Dunk Heroes (J).nes (GoodSET 3.23b)
    CRC: A2952508

CRC listed on page is for the headerless version.

33. Suddenly! Machoman

    Country: Japan
    Rom Name: Totsuzen! Machoman(J).nes
    CRC32: C8D4DC2F????
    MD5: C1496BFE1BB765533617E735C5EC55A3
    SHA-1: B504A7A24EB92EF0A32F356693578745DDC6E7FA

(Using c8d4dc2f as per, but GoodNES 3.23b lists this as a prototype. Is this right???)

34. Super Contra VII

    supercontra-7.nes (Not in GoodNES or No-Intro)
    CRC: F9A7A725
    PATCHED CRC: 09592831

(The rom above was the version that gave the matching CRC of the patched rom available on the author's website.  This rom is NOT available in GoodNES 3.23b or No-Intro.  You will have to find it elsewhere to get the correct patched CRC value of 09592831.)

35. Super Star Force - Secrets of Space

    Super Star Force (J) [!].nes (GoodNES 3.23b)
    CRC: 0CA0B143

(The above rom/CRC matches the MD5/SHA-1 values that are provided on the Romhacking page, but it is a different CRC.  CRC listed on Romhacking is 5807d7a3)

36. Time Zone

    Time Zone (J) [!].nes (GoodSET 3.23b)
    CRC: C99628BC

CRC listed on page is for the headerless version.

37. Wing of Madoola

    Wing of Madoola, The (J) [!].nes (GoodSET 3.23b)
    CRC: 929899D8
    PATCHED CRC: C583A427

(Psyklax is already aware of the issue.  He had the patched CRC value listed as the pre-CRC value and plans to update the page with this fix.)

38. Youkai Club

    Youkai Club (Japan).nes (No-Intro)
    PATCHED CRC: 27937903

(Romhacking lists the correct CRC/MD5 values for this rom without the header, but incorrect values for the game with a header.  It's possible that the header values were different on the version that was originally hacked, but a CRC of B292E1D5 cannot be found online.  Use 7FCEFE0C because if you remove the header from this rom it matches the headerless values provided on romhacking.)


1. Lagrange Point -

PROBLEM: There was no specification for what rom to use anywhere. Patch page info:

    CRC32: 6BB11112
    MD5: C12D0CC3520FBDF99535159A36368FCD
    Note that these were generated on a ROM with a bad iNES header (SRAM disabled.) This ROM was used as a base for the patch so patched ROMs would *all* have SRAM enabled.

SOLUTION: Use the following rom:

Lagrange Point (J) [!].nes (GoodNES 3.23b)
Patched CRC: 9E13CAA2

Play tested intro through a few battles and everything seems to play great.

2. Princesstual Orgy

PROBLEM: All four values stated on patch page for this game are not for this game, but they are for "Terao no Dosukoi Oozumou (J) [!].nes" in the GoodNES 3.23b.

SOLUTION: Patch the following rom:

Tashiro Masashi no Princess ga Ippai (J) [!]. nes (GoodNES 3.23b)
CRC: 7B5A1E17

This seems to play great and intro is all in English.


Chess Academy

Patch page calls for the verified Good dump to be used.  Chess Academys (Sachen-JAP) [!].nes, CRC: 1EC71E38.

The resulting rom freezes in MednafenX on the XBox and randomly resets on Nestopia on the XBox.

It also randomly resets on all 3 RetroPie emulators (Nestopia, Fceumm and QuickNES).

Well.... that's about it.

If you're the author of one of these and I'm wrong about something, please let me know so I can update the thread with the good info. 

Thanks again for all of your work here guys and gals.  This site is awesome.  I'm glad to be able to help out in this small way and I hope this is of use to some of you.

Hello everyone  :)

I'm putting a list of CRC issues I've found on Translated NES and FDS games that I will eventually put up when I have figured all of it out.  Most of the issues have been because the CRC listed on the Patch pages are for headerless roms, and it looks as though a few of them might be because the CRC listed is the after-patch value.  This one is a different problem altogether.

ROM / ISO Information:

    Tashiro Masashi no Princess ga Ippai (Japan).nes - NOINTRO
    CRC32: 1BB4E1E6
    MD5: 3E4C4B42D798135B1168CB51B822D80F
    SHA-1: 2AAA2CF1DCD998FC25D31CE00773D044EC0B7593
    SHA-256: AD9ACBD9960E5453379E9A76E79CD02249AA788FBE966EF5DB139D1C65DA84E0

All four values stated here for this game are not for this game, but they are for "Terao no Dosukoi Oozumou (J) [!].nes" in the GoodNES 3.23b. 

I was wondering if anyone from Suicidal Translations was still around, or if anybody else around here might know the true input and expected output CRC values for this translation?

The project webpage in the readme is defunct :(



Can't figure out 1991 Du Ma Horse Racing either.  The only information on the patch page is the MD5

ROM / ISO Information:

    Country: China
    Rom Name: 1991 Du Ma Racing (As).nes
    File Size: 32.36 KB
    MD5 Checksum: 74967338fcfc1603c0758300445fe0d3

I've tried stripping the header as well as patching all currently known versions of this rom and I can't get that MD5 match.

However, there is a page that references that number for this game, but when you download it the MD5 is different and it's just one of the versions found in GoodNES 3.23b.  If you google the MD5 you'll get two results.  One of them is this site.  :)

Newcomer's Board / Grond's Final Fantasy CRC problems...
« on: August 12, 2017, 03:23:45 pm »
Hello everybody :)

For the life of me I cannot patch GFF and get the desired outputted rom with a CRC of 3F1FFB83 (The CRC that is stated as the desired output in the "HOW TO PATCH.htm" that comes in the patch zipfile.

The page for GFF states that you need the following version:

    Final Fantasy (U) [!].nes (GoodNES)
    Length: 262,160 bytes (256 KB)
    CRC32: CEBD2A31
    MD5: 24ae5edf8375162f91a6846d3202e3d6
    SHA1: C9CFBF5455085E198DCE039298B083CD6FC88BCE

Nowhere online was I able to find CEBD2A31.  However, I did figure out that this is because the version in recent GoodNES sets has an iNES header on it that possibly wasn't there when this hack was made.  I removed the top row (first 16 bytes) and this gives the proper CRC of CEBD2A31.

The patch still doesn't work in beat and throws an error.  The "HOW TO PATCH.htm" says that an error is okay and even expected with certain versions of the rom, but as long as you have 3F1FFB83 as the final CRC you're good.   Unfortunately, using the patch on the stated CRC leaves me with a CRC of 12CCC287 when it's complete.

I am really pumped to try out this game, but I don't want to play it with the wrong value and find out half way that it's buggy as hell.

I'm not asking where to get any roms here.  I'm just asking for specific before/after CRC values for a working version since the information on the patch page and/or the "HOW TO PATCH.htm" is incorrect.

THANKS!!!!  ;D

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