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Help Wanted Ads / Looking to get some bugs fixed in Sweet Home NES
« on: May 18, 2019, 02:00:01 pm »
Hello all. I am the co-author of a translation hack for Sweet Home for the NES. I've learned a lot since my time working on this project and although I am pleased that it got as far as it did. JMN did a fantastic job with the tools that we had at the time, but it still needs a lot of polish.

The main points of contention that still bother me to this day concerning the patch:
* JMN used the original translation by suicidal as a base, cementing its status as an addendum, rather than a full translation.
* There's a major bug that can soft lock the game if you examine the statues guarding the final area at a certain moment in the game.
* This point about timing is a bit difficult to explain, so I'll give RaneofSOTN's explanation from the Speedrun forums:

"To be honest. You can't compare the two translations. TheSiege's version is inheritantly faster. It does NOT play exactly the same as the japanese version. Case and point: Play the 3 versions off the same input on an emulator. The emulator basically makes it so the console is the same. What you will see is that the J and old trans patch will keep in sync as the game goes on, but TheSiege's patch will start to break off as little as 1-2 combats in. The revisions to the text system make it the ¤faster¤ version but it isn't correct. It leads to impossible RNG seeds comparing into the original game. This is very easy as I can de-sync them on the first combat VERY easily, which means that due to the frame rules this game uses... TheSiege's patch has options to improbable seeds that may or may not be possible in the original."

* I've always wanted to add some touch ups to the translation itself as well.

I'd like to see these problems finally get fixed. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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