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I have finally play tested my Neutopia 100% spanish patch to the end to make sure everything was all clear. Now whats that site that lets me just upload the file for hosting like i did with Captain Tsubasa 3???

Thanks in advance

Gaming Discussion / The Phantasy Star 2 "easy" patch
« on: May 24, 2012, 01:42:30 pm »
more like the "breezy" patch since when you apply you breeze through the game at a more fluid rate.

I completed the first dungeon within the first hour of gameplay.  The game is now much more "user friendly" and more efficient so you dont need to pour so many hours into grinding.

This paired up with the retranslation patch & the correct letter-casing patch make for a delightful wonderful RPG experience.

What 1989 should have been to us.

HECK!! SCREW calling it the "easy patch" it should be called the "Phantasy Star 2 Kai" patch. Since it basically cuts down all the filler battles.

I did this in 2009, I did not translate it though.

2 spanish rom hacking teams decided to translate the game, both translated different parts of it, I merged the two patches and it leaves us with a 90-95% completely translated game!!! Very little text before the final match in story mode still needs to be translated. I have yet to beat the tough as nails last team to see if the end has been translated.

Man am I happy!! I thought I lost this forever, thank god for google and me using various forums at the time to promote the "game". Guess i will just upload my patch on here so I never risk losing all my work again!!

here are some pics of it (the font in the final version is much larger these are old pics)

Awesome! Found a youtube vidoe of someone playing with my patch~! Check it out! The font is larger and easier on the eyes.

If you could please translate the few words on this stat screen, you would be a major contributor to me. I can decode the pure kanji and kana words but the larger symbols forget it , I looked all up and down wiki and google and I cant decode the "large" symbols nor find them.

I only need translated the words with the numbers next to them (stat points)

Thank you so much ahead of time

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