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ROM Hacking Discussion / Metroid (NES) - mOTHER + 99 (full health) hack?
« on: August 22, 2017, 07:51:43 pm »
Hey y'all. I'll get straight to the point, there are two significant improvement hacks for the original Metroid, mOTHER (, lots of visual improvements + a save feature) and Metroid99 (, start the game with full health). However, my attempts to use both patches simultaneously haven't been successful. Once I apply the mOTHER hack, Metroid99 essentially becomes inactive. The order in which you apply both hacks doesn't change this.

Has anyone figured out a way to use both hacks simultaneously? Can Metroid99 be folded into mOTHER somehow? I'd very much appreciate it if someone could help me out.

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