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Help Wanted Ads / [Technical][PSX]Ace Combat 3: Electrosphere
« on: July 23, 2018, 03:07:32 pm »
Hi, I'm DragonSpikeXIII from Project NEMO, a team that's translating this PlayStation game and related materials such as booklets, guidebook extracts, home video merchandise and interviews with the staff. Here's our RHDN entry page:

The translation for the game itself is almost over, with me in charge of editing, translating and playtesting duties. What I need help with are two finishing touches.

One is graphical in nature: the drawing area for the names of the developers that scroll down during the end credits sequence is a little too cramped in several instances, making some names lopsided and almost unreadable at times. The texture files do allow for a larger size font, so all that's left is to tell the game to show more of the textures.

The second finishing touch is music-related, and is a fix: the devs assigned the wrong music track for two missions. The music in this game, I'm told, is in XA2 format. The good news is the correct music tracks are already on the disc.

I'm no programmer but I've looked for information so that I could at least get started on these two final things but could hardly find anything. These are the last two things we need to do to achieve a 100% final build, one that looks professional and fixes things that the devs intended but, probably due to time constraints, didn't.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Our website:

Looking for help from someone who's a translator. I've made a full transcript of this interview, which I want to include with the next patch release for this game. It's not vital but it's an interesting extra for a game that has a heavy focus on story and characters. Totally worthwhile IMHO and not that long (1603 characters). A scanlation would also be nice, but not necessary.

I would do it myself, but I don't feel confident enough in handling this kind of material, and I already have my hands full with the game itself that I'm editing and making new translations for.

Here's our RHDN project page:

Kore ijō, dare no sukini mo sasenai.

Translation by BRPXQZME, but still too literal.
From here on out, he won’t let anyone do as they like.

Here's what I know for sure, put literally:
(From now on), ???'s ??? (anymore) (won't let).

My attempt at a dramatically sound version of that, taking limitations into account:
He's going to impose his will on everyone.

Am I on the right track?

The programmers for this project seem to have left and after more than a year of wait, I'm looking for new help. Project topic:

This fan-translation is almost 100% finished with an almost-complete patch package already released last year, we just need a coder who can finish the decompression that our programmer did and make an easy to use recompressor as well.

Another important thing we need in order to translate the whole game properly are the credits, this has to do with the PS1's TIM format, doesn't seem to be compressed and I can take care of the translation, currently in beta. [this one has been solved]

Also trying to switch a music track with a different track, if someone out there has experience with the XA2 interleaved format, then I could use your help. This last point is not essential to the translation itself, the above things though are.

If you want more info on this project, check out our thread linked above, or PM me.

EDIT: problem solved by the AC3 Italian Fan-translation team, big thanks to them and programmer Infrid

This line has been a major thorn in my side for the longest time.

Context: the speaker ordered the other subject to the be killed, named Clarkson a colleague of his, high up in a peacekeeping organization.
Now he's the number one boss and he says this after entering his new office.


My current best bet after quickly reading about each single component is: This isn't a power I could enjoy with you.

Need check on this, if you know your stuff please help me out!  :woot!:

There's a line in this game I'm working on (Ace Combat 3) where a pilot says as soon as the mission begins:

Good thing Rena’s flying a Flanker!

Whole conversation:
ERICH     レナはフランカーに乗れていいよな。
FIONA     お喋りしない。 Cut the chatter.
RENA     攻撃を開始します。 Commencing attack.

Video, starts at 8:35 so you can hear the voice actor's inflections:

It's a pretty simple line all things considered. I've asked 3 skilled translators to make sure it's correct and the answer was always positive. And I don't doubt them but I keep having this nagging issue with the scene.

Now bear with me here. Every one else in the wing is flying the worst plane in the game while Rena has a late-game plane right from the get-go. I always thought that by いいよな that he meant they wouldn't have to worry about the enemy planes, since the Flanker is technically superior in every way but the way Fiona tells him, in a stern tone (she's not at all friendly with Rena, even jealous according to a Japanese fan), to stop makes me think that he's actually using いいよな to say "Rena's flying a Flanker. She's got it nice, eh?".
I have found a reference online that translates いいよな like this and now the scene clicks finally, but I'd like to confirm this with another translator. Does this alternate interpretation of いいよな Ii yo na make sense?

In short this is how it reads right now in the v2.0 patches (available now btw):

Erich: I'm so happy she's flying a really good plane, we have nothing to worry about!
Fiona: Shut up!
Rena: ...


Erich: Man look at her in her fly plane, she's got it good, huh?
Fiona: Stop praising her!
Rena: ...

The second interpretation makes more sense to me but does it accurately translate the Japanese script, that's the question I have.

Thanks for reading the ramblings of a distraught editor :D

I'm having doubts over whether the speaker here is talking about the player (you) or the player, her and their flight wing,a group of 4 (we).

Everything else is top notch, translated by former fan-translator BRPXQZME, who used to be active here a lot once upon a time. The lines of interest have been marked with arrows. Is it really you? Or is it we?

Original Japanese
これからは、UPEO特別航空部隊   <---
まぁ……彼女のような            <---
中継も多くなるし、             <---

Current translation
Oh, you're there...!
There's something I needed to tell you.
Dated today, complete authority over
UPEO’s peacekeeping activities
has been given to Cmdr. Park.
From now on, you'll be teamed up   <---
with Rena as a member of SARF,
UPEO’s special aviation squadron.
Well... if you’re going to be      <---
together with a UPEO star like her,
you’re gonna be on live a lot,     <---
so you can’t afford any mistakes now.

Gaming Discussion / Distributing patched ROM/ISO online
« on: December 08, 2016, 02:32:59 am »
This is mostly directed at people who have released fan-translations, but any input or discussion is welcome.

So, in general, people know why it's good to ask users not to upload and share patched ROMs or ISOs. How would you handle the situation where someone violates that? Do you just ask to take it down and continue on whether they did or not? Do you delay your project until they comply or even indefinitely? What would you (fan-translator or not) do?

Hey all, I've got some stretches of text here and there that could use a look-over by someone with a good level of Japanese.

The parts that I'm most unsure about are indicated with an arrow but the whole thing could use checking for mistakes or improvements. Any input at all is appreciated.

The translation itself is by BRPXQZME and I did the editing. My goal is to make it sound natural and stay accurate while keeping a look on the length of the lines because of how they are timed in-game. I think a lot of lines could have their wording improved too.

Mission 01 awakening

Context: a short interview with a famous ace pilot who flies for a peacekeeping UN-like organization. She's a little out there as can be seen in the last lines, so translating them to make them come out right becomes difficult.

レナ     ……ええ、はい。
インタビューアー     (あなたの夢は?)
レナ     今、こうしてパイロットになっている事が
    ただ最近……思うのは、 <---
    体なんて人間にとって <---
    いつも心で飛んでるんです。 <---
    体には翼がないけど、 <---
    心の翼が……わたしに空をくれたから。 <---
    このまま心ごと翼になってしまいたいって。 <---

(first release)
...uh-huh, yes.
My days off?
Going for walks... is not an option,
so I read books, watch movies.
Just the usual, really. (And your dreams?)
Well, being a pilot is already
enough of a dream come true.
But lately... I've been thinking — <---
that if the human body is nothing more <---
than a shell for the soul, <---
then it doesn't mean anything to me. <---
Because I always fly with my mind. <---
My body didn't come with wings,  <---
but my mind does, and it gave me the sky. <---
At times all I want is to be a pair of wings. <---

Mission 10 fates intertwined

Context: Rena and Erich, her wingman argue over what transpired in the previous mission. In it, Rena was ordered to shoot down some people who were very close to them.

(Every time she talks about wings the whole thing gets weird, the way it's translated will make or break the impact of the scene, I think.)

RENA          空を目指す翼があれば、<---
                 いつまでも……こうして、 <---
ERICH     その為なら、仲間でも撃ち落とすのかよ!
RENA     その通りだわ……いい?
            この空が嫌なら、 <---
           その羽、自分で今すぐもげばいい! <---
ERICH     レ、レナ……。

(unedited and unreleased)

Rena    If I have wings aiming for the sky, <---
           I’ll always... this way, <---
           if it’s for living here, I’ll do anything for anyone. <---
Erich    If it’s for that, you’ll even shoot down your friends, will you!?
Rena    It’s exactly like that... alright?
           We didn’t have wings or anything to begin with.
           If you don’t like these skies, <---
           you should break off those wings yourself at once! <---
Erich    R-Rena....
           Are you crying?

Mission 13 bug hunt

Context: Rena is a young pilot who can't go out in the sunlight (a fictional syndrome). An ace pilot gets her to join a secret project for an experimental aircraft. This whole scene is her finally telling her story to the player.

(original)                                                                    (current edit, unreleased)
わたしは、生まれた時から                                                 From the time I was born,
一度も太陽の光を浴びた事がない……。                                I haven't basked in the sun even once...
そんな病気は、まだほんの子供だったのわたしに、                  An illness like mine was to me, then just a child,
生きる意味を失わせるには十分だった。                                enough to make life lose meaning for me.
近所の公園へ出るのに、まるで宇宙旅行にでも                       Every time I went to a neighborhood park,       
出かけるような姿にならなければならなかった。                       I had to suit up as if I were going to space.
やがて、外の世界から隔離されたように、                               By and by, it didn't take me long
自分自身によって心まで閉ざしてしまうまで                            for me to shut myself in and
そう長い時間はかからなかった。                                         isolate myself from the outside world.
──そんな時、あの人に出会った。                                       And then, I came across that man.
電脳空間(エレクトロスフィア)の持つ力とその可能性を教えてくれた……。He taught me the power the Electrosphere holds...
その出会い──。わたしを普通の人間として                             After meeting him... I truly believed that
扱ってくれた最初の人の事を、                                            I had found someone who would
わたしは、心から信じていた。                                             treat me as a normal human being.
身体こそ触れ合うことは出来ないけれど、                              Because we weren't able to come into contact with
だからこそ、心は電脳空間(スフィア)の向こうで                          each other, I thought that through the 'Sphere, we
誰よりも分かり合っているつもりだった。                                could understand each other more than anyone else.
あの人のためだったら、何でもできた。                                 I felt I could do anything, if it were for him.
いつ滅んでもいいと思っていた肉体なんて、<---                     My body could have perished at any time, <---
どうなってもよかった。 <---                                               I still would have been happy to do it. <---
たったそれだけの事で、 <---                                             Just because of that, <---
彼が持っていた翼をわたしも手に出来るのなら、 <---               I wondered if I could have wings like him... <---
でも、それは間違っていた。                                               But I was wrong.
わたしが始まりだと思っていた時こそ、<---                            The very time I thought would be the beginning <---
あの人にとっては終わりの時だった。 <---                            was, for him, actually the end. <---
あの男、ディジョンが手にしたかったのは、                             What that man, what Dision wanted,
──わたしなんかじゃなかった。                                           — was not me.
こんなにも弱いからこそ被験者となり得た、 <---                    He wanted me to be a test subject<---
わたしの身体だけ。 <---                                                  because my body was so fragile. <---
また、わたしは、わたし自身の身体に裏切られ、                     Once again, I was betrayed by my own body,
その時、心に決めていたの。                                             so I made a decision.
人間としての心まで捨てて手に入れたこの翼だけは、              These wings, for which I had to abandon my soul,
絶対に離さないって──。                                                  — I will never let them go.

Mission 20 megafloat

Context: the player changes sides during a war. Keith and Dision are two aces from the side you just joined. Dision is the one who invited you while Keith doesn't take kindly to outsiders at first.

……ま、それは俺の気分だから <---
オマエが気にする事ではないがな。 <---

(first release with some changes)
Yo, rookie.
I’ll hand it to ya,
your skill is definitely about
lower-mid at General.
But Dision is just a bit pleased,
so don’tcha get
all big-headed.
You and him are on whole different levels.
I still don't understand why
he put you under his
direct supervision.
Before you came,
we were just fine with him and me.
...well, that’s just how I feel, <---
nothing you would care about, kid. <---
Don’t forget that if you mess up,
Dision will be the one who
takes the heat.

One last one for this post, how should I reword this? "Pacing" doesn't feel right to me, I've never seen phrases like these. There has to be a more natural translation but I'm stumped.

(snippets from mission 22 and 32)

Ah, good pacing.

どうした? また調子悪いのか?
What’s wrong? Bad pacing again?

Hey guys,

I'm revising text for release and these two lines are giving me trouble.

If I got this right, the two pilots are discussing their peacekeeping organization's role in the ongoing war.




Hey guys,

need some help with a few lines for this special ending that I'm editing for insertion.

LAST TWO lines



First pass, translated by pmt7ar with some editing help from me, back in 2010.
"When you make it to this point
no matter what happens next
you ought to completely erase that man"

I'm now trying to get a complete, line-for-line, (un-butchered) translation of this ending for our release and I can't afford to have a single line in this very important ending un- or mistranslated.

Programming / [PS1]Emulator plugin for subtitle rendering question
« on: April 06, 2014, 04:11:57 pm »
I have a project where we're translating a PS1 game, things are going fine but I noticed there are two sections where characters speak but no subtitles of any kind are present, unlike 99% of the game. Is a subtitle-rendering plugin for an emulator, say ePSXe, feasible?

Here's an excerpt from a message we got last year from someone who was interested in helping out but had no time and we never heard from him again. His suggestion though was pretty worthwhile.

"Figuring out when to display what subtitle would be the hard part. For
that different methods could be used:
-Monitoring memory with the cheat code module
-Monitoring (parts of) the window/OCS, probably works best for menus
-Monitoring access of certain resources like sound files or images of
the game
-Tracking user input"

I know something like this has been achieved already for a Gamecube fan-translation, but no such thing exists for PS1.

Hey guys, need some help with parts of the credits list for my Ace Combat 3 translation project, Project NEMO.

The credits list here is for the original Japanese version. The U.S. and PAL versions have two other variations of this credits list but some of it is missing, namely the Production I.G. Animation credits. I can assure you I've done the best someone with no formal knowledge of Japanese could.

Anyone willing to help out will be properly credited for these additional translations.
These are all the images, most of them as spoilers. I've included English counterparts where possible.


Hey guys of!

I'm trying to get this PS1 ace combat game translated but our team hasn't been very successful in replacing the original japanese text. We have the translation ready for a final pass before patching. (ty again BRPXQZME!!!)

Our project needs people skilled in the programming language used by the PS1 and in particular the way this particular game handles text.

This is pretty much the only place I could think of right off the bat but if you know of other such hubs dedicated to fan-subbing, please do tell me how to find them or just point me to people who're more resourceful for this kind of thing, I'm kinda lost right now. I'm pretty much a salesman trying to sell his project around right now, but it's the only chance I've got if we want to get this done!

[EDIT: I've just read the rules regarding this kind of request, really sorry I posted in the wrong forum guys, I've been so swamped with stuff lately I didn't take the time to do this properly. Personal projects, right?]


Hello everyone,

 I have a translation project for a 32-bit era gem for the PSX, Ace Combat 3: Electrosphere (website, blog I was working in tandem with a translator on some text interviews with the developers (found here but he went AWOL soon after the first release.
  There are 23 pages/files left to go, with the next one (#2) being the shortest at just one page. If anyone could help us with these, we'd be very grateful!
『エースコンバット2』は“ミリタリー系リアル”を追求しましたが、 「もっと多くの方々に遊んでもらいたい!」という願いから、 「とにかく新しいモノを作ろう!」と意気込んで、スタートしました。


キャラクターを登場させたのも、HUDのデザインを変更したのも、悩みに悩んだあげく、そういった期待を込めて開発していました。 …というわけで、ホントに新しいコトに、いっぱいチャレンジしました。

気が付いたら、もう後戻りは出来ない内容になっていました。 (笑)





 The translated text will be fully credited and published on our blog,

Thank you for reading,

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