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Personal Projects / Jungle Wars (GB) - English Translation - v0.2.0
« on: April 29, 2020, 08:39:46 am »
LATEST RELEASE : 0.2.0 - Sasuke joins the party!

If you find an issue, or have remarks, please comment on this thread, or open an issue on GitHub!

Previous releases

Hi all!

Long time lurker, first real post (outside of asking what was up with another attempt at this game in 2017 ^^; )

I have been working on and off on understanding the GameBoy RPG Jungle Wars, with the aim of finally being able to translate this game. It was one of my very first JRPGs, and beating it without understanding a word was quite the challenge at the time.

I figured a thread was in order, as I know KingMike had plans to translate the game (at the time when I asked), and so thought that posting updates could be interesting! I am not trying to step on anyone's toes, I just really want this one game translated. Also, I am not a native English speaker, nor am I good in Japanese, so for now my bar is set at "understandable meaning", but I will be looking at editing the script and polishing the translation down the line.

Anyway, on to the status of the project:
  • The ROM has been extended. This was the biggest hurdle in enabling any kind of translation, and I recently was able to replace some of the code fetching text to add custom routines that let the English script be stored in a whole bunch of extra banks.
  • An English font has been added, containing upper/lowercase and a few punctuation marks.
  • I have a dump of most, if not all of the script, stored in a YAML file, and tools to merge files in case multiple people want to contribute parts of the translation.
  • I am working through the game in order, since all pointers to the text are embedded in the code, and currently I still need to know where those pointers are to be able to change them to use in the re-pointing code.
  • Most of the first town is translated, including a bunch of UI lines, but the combat UI is still far from done, as well as items/enemy/character names.

Here are some gifs and screens of the project at time of writing (courtesy of PyBoy):


My plan as far as next steps are:
  • Clean up the Git repository hosting some of my files for wider consumption.
  • Find a good way to share the translation file with any interested parties (as I reached out to at least one other Jungle Wars fan, and in the meantime you can check it out at
  • Once there is a more sizable (~1h of gameplay give or take), start sharing patches for testing
  • Continue translation of the script
  • Investigate how to properly handle item names. If anyone has any recommendation on that, I would be very curious to discuss this.
  • Post regular updates here as a way to stay motivated as it is my first ROM hack!

Cannot wait to make progress on this!

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