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Originally this thread was going to be about the files I found on my HDD and asking for help tracking its origin, but I do believe I found all the puzzle pieces. And now it's just a fun story and wondering if it should be uploaded to RHDN proper.

So way back in 2010, I think through fansite The Mega Man Network, I found a blog post by Insectduel talking about Japanese rom hacks he found and I think this was where I first heard of Rockman no Constancy too. Well he had an entry about someone (I now know was most likely Puresabe) making little QOL fixes for Rockman 4. Of course I love Mega Man 4 and being more of rom hack USER and not a rom hack MAKER I asked if it were possible to convert this to the MM4 ROM and Insectduel replied something along the lines of "Should be easy if you just open the debugger and see the addresses and convert the ASM accordingly. I think the best help I can offer is to let you learn how to do it :)" Okay well that sucks, I really had no idea where to start with that kind of thing. I was totally clueless (now I know ASM a LITTLE bit better and can at least understand asm files and how they work, thanks abw :thumbsup:). So what I ended up doing was analyze the IPS patch and SEE where the values were changed in the Japanese ROM and then change the values in the US ROM which were just a couple bytes over. And voila! I successfully managed to port over the hack to the US ROM all on my own. When I shared to good news with Insectduel his reply was just "That's not how you were SUPPOSED to do it."

Oh, the two patches I applied was a fast and smooth screen scrolling hack and an boss meter fix where the music doesn't stop and the meter fills a little faster. I still have the original scrolling hack here but sadly the original audio fix hack seems to have been lost. I applied some of insectduel's QOL hacks including the "fast warp" and the "sound effects when selecting a menu" and wanted to make an all in one improvement patch called Mega man 4 Tuned Up with the hopes of sharing it to this site. Of course, when I told Insectduel this, he sternly told me that I couldn't upload it here, because the original hacks were Puresabe's and I'd essentially be stealing them. Of course I definitely didn't want to be labelled a thief in any way, I just wanted a fun, optimized way to play MM4. He offered to take the patches I made and uploaded to his site where they're still there!

The Sound fix and Scrolling Only patch was just Puresabe's fixes while Mega Man 4 Tuned Up added Insectduel's little hacks. I had worked on Tuned Up a little more wanting to fix the intro text. But I never really got further than changing this line

I wanted to try and change it so it better resembled the redone intro used in Anniversary Collection fixing the weird, uneven breaks. This isn't in the patch above, but I can still make one. While piecing this all together I found that Puresabe worked with Rock5Easy to further improve his QOL hacks and the last update was back in 2016 and added a bunch more stuff! Mostly "under the hood" rom optimizations and fixed minor glitches but there's some stuff like Select Button Weapon Cycling and the rain in Toad Man's stage not pushing you back anymore. Since I know a LITTLE bit more now, I'd love to revisit and see if I can port more of those changes over. I could be wrong, but I think back then RHDN didn't allow multiple credits for uploads, the hack "belonged" to whoever uploaded it. But these days I'm seeing a lot of multi-hack QOL projects and I just don't think this hack deserves to be kept in the dark anymore. 
1-8-2021 Update: Now in Spreadsheet form! I have managed to parse the dialog and have set up an easy to edit Spreadsheet on Google Sheets of the translation. So now it should be a little less daunting. Have a favorite FF character? Feel free to do just their dialog. I'm hopeful with this format people can pick away at it bit by bit.

====Original Post====
I've sort of been on and off this project for a while.

I have a version up on RHDN already, but this is mostly a menus and gameplay translation. No actual character dialog.

After receiving some help from Gemini we now have a proper VWF which is great for dialog (albeit a couple of small glitches we weren't able to quite squash). Mulling it over, I felt the pros really outweighed the cons and thought I'd take a crack at finding translators. I mean what's it hurt to ask? Besides I figured maybe if I get it out there, there might be someone who can help squash those bugs.

So there's basically three parts

-Bios: Little Descriptions on the character select screen for every character.
-Extended Bios: Longer, more detailed bios featured in the gallery section.

and the big monster:

DIALOG! Not quite an RPG or anything, but there's quite a bit of chit chat in the game, about 1 MB's worth. And there's not really much of an indication as to who is saying what (though it seems like there's a consistent character order among all the files, so we at least have a vague idea of who's who). My plan is hopefully to get a solid translation and then once it comes together edit the dialog myself to give the characters (namely DQ characters) their little speech quirks.

So if you just have a little bit of time, consider helping on bios as they're pretty short and sweet. If you're up to the challenge consider helping out on dialog. Even if we can get a quick idea of whose dialog starts where via translating would be a huge help!

Thanks for looking! It's a really passion project of mine to get this game as translated as possible so more people can enjoy it!
So I thought it was about time I brought this into the Personal Projects section.

Update: 4-20
A DW2 Beta Appears!

Dragon Warrior Quest
1.3c (1-19-2019)
-Did a THOROUGH search and fixed a few more dialog breaks. That SHOULD be the end to that.
-Overlooked a couple of lines retaining their DW original dialog. Using the Rainbow Drop and selling items.

1.3b (1-15-2019)
-Thanks to abw who devised some new ASM to properly enable/disable non-indented third person dialog on the fly. This fixes the ending, some of Dragonlord's dialog, and the sage with the Rainbow Drop.
-Fixed a typo for a Kol NPC (thanks laserlambert)
-Tweaked more dialog breaks (Princess' Pledge and various shops should no longer require an extra button press)
-Fixed scrambled, out of order dialog when bringing Gwaelin to the King

1.3 (1-9-2019)
-More battle message tweaks. Fizzle-related messages should be fixed and stat increases on level up are a little smoother
-Stone Golem typo fixed
-Various script tweaks, mostly adding new pause and line breaks. Added some missing dialog for Princess' Pledge item. The merchant in Rimuldar (by the key shop) and the twin guards in Galenholm now have updated dialog. This now leaves the Nester cameo in Cantlin as the only unchanged NPC.
-More logo tweaks by Chicken Knife
-Updated End Credits with a small change to reflect new translation (also changed "Character Designed" to "Character Design").
-Lack of silent third person narration added to "issues" (in readme).
-Checked and tweaked Inn dialog when carrying Gwaelin (thanks High Score Girl anime!)

1.2 (12-19-2018)
-Fixed an inaccurate pointer which scrambled some NPC dialog among Galenholm, Kol, and Rimuldar (thanks AustNerevar).
-Fixed the dialog for discovering items like the faerie flute that was referring to the hidden staircase in Dragonlord's Castle. Also changed the name of said staircase to "hidden stairway" because the game doesn't like displaying item words longer than 8 letters (thanks laserlambert!).
-Fixed "new spell learned" dialog and changed an old line referring to a "treasure box" to "treasure chest".

1-1 (12-11-2018)
-Slight iprovement tweaks to logo (thanks to Chicken Knife who's a far better pixel artist than me)
-Patch is now XDelta which should avoid any sort of copyright issues AND should be better compatible with other patches (thanks Count Buggula)
-Added some pauses to the King's dialog for better readability.

So, what is this?

I'm a Dragon Quest fan. Yeah I played the original Dragon Warrior for NES, but it wasn't until Square-Enix's recent releases and completely overhauled localization that really made me a hardcore Dragon Quest fan. Square-Enix released some decent remakes of the Erdrick trilogy (I-III) on Mobile devices based on the Super Famicom remakes (DQ I+II getting a bit more visual polish). The upside is that these featured a lush, extravagant translation that mixed the old school Olde English dialog of the NES games with a bit more flair and charm of Modern Dragon Quest releases. These releases are also consistent with other games that reference them directly like Dragon Quest Builders. The downside to these mobile exclusives are... well, they're exclusive to mobile devices, and from a technical standpoint... they're not the best. No controller support, stuck in portrait mode! Yuck! What if I just want to play the games the good ol' fashioned way?

And this is where PROJECT RE-QUEST comes in. Inspired by the likes of 121J and Chaos Rush and recently being able to extract the scripts from the three mobile games, I now have the means to port the scripts to the three Dragon Quest games.

So are you doing Dragon WARRIOR NES or the Dragon Warrior remakes on SFC?

I plan to do BOTH. I'm interested in updating the GBC remakes as well. While the NES versions are certainly dated, and the scripts are based on the remakes, I want to give people options. Sometimes you just want that good old broken NES difficulty and 8 bit graphics. I'm a bit of an amateur ROM Hacker though, so don't go expecting anything miraculous. I'll probably be using this thread to ask for advice and help for those willing to follow this thread.

What about Chicken Knife's Project? Isn't he doing the same thing?

We have similar goals and enjoy helping each other out where we can, but Chicken Knife plans to decensor and delocalize Dragon Warrior, making it closer to the Japanese version. I'm simply updating the script to make it better resemble modern Dragon Quest releases and make it so you can play Builders and go straight to Dragon Warrior and not feel a jarring difference in localization.

Puff Puff?

Oh yeah! You betcha ;)

So where am I at now?

It's almost Dragon Quest Day and my release of Dragon Warrior 2 is ready. Here's some comparison screens.

If you want to see screens from my Dragon Warrior 1 Hack click the button below!


^Just want to say, yeah I see the different values there. Had no idea until I made this comparison. Not sure how it happened, but it's fixed.

^This might seem like cheating, but yes, the original script really was that sparse, and I wanted to show just how expanded it is. The script is now DOUBLE in size. Huge thanks to abw and his help on this.

So I recently was able to rip the script from DQ I-III mobile and I wanted to try to update the DW games with it. Obviously I know it can't be 1:1 but I wanted to edit item names and the script and get it as close to "Modern DQ" as much as possible.

The thing that's really stumping me are item names. Yeah I read Silver X's document and understand that the game doesn't use standard pointers but rather a long string separated by FF hex and then split into two sections 

Bamboo{FF}Club{FF}Copper{FF}Hand{FF}Broad{FF}Flame{FF}Erdrick's{FF}Clothes{FF}Leather{FF}Chain{FF}Half{FF}Full{FF}Magic{FF}Erdrick's{FF}Small{FF}Large{FF}Silver{FF}Herb{FF}Torch{FF}Dragon's{FF}Wings{FF}Magic{FF}Fairy{FF}Ball of{FF}Tablet{FF}Fairy{FF}Silver{FF}Staff of{FF}Stones of{FF}Gwaelin's{FF}Rainbow{FF}Cursed{FF}Death{FF}Fighter's{FF}Erdrick's{FF}Secret{FF}


I figured both sections go in order. But when I try to edit them it seems like the order is completely mixed up.

What really makes it complicated is trying to add a second line to previously 1 line items (Herb and Club -> Medicinal Herb and Oaken Club) and removing 1 line to 2 lined items (Stones of Sunlight -> Sunstone) Also for space, I tried removing the seemingly unused item Secret Passage (bare with me, while I've played DQ1 recently it's been many MANY years since I've played DW1). But I simply just removed the text and kept it as two FF bytes much like Club's second line. Unless it's just one of those weird things that just wasn't mean to work.
Hey there.

So I want to improve my Itadaki/Fortune Street Special translation on PS2 by bringing in a translator if possible. The big thing stopping me is the font size and spacing between letters. I've been looking at a few threads regarding WIP translations and noticed they all seem to involve editing the fixed width value from usually 16 to something much lower like 8 or 6. And I realized THAT'S what I need, that would surely help me with Item and Character names.

Is there anyone that can set me up on the right track and give me an idea of how to do this?
So a little background, I LOVE Fortune Street since playing it on the Wii. This love for Fortune Street led me to check out other recent entries including the ones on iOS, PSP, and PS2. Even getting involved with translation work on those latter two! While I think the PS2 version is all around superior to the others, going back to the Wii version, despite it being the only console entry released officially in English, there's some terrible shortcomings I wanted to fix and change.

First- The lousy synth used for the DQ tracks. Used BTSTRM tools to convert and insert orchestra versions. Done!

Well I'm on the second part and this is stumping. You see in Fortune Street games, the properties are divided by Districts or Areas. In other games the districts are given very thematic names that suit the board. Enemy names, town names, weapons, Jobs, etc. For some odd reason Nintendo/S-E just went with giving the districts letter designations (District A, District B, and so on). This isn't a US only thing as the Japanese text does the same thing. Even the Japan only Itadaki Street DS have the same boards, but opted to have thematic district names. I wanted to fix this.

So all the game's text are in easy to read/edit CSV files (text files, but grouped like a 2 column list of strings. I was able to find that lines 5454-5718 are all the District names for each stage going in a certain order, even making room for potential extra, unused districts up to Letter P. Cracking the pattern I went to work on Trodain, making it identical to other games

That's a thing of beauty!

But this is the trouble I'm running into

It's originally supposed to say District A. I find there's two separate strings making that line. 2781 which is just "District" and 2788 which is "<area>". If I make 2788 blank, I can get rid that weird messy line, but if I try to replace District with <area>:

Yep that's what I get. Even if I added other text like say Area: -<area>, it comes out Area: -P

So that's where I'm at. If I could just figure this out, I'd be all set. It's such an annoying little hangup.  :banghead: :banghead: :banghead:

Any ideas? Help!

So I released my translation for Itadaki Street Special

The thing is, as "complete" as it is, I had to deal with space limitations as the existing font just isn't really optimized for English text. I had posted a thread in the Programming section regarding some notes left by DQ Translations. And thanks to another member, krat0s' help, I was able to do some ASM hacking with the main menu text.  learned that pretty much all the main menu text looked like this

addiu v0, zero, $0014 # 001ec898:24020012 v0=$00000014
sd v0, $0000(sp) # 001ec89c:ffa20000
daddu a0, s1, zero # 001ec8a0:0220202d
sd v0, $0008(sp) # 001ec8a4:ffa20008
daddu a1, s0, zero # 001ec8a8:0200282d
addiu a2, zero, $0041 # 001ec8ac:24060041 a2=$00000041
addiu a3, zero, $ffff # 001ec8b0:2407ffff a3=$ffffffff
sd v1, $0010(sp) # 001ec8b4:ffa30010
addiu t0, zero, $0026 # 001ec8b8:24080026 t0=$00000026
addiu t1, zero, $016a # 001ec8bc:2409016a t1=$0000016a
addiu t2, zero, $0200 # 001ec8c0:240a0200 t2=$00000200
jal $001e6410 # 001ec8c4:0c079904
addiu t3, zero, $01c0 # 001ec8c8:240b01c0 t3=$000001c0

The thing is, I'd love to be able to do this to various other text printing instances

These screens show what kind of problems I have right now. I figure there's probably some code similar to, but different from the code above regarding text sizing and spacing. I'd LOVE to be able to get character names above 5 letters, sphere names above 8 letters, and better spaced text for everything else. But despite my best efforts, I'm just completely out of my element here, and really need someone who knows what they're doing. Thanks.

I had posted this in the "Translations that can be finished" thread, but figured I'm way more along now and just about ready for a release and I'd make a thread.

So, I'm a HUGE fan of Fortune Street on the Wii, I was really ITCHING for a new game and really hyped for for the upcoming PS4/Vita game. I had avoided the PS2 game for so long because 1) My PC wasn't up to par to emulate it and 2)From what I've seen and heard, Moxhypa's translation was so barebones and bordering on unplayable.

I finally decided to give it a try and realized it really wasn't so bad. It's just some of the terms used are woefully outdated. Seeing how easy it was to edit the text, I've decided to polish and finish it up myself as best I could!

What's done:

Map and Area names!

Casino Games dialog

Not only have I fixed DQ terms like "Mera" into "Sizzle" and "Kukru" into "Angel" (yep still gotta deal with space, sorry :( ) I've also fixed terms to resemble Fortune Street games (Chance > Venture, Mark > Suit, Wall > Checkpoint, Shares > Stocks, etc)

I've filled in a lot of the blanks left by Moxhypa. Various Window messages, typos and mistakes have been (web) translated and fixed.

New custom graphics  (using DQ Translations templates for the menus, and my own based on my work in Itadaki Street Portable check out the screenshots!)     


What still needs to be done that I plan to do:

Finish the last couple custom graphic bits (I think at this point, it's the Records/Collection menus and the Auction Screen that needs to be done)                 
Various fine-tuning and double checking

Try tackling the font spacing issues. DQ Translations made some notes from their scrapped translation. I made a thread over in the programming section on how I could utilize this. Despite being an amateur, I plan to take a crack at it. If not, I'll just release the patch as is, space issues and all. If anyone wants to help, I'd gladly welcome it.

What's NOT being done:

Like I said, this is being done to the best of my (amateur) Romhacking ability, I'm just trying to make it as English friendly as I can.

Character dialog for gameplay and profiles (Web translating for system messages is one thing, translating actual dialog is another)
Casino graphics (not a big deal, but I can't change them if I wanted to, seems to have some unique compression)

Screenshots (some of these are old WIP screenshots that have been fixed since then):

I know there's someone who's going to ask "Are you going to make a 'Japanese' patch where you keep the terms in Japanese like Itadaki/Loto/etc?" I spent a long time trying to crossreference the Japanese with the official English names so I'd rather not go through that all again. Now if you want to make your own translation like another language or something and want to use my/DQT's templates to make your own custom graphics, I'd gladly help with that.         
Hi there! So I'm working on giving MoxHyPa's translation of Itadaki Street Special on PS2 a much needed facelift. I'm nearly finished, doing graphics now, and should have a patch up by the end of the month.

I've been using some old project notes and translations by DQ Translations released by them in and old forum thread here. I originally used their graphic templates to add English graphics for ISS Portable.

Anyhoo, they had some notes regarding font spacing and seemed to have it figured out. There's a bit of text I've compiled into a pastebin here:

They also had a couple screenshots

I know begging is frowned upon, but I was kinda hoping someone could look at this and tell me how I could utilize it (like if it's a simple matter of editing some values in a Hex Editor) since having more room for names and such would be a GODSEND.

There's also some stuff about Pointers but I think it's because they made a custom inserting program. If not, hey cool, I'll still release my patch as is. Still very playable and MUCH better than the old one.
Hi all! So I'm working on fixing up MoxHyPa's translation for ISS on PS2. Filling in a lot of the blanks left by him to make it easier for English players. Not a full translation, mind you, just a lot of the menu and gameplay stuff cleaned up. I'm NEARLY FINISHED, but this results screen is really confusing the hell out of me.

Okay I get the the text at the top is Overall Results (I'm going with just Results for space reasons), the one just below player name is Win Percentage. But the rest is confusing. I assumed it was

総いただき回数 = (Stopping at other players' shops)
総ふりこみ回数 = (Players stopped at your shops)

But is 総いただき額合計 Amount received from other players and 総ふりこみ額合計 Amount paid to other players? Using Google Translate and RomajiDesu gives me conflicting translations. I would think there would be a consistent to/from.

Thanks, hope this is okay.