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Personal Projects / DSVania Randomizer
« on: June 27, 2017, 08:07:46 pm »
Hello! I just released the first version of my randomizer for the DS Castlevania games, DSVania Randomizer.

You can download it here:

It has options to randomize:
  • Items/Skills
  • Enemy Locations
  • Enemy Drops
  • Boss Souls
  • Equipment Stats
  • Weapon Behavior
  • Consumable Behavior
  • Skill Stats/Behavior
  • Shop Items
  • Wooden Chest Items
  • Villagers
  • Weapon Synthesis
  • Enemy Stats
  • Enemy Animation Speed
  • Portraits
  • Red Soul Walls
  • Maps
  • Starting Room
  • Room Connections
  • Area Connections

As well as some buggy, experimental options:
  • Players
  • Boss Locations
  • Enemy AI
  • Skill Sprites

It also comes with several optional game tweaks, such as fixing bugs from the original games, opening the world map in OoE, and revealing the locations of all breakable walls.

It's been in beta testing for months, so most noteworthy bugs should be ironed out, and the game should always be completable.
Except for the experimental options - those are still very buggy and most seeds are unwinnable with those on.

If the program isn't launching for you make sure the path you put the program in doesn't have any unicode characters in it, only normal ASCII characters work. Also try both the normal (32-bit) version and the 64-bit version.

If you think you've gotten stuck in the game and can't progress, you should first check the FAQ in the readme, which mentions some tricks you may need to get past certain spots.

Any bug reports/feedback would be much appreciated.
When reporting a bug, you should also tell me the seed, randomizer version number, and all the options you checked so I can reproduce it. The easiest way to do that is to copy paste the relevant entry from the spoiler log (located at /logs/spoiler_log.txt), which lists all of those.

Personal Projects / DSVEdit (DSVania Editor) (v1.11.1)
« on: February 25, 2017, 06:50:08 pm »
Hey everyone. I've been working on hacking the DS Castlevania games for a while, and I just released the first version of my editor for them: DSVania Editor

You can find the latest version here:
If the program isn't launching for you make sure you have the latest version, and also make sure the path you put the program in doesn't have any unicode characters in it, only normal ASCII characters work.

And here's the source code of the program:

If you've got questions or anything, feel free to post them here.


Changes in v1.11.1:
  • When exporting a GFX page with a palette that contains duplicate colors, added a new option to have DSVEdit automatically fix the palette to contain only unique colors. This is to avoid issues that can occur when importing GFX using duplicate colors.
  • Lowered the maximum recommended free space overlay size in DoS from 0x16000 bytes to 0xC000 bytes, as using over 0xC000 bytes of free space can cause various issues (such as Death not having enough memory to load all of his GFX files).
  • Added a warning when importing a player sprite from darkFunction and any of the frames of the imported sprite use multiple different GFX pages, since those frames would not render correctly ingame.
  • Added Zephyr's clock hands to the Sprite Editor.
  • Clear Room Contents now also turns all layers in the room except the first into empty layers, to free up even more space.
  • Fixed an editor crash when opening the Door Editor via Edit -> Edit Doors.
  • Fixed a bug where the banner.bin file (which contains the game icon and game name) would not be saved by DSVEdit, causing it to always use the vanilla icon/name.
  • Fix buttons on the left sidebar of the editor causing an editor crash if clicked when no game has been loaded.
  • Fix an editor crash that could occur when DSVEdit tries to read a sector that has a room list which ends at the exact end of a file.

Changes in v1.11.0:
  • The text editor can now export all text in the game to CSV files and import it back in, allowing easier external editing of text.
  • The text editor now supports encoding and decoding all characters present in the fonts for all games. (This affects AoS and the USA versions of DoS, PoR, and OoE. It already supported all characters in the JP versions and HoD.)
  • Added a feature to view "Glitch Doors" in AoS and HoD. Glitch Doors are a visualization of where the player would be taken by the bug that teleports them when going out of bounds in rooms at certain spots. Glitch Doors can be enabled by checking View -> Glitch Doors. You can right click on one to see where it would take the player like a normal door, though you cannot edit Glitch Doors directly, only view them.
  • The Map Editor for DoS now allows you to place orange-colored "entrance" map tiles if you have applied the dos_new_map_tile_color.asm patch to your project.
  • Added more Yoko menu related images to the Sprite Editor.
  • Added an "Open in GFX Editor" button to the item icon chooser dialog.
  • Fixed a bug where adding a new entity to a room in one of the GBA games could cause the entities in that room to load in the incorrect order.
  • Fixed several errors and crashes when handling fileless GFX pages in NDS games.
  • Fixed a bug where hitboxes could be in the wrong order when importing sprites from darkFunction.
  • Fixed several other minor bugs that could occur when importing from darkFunction.
  • Fixed an error when attempting to save text that contains the {CURRENT_SAVE_FILE} text command in AoS.
  • Fixed a bug where the GFX editor would export 16-color images incorrectly if you clicked Export while a 256-color image was selected.
  • Fixed the sprite editor in AoS throwing an error when trying to view blue souls.

Changelogs for all versions can be found here:

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