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ROM Hacking Discussion / Star Ocean Blue Sphere Project Work & Analysis
« on: August 07, 2017, 03:11:12 am »
Like I said in my introduction post, I am also one of the many poor souls who wants Star Ocean Blue Sphere translated into English, so here's a screenshot that is essentially a collage of the work that I've pulled up so far:

Now, I looked at the French and Chinese translations that have been successfully completed 100%. It seems the French translation seems to have replaced the font table at address 000F4000, but the Chinese translation did not touch it. Rather, the Chinese translation started their work at 0008C000 and put their own font table there. They were able to make room, as another translator, Mz, had mentioned in an earlier post.

So far, I have used SearchR3 to find the use of "star ocean" and then I made my English font table from there. So far, so good for a newbie like me  :happy: ! I double-checked that these locations were correct, and lucky me! I can now make a full table file for the entire Japanese script, and be able to manually translate it. Not very efficient, but given the current shenanigans mentioned by Mz, I might as well dig deeper into this rabbit hole. With a working table file, Hexecute can finally stop giving me garbage, and give me actual text instead of the occasional Kanji, random number/letter or two.

If you would like to give me advice, or perhaps stop me from reinventing the wheel  :crazy: , please do respond!

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