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Is it possible to Add to the number of songs in Zelda 1 and have each song play in the file menu, shops, and caves?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Dear Fans of The Legend of Zelda,

My name is ActionGamer. You probably remember playing my Zelda hack The Legend of Zelda: Triforce Power. Well I'm here to present to you a preview of the official sequel in the Triforce Power Saga The Legend of Zelda: Fall of Hyrule. It has every feature and improvement you loved about Triforce Power and more.

Features from Triforce Power that are going to be in this game too:
  • New Graphics.
  • New Overworld.
  • New Dungeons.
  • Pressing Select swaps your secondary item so you don't have to go to the menu.
  • Ability to purchase important items that would normally be in dungeons.
  • Clues to tell you where to bomb the dungeon walls.
  • New Dungeon and Title Screen Music.
  • Faster Text.

New features that are going to be in Fall of Hyrule:
(Special thanks to ShadowOne333 and all the people who made the Zelda 1 Redux patch which was used to make this game have all these new features).
  • Save manually by pressing Select when in the Items Sub-screen (You do not need to put in a second controller).
  • Reworked heart HUD.
  • Incremented the initial bomb max. amount to 10 instead of 8.
  • Changed the Red and Blue rings to Red and Blue tunics.
  • Clues to tell you where to bomb the overworld walls.
  • Removed the 1 Rupee flashing.
  • Now you're able to kill the Pols Voice by playing the flute, and also with arrows to retain the original way of killing them.
  • 999 rupees as the maximum amount, instead of 255. The rupee amount also needs to be saved in SRAM for when the game loads, so it starts with whatever amount you had last time.
  • Added a proper arrow enemy-drop item and an arrow counter (shops give 30 arrows when purchased), with the max arrow limit being 30 for normal Arrows, and 60 once you get the silver Arrows.
  • Automap Plus, but modified to have 1/4 heart decrements instead of 1/8.
  • Even more songs from other Zelda games.
  • Music now plays in the File Menu.
  • A new tornado enemy that was unused in the original Legend of Zelda.
  • The waterfalls are now animated.
  • Burnable Trees now have slightly different sprites so you can tell which trees to burn, but it's not too obvious, so keep a look out.
  • Unlike The Legend of Zelda: Triforce Power, there is a 2nd quest with all new dungeons that were going to be in Triforce Power, but due to a bug you couldn't access the second quest making the game only 1 quest.

You can download the beta of the Zelda 1 Redux patch here:

(Remember this hack is still in development, so some screenshots may not be final):

Title Screen:


Navi will heal you:

Look at that picture of Link:


Wheres my sword?

There's my sword:

Nice cave shopkeeper:

Break down the Walls!!!!!!

Keep your eyes open in the desert:


More updates and screenshots coming soon.

If anyone wants to bug test this hack, download the prototype ips patch here, and DM me your issues and/or feedback on Make sure you patch it to a Zelda 1 PRG0 rom, not PRG1 that's important: (Currently at Version 25).

There is a glitch in my Zelda 1 hack. Can someone help me?

What happens is every time I enter the graveyard section north in my Zelda 1 hack it crashes. Can someone tell me why?

Here is a video of the glitch:

If anybody needs the rom, please let me know and PM me.

Dear Fans of The Legend of Zelda,

I'm ActionGamer, and I'm here to tell you that The Legend of Zelda: Triforce Power (Version 3.3) is out! Some of might already know about this hack from 2 years ago, but it got negative reviews due to the version 1.0 of the game not being bug tested, (which is my own fault). However, now that me and some other people on have bug tested the game, it is now ready to be played in it's full stable quality. Hope you enjoy it. Leave reviews if you can.

Download here:


Fan-made Commercial for this hack that I made:

Stealing from my own description of the hack:

The Legend of Zelda: Triforce Power, is a Zelda 1 hack that takes place after 2 years after Zelda 2. It is the first in the Zelda: Triforce Power Saga, which will be a 3 part trilogy of games. Also, this hack will be much harder than the original Zelda game, so it won’t be easy, probably harder than Zelda Outlands.

Two years after Zelda 2, peace has finally returned to Hyrule Kingdom. Until the evil emperor of darkness Onox finds a way to bring Ganon back to life using the power in the Triforce of Courage. So Onox, sucks all of the power out of the Triofrce of Courage and kidnaps Princess Zelda, and threatens to murder her if Link tries to stop him. Luckily Zelda hid the 8 fragments of the Triforce of Wisdom and sends Link a message saying he must find the 8 fragments of the Triforce to stop Onox from bringing Ganon back to life, and this will be Link’s hardest challenge yet.

  • New Graphics
  • New Overworld
  • New Dungeons
  • Faster text
  • New Item Swap Mechanic (Press Select to use).
  • New Dungeon and Title Screen Music.
  • Ability to purchase important items that would normally be in dungeons.
  • Clues to tell you where to bomb the dungeon walls.
  • and more.

I forgot to mention this Zelda hack only has one quest.


PS: The Sequel to the Triforce Power Saga is in the works, check out the preview here:

Hey SMB3 Hackers, I need help putting a power from an unfinished SMB3 Hack into my SMB3 hack "Mario Mania." The hack with the power up is called Bio World and the power up and it's the blue shell power up from NSMB. Here is a video of the hack with the power up in use:

I just need to know where the Tanooki suit power-up data is in SMB3 so I can put that hex data from Bio-World into my hack, or find the data of where the shell power up is in Bio-World.

If anyone needs the Bio-World hack and or my SMB3 Hack in order to do this I'll message it to you.

Dear Fans of Super Mario Bros. 3,

My name is ActionGamer, and I'm here to present to you a new SMB3 hack that pays homage to Mario games new and old while still keeping that same Mario feel. It's called "Mario Mania". Which is basically Sonic Mania but for Mario games, and if it were on NES.

Features (so far):
  • New graphics for levels and enemies from other Mario games and some original graphics too.
  • New levels from other Mario games rebuilt into SMB3, and some other games as well.
  • New worlds from other Mario games and some new worlds too.
  • New music from other Mario games new and old. (Some songs were composed by JaSp, and some were composed by me thanks to JaSp's smb3 music midi inserter).
  • New Power Up called Cape Mario (Flying lasts longer than Raccoon Mario)
  • Item Slot from Super Mario World.
  • Animated blocks with 16 frames of animation
  • New enemies including: Birdo, Shy Guys (cosmetic only), Pidgit (who throws bombs now), Kyororo (cosmetic only), and so much more.
  • The ability to re-enter past levels in the world your in.
  • You can get random power-ups at the end of some levels.
  • A Recreation of Star Road from SMW for World 9!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • New Poison Mushroom (replacing the star)
  • 100 coins equal INVINCIBILITY
  • New secrets in some of the world maps
  • UNLIMITED LIVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Planned Features:
  • The name of each world on the bottom HUD where the level cards would normally be.
  • Tanooki Fire Mario (instead of the blue shell mario).

Features that are no longer in the hack:
  • Straight Fireballs and Ninja Mario.
  • Invisible Mario.
  • Save Feature.


Title Screen:

Level 1-2

World 4: Mushroom Kingdom

STAR ROAD!!!!!!!!!!!!

World 2: Birabuto Kingdom

(More info and screenshots coming soon).

Also, if anyone would love to help me work on this hack to get the planned features for this hack in there, just message me on the forum.

ROM Hacking Discussion / Composing music for my Mega Man 2 Hack
« on: December 05, 2016, 02:22:52 pm »
I need help with composing music for my Mega Man 2 hack which is going to be called Mega Man Crusade. The music will be from other Mega Man games, other Capcom games, etc. I tired to compose the music myself with fceux but every time I try it sounds bad. So I bascially need someone who knows about The Mega Man 2 Sound engine and how to hack it.

Heres is a list of music tracks I need covered for each song (list will be updated):

Pre-Title Theme - Mega Man 4- Intro Theme only the first part (NES)

Title Theme - Mega Man 9- Title Theme

Stage Select - Mega Man 8- Stage Select Theme (Sega Saturn)

Password theme - Mega Man Dr. Wilys Revenge- Password Theme (Gameboy)

Wood Mans Stage - Ghosts 'n Goblins- Level 1 Theme (NES)

Crash Mans Stage - Mega Man X3- Intro Stage theme (SNES)

Bubble Mans Stage - Metroid- Brinstar Theme (NES)

Quick Mans Stage - Mega Man 6- Knight Man Theme (NES)

That's all I have for now

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