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Personal Projects / Metroid: Space Complex (Metroid 1 NES Hack WIP)
« on: May 08, 2017, 11:43:11 am »
Hello everyone, this is a thread for my new hack.
It's also featured on Metroid Construction.

Working Title:


It's located in deep Space, in which Samus is going to experience a great Adventure. She travels from planet to planet finding secrets, fighting enemies and bosses, travelling through meteorites. The world is some interconnected space.
As of the background story honestly, i have to think about that one. Anyone good ideas? ;)

Current DEMO Version:
Space Demo v0.7
In case of interest just send a pm!

Brinstar - Open Alienated Space
Norfair - Floral Hills and Landscape / Temple
Kraid - Deep Cave
Ridley - Slimes and Mushrooms
Tourian - Glass + X

new pictures:

Brinstar (Space Area)

Kraid (Cave Area)

Norfair (Flora Area)

Stone Temple @ Flora Area

old pictures:




Youtube Links.
unordered, Tracks are all WIP, could get altered and the areas where they are used in the video could be or not be where they are in the final hack.

Goals in short:
Story line gets written.
Graphic gets completely overhauled. New Music Tracks get composed. Levels are built from scratch. Some new Upgrades gonna get featured.

Goals achieved:
Graphics and Background Music done partially (see numbers down below)
A Bomb Upgrade, healing and hurting Units are already implemented. There are plans for more!!

- in numbers -

Brinstar 90%
Kraid 90%
Norfair 60%
Ridley 5%
Tourian 15%

Brinstar 90%
Kraid 90%
Norfair 80%
Tourian 90%

Brinstar 70%
Norfair 20%
Kraid 30%

Healing and Hurting Tiles 100%
Bomb Upgrade / easier Bomb Jumping 50% (couldn't make it as an upgrade yet)
Walljump 0% (i would appreciate help here!!!!)
Springball 0% (help!!!?)
Spacejump 0% (is it even possible?)

Animations 20%
Slope Detection 0% (desperately waiting for Editroid 4 and new asm mods)

So far, i will give additional info and updates whenever i'm willing to or something new is implemented.
I've got the blessing of a job with a lot of free time and i get more experienced, thus i am optimistic of a completion of the whole thing.

I am very happy about critics, feedback of all kind, suggestions, or the opportunity to work together.
Especially in regards of asm modifications i would love help! :whoa:

Stay tuned. Cheers!  :bounce:

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