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Newcomer's Board / Am I understanding this correctly or not?!
« on: April 08, 2016, 10:03:57 am »
I do have a question when it comes to translating a game from Japanese and it's with the steps of doing it.
Now let's suppose I've already extracted all the files and folders of the .ISO and that I know which files have text in it. I do need to translate the text using a Hex Editor right? Ok so,I decide I'll open the first file using 010 Editor and find out three Kana characters that form the phrase "Hi there" but then what's next? How do I edit it!? I just type over it
as a normal text?(let's consider the string length limitation not a problem so repointing isn't necessary).I'm asking this question since alot of people told me to use MadEdit as a simple text editor ( !? )

Or do I have to extract the text and edit it on notepad for then later dump it inside the file?!
Or both of these options achieve the result wanted?!

Newcomer's Board / How to unpack OFS3 archives?
« on: April 06, 2016, 09:16:43 am »
Anyone ever dealt with this type of archive? I've been looking over the internet and it seems like it is something that even google can't find out!!!
trying to translate a game where a file had OFS3 header and learnt from other people that it is an OFS3 archive and to work with it I had to unpack it,edit and then later pack it back!
Any ideas?!

Hi there guys, I'm new here and I'm trying to translate a PSP Game (Sword Art Online: Infinity Moment) but I do have to deal with string limitation. Also a character is 2 bytes ( It uses UTF16). Now, I've been reading the "Get Start" section but when it came to the part of the pointers it just said "We won't cover that up"  :-\ :-\
So i thought I could come and ask you directly. I've uploaded two files:
1. sys    it's on OFS3 header and it contains name of the skills,monsters and so on. As you can see there are some words already translated but badly(since I had to write them no longer than japanese characters would be) Also the Font is already at the top of it so I was wondering if I needed to do a pointer table first to readress the new string on the free spaces or not.
2. mail   This one contains all the messagges the MC will see and has ONLY them! So it's just a text to be translated but no Header,no Font...nothing at all
Forgive me but I'm new into this so i would highly appreciate any help,hint,tool,guide,suggestion! Thank you!!!

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