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Personal Projects / Arcturus - The Curse and Loss of Divinity
« on: April 13, 2017, 04:16:56 pm »
Hello there,

I'm currently working on the translation of Arcturus: The curse and loss of divinity.

What's Arcturus? Why, it's one of the most famous PC RPGs in Korea!
Developed in 2000 by Sonnori and Gravity (the creator of Ragnarok Online), Arcturus uses the Ragnarok engine, has a Grandia 2-like combat, boasts a bunch of tormented characters and has an epic story focused on death, gods and mankind's folly.
Another team already tried to translate this game some years ago, but they eventually abandoned the project. This project uses none of the previously made translations and is based on the Japanese localization of the game by Falcom.

Just me, folks.
Special thanks to MrRichard999, LunaireticOmega, ArcturusFan and peco for the help and support.

Total progress: 90%
Detailed progress:
  • Menus: 100%
  • Magic: 100%
  • Skills: 100%
  • Items: 100%
  • Books: 100%
  • Non cut-scene text: 100%
  • Cut-scenes: 100%
  • Pictures: 50%
The game is now playable and fully translated. I'm still rewriting some of it and there might still be some mistakes here and there, but the translation is good enough as it is for a full playthrough. Also, pictures are getting done by LunaireticOmega and books are still not showing in english despite being translated.
You might encounter some crash when facing some random enemies (it's quite rare, though), so I advise fleeing when you're not sure!
Also, in some scenes the game will display an error message. You just need to click OK (sometimes several time) and you'll go back to the game with no side effects at all. This is a known bug that will be dealt with soon enough.

You'll find the link to the latest patch below:

I hope you'll enjoy playing this piece of Korean history as much as I do translating it!

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