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I am making a Zelda 1 Rom Hack. Currently, I have changed Links sprite and colors, and the colors of dungeons at the moment. I have completed a basic map layout and will add details (enemy locations, bushes and rocks, and what caves contain) when I implement these into the game. Are there any overall changes I should make to the map? Questions? Constructive Criticism?


I do have a ROM right now, and will publish it publicly very soon.

ROM Hacking Discussion / SMB1 Tile Arangement
« on: April 17, 2018, 11:57:56 pm »
I have been on a personal project for improving SMB1 by adding updated and new sprites, improving color, physics changing, background changing, etc...
But, of all the utilities that have been helpful, there is one problem: What if I want to change the tile arrangement of sprites (not blocks like clouds and bricks, but actual objects eg; Mario, Goomba)

I want to mainly focus on Mario and get rid of the mirroring that the sprite uses for standing still, and instead replace it from edited sections of the title screen, like i have done with the clouds.

Is there an address or program that I can use to edit the object arrangement?

Newcomer's Board / Onion Text (FF3) Wont Load Table Files
« on: March 04, 2018, 03:31:22 pm »
I need some help with the utility, Onion Text, as for some reason, I keep getting these two error messages, both I believe are associated with the table files not loading:

"Missing table file(s) in Onion Text Resources folder"
"Text bank file is missing."

I can clearly find the table files, but I think the program cannot.

If someone could help me out with this, it would be much appreciated.

ROM Hacking Discussion / SMB3 Help With Title Screen
« on: September 02, 2017, 08:23:21 am »
I was editing the title screen, but for some reason one tile is blank. Dont Mind the messed up R, thats just the debug menu.
The D has a blank tile.
Keep in mind, this is unfinished, and the title is not final.

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