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Newcomer's Board / Ogre Battle: MotBQ Alignment difficulties
« on: August 01, 2016, 05:13:07 pm »
Ogre Battle on the SNES has been one of my favorite games but I'd always get stuck when I realized I'd managed to get all my powerful leader's alignments down to 0.  Any time your army fights an enemy weaker than themselves, its alignment goes down.  In order for alignment to go up you have to have them fight enemies stronger than they are.  And it's a complex enough game that I can't stand the idea of managing all of my tactics around managing alignment - it's a difficult enough game as is!  There's other things that affect alignment as well, but it usually just comes down to that one mechanic ruining everything for me.

I get the feeling it wouldn't be terribly difficult to disable that singular alignment changing function by someone familiar with the code, but while we've got a number of impressive hacks and utilities for the game, the wiki is completely devoid of information.  So any thoughts on where I could go to accomplish this?  Is there any other interest in this particular change to gameplay?  I feel like if I could do it, I might actually manage to finish the game for once instead of giving up out of frustration.

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