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Personal Projects / Castlevania Randomizer
« on: February 17, 2021, 07:18:30 pm »
This Randomizer is made with a costume assembler made by SpiderDave. The assembler is still in a beta/alpha state. You will require python3 to run it:

I did include a older version of the free air movement made by NaOH:

I started out with RetroRain MMC5 for CV PRG0 conversion but made a lot of changes to it like using PRG1 ROM.. plus all the features.

Here is the link to the project:
How to use:
Copy your "Castlevania (U) (PRG1) [!].nes" Rom to the main folder with the make.bat file. Name the ROM as shown before. Double click the make.bat to get a randomized ROM.

(The randomisation is done in the ASM file thanks to the features the new assembler provides. Check the main.asm the view conditions and add level select and such)

- MMC5 Conversion used for CHR animation and the extra sprite page so all the enemies are available everywhere in the Castle.
- Palette variation. There is a general Dark and Light theme. Then also the Vanilla palette groups and sky randomization and such..
- I provide a full level select and cheat mode for testing for MMC1 and MMC5 version. (Needs to be enabled in the main.asm. Set condition to 1)
- Rearranged enemy assembly with some sprites that would allow for a smooth animation thanks to animated sprite bank. Or a idle frame for Simon. (Unfinished)
- There is a group of tiles animated for each stage but no animation is added so far. (Unfinished)
- Random music for each level. (Unfinished. The music should be shuffled as a group for each stage)
- Enemy Randomizer. (Unfinished. It is done till around the cave section and some choices are bad or placed wired)
- Boss locations.
- One extra playable Character. Richter (waiwai world style)
- Some general property only two damage through out the game.

Known Bugs:
- Some bosses are one block in the ground. The Bosses need to be generalized or at last make low ground rooms for them.
- Right now the music changes after a checkpoint when you die. This is because it is not shuffled as a group.
- Some enemies are not meant to be together. The game crashes when there are fishman and bone throwing skelly on the screen. Sometimes there are wired
  interactions with the code and the music can reset one channel. I just try to avoid some enemy arrangements because of that so far..
- Holy water does no longer stun bosses. Still works great on enemies. I know I could call that a feature but I don't know yet why that happen..
- Second face Dracula does not react properly when crouching in the corner for some reason..

Why do I post a unfinished project?
  This is on my desk for over two month and I just go after other project. I do not find time or motivation to do more right now. It is still fully playable and
  I am glad for testing feedback or additional resources and ASM files if anyone is willing to provide.

  This is a free fan project anyone can use for what they like. The ROM conversion does not change the original offset that much. Other tools like steaks can be
  used to make changes to the levels. That tool might not like the header of the file so you need to change it back on forward. Or just set up a patching line
  from a other ROM to update this version. Graphics are CHR so you need to update them with a tool like Tile molester anyway. Not convenient but doable.

  I don't know when I return to this but I thank in advance for feedback and have fun testing.

Additional ideas/bugfixes I consider implementing some time later: (This will be updated when I get feedback)
- Difficulty setting in Game. (probably just let you choose the amount of damage you receive)
- Candle randomizer. At last the sub weapon should be random drops.
- Enemy AI Randomizer. This could give a lot of replay value when done right. I was looking forward to it and I have a lot of ideas in that regard.
- New/Replaced Enemy types.
- NewBosses. I had like to make some costume bosses. I also think this could help other hackers. Give ideas how to do them. So far I only did one boss but I need
  to make a proper ASM first. I also had the idea to copy some stuff of Optomon Holy Relics and Chorus of Mysteries hack into this project. But I probably stick
  to my own creations.

- Animation for Sprite and Backgrounds.
- Add more playable characters.
- Add full property pages to change desired values in the game.
- Replacing Music engine with ggsound engine to make it possible to create music in a easy way.


DemoHack IPS patch of the first stage available here:
(You need to patch the USA verion of the game)


About the team. Who works on the hack:

The First man and the head of the project is Garindann. He had the idea to make this Hack. He is working as a Artist, level-editor, writer and coordinator. He consulted me with some questions and I toke his whole hand and said I wanna be with on board for this project. As far as I know we share a lot of Ideas how we imagine a Castlevania game to be and so far we work very well together. I work as a Artist, level- and ASM-editor.

Hack Status:
The hack is in the very beginning. A lot of work went into finishing up the first stage. There been a lot of concepts and level Art made that we keep secret. It was impotent to me to have a Demo since it is a large project I would like to grow the team a bit. May be some custom music would be awesome. Or people with coding experience. So people that are interested can contact me.

What is this blog about?
We will share the progress and educate about possibility/tutorials. We will try to find some feedback and new ideas/inspiration here. Also Inspire people to hack SC4 or help with the project!

I will update this Post sometimes when we get some milestone. It will be the only Demo till the hack is done. I donno how long it will take but I can tell it will take more then two years to finish this with the current team.

Personal Projects / Super Castlevania IV Drunklevania II (DemoCastle)
« on: October 12, 2017, 05:55:40 pm »
Drunklevania II

Where does the name come from?

Drunklevania is a inside name of Super Castlevania hard mod made by DrunkenDraconian. TheMechanicalKoopa did come up with the name as he helped TheLastBelmond to patch his game. Drunkelvania was the very first hack "DemoHack" of Super Castlevania IV. The editor was in a very early state and the hack show suffering issus because of this too. (The hack is also very hard and unforgiving)

My hack OtherCastle tried to be the same thing just for casual player. I had the goal to make it look better. It was made in a newer version of SC4ed. It was also a lot of learning how and what romhacking is. For some reason I thought you need to me smart for this. lol (sure it would help)

This hack may be a Demo what can be done with SC4ed. But I don't wanna call it demo since I may wanna learn some hex editing. Also I don't wanna change the physic or damage of the whip or other things that do not fit the hack. I also take some ideas of DrunkenDraconian there will be a level based on great idea of him. I really enjoin crating levels and I wanna create some difficult once here and cross off the unforgiving. It should be nice and addicting level design with short and hard puzzles/sections to solve. Yes this hack will have the speed potion again and it will teach some ring-glitching. The hack should future tow difficulties.

First Stage

The game will start in the swamp and the go over the graveyard to a church. From there you will continue your way to the castle.

I did complete the first water stage more or less.

As you might guess it is a level to explore. You will find a section with a checkpoint that teaches you to walk over spikes with potion. There are also easy setups to learn ring-glitching. I think even casual player who never did see that one will get it. Lives and continues are the same right here since continue will place you at the last entrance in the current scene. The normal game did not future very complex levels like this. It is very time eating doing a level like this. One more idea like that but after will try to stick to simple level layout.

Next off is finishing the swamp..

I started by doing graphic stuff. And I am new to it.. guess I have to get better. But it is a good project to improve on it.

Stage one is almost finished. Just need the second water slide.

ROM Hacking Discussion / Super Castlevania 4 Maker
« on: May 17, 2017, 07:36:24 am »
Everything that belongs to creative work on SC4 goes here.

- Artwork
- Tutorials
- Share SCL
- Patches
- Ideas

When you use SC4ed make backups of the ROM as you do with any project

Newest Editor/Rendomizer
CV4 Randomizer:           

Official editor source code Download

Official editor binary (win executable) Download

old CV4 Level Editor:        

Tutorial and Project page SC4ed:
Click on quote to get to the Tutorial

Click on quote to get to the Buglist
Common bug fix patches for broken ROMs:

Click on quote for Text-Editing help

I am the creator of Othercastle and I used some patches I like to share here. I did not make them credit goes to Redguy:

Buwexil (SkullBoss) will overwrite tiles in the background when using his breath weapon. This patch overwrites Buwexils routine to write tiles into VRAM with NOP.

When killing a skeleton the bones will usually lag the game a lot. Less bones

When Standing in the Waterfall at 3.3 you will get a lot of bubbles that lag the game

Speedpotion. This will replace the invisibility potion with the speedpotion

If you have bad entrance. They just don't work how they should. You may have a missing instruction in your rom

I found a other patch made by Redguy that will make the game very challenging by itself. One HitKo!!
(Known Bug: There are some stuff that doesn't kill you like: mud, some enemy weapoen, Slogys dash or Draculas body)

Revers Gears with supID 1 and 3

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