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Help me extract this file: ‚Äč  .Where I can learn to create bms script to extract my own file? This forum zenhax and forum.zenhax  not report to me even I post 3 question.  What all program I will need to create bms script? . How to create bms script for this file?  what all program I will need to start create bms script for extract a game file?

ROM Hacking Discussion / how can i extract data from psp game file?
« on: August 20, 2016, 10:35:54 am »
I am game developer. I really interesting with psp game. i need to hack, extract, decomplie psp game file to view data inside. I want to learn code from it. i want some data like 3d model, code script, animation file, sound file, movie file. Can you help me please? HUG THANKS.  8)

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