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I really love those sound patches in Rockman 3 stalker attack's file, although I kind of wish he made the Rockman 3 claw soundtrack a separate sound patch instead of the default one for Rockman 3 stalker attack and made the default Mega Man 3 soundtrack the default one. that being said oh, I do run into issues whenever I try to patch those files onto US Mega Man 3 files.

For a while, I thought the Revenge of gamma soundtrack patch made my own Ridley axe gamma hack obsolete, until I found out that that sound patch completely borked the Shadow Blade by removing its attack boxes. You can still play Mega Man 3 hack with the Wiz sound patches, but you will come across problems. I was wondering if there was a way to remedy those problems, because I really want to play Riley's 4th Mega Man 3 hack with the Rockman 3 burst chaser soundtrack because it goes so well with the stages in that hack. Plus, I kind of wanted to do an edit of that hack by smoothing out some of the more unfair elements of the hack.
Honestly, I've been wanting to get myself out there for the longest time. Right now I'm trying to make a professional-grade RPG Maker game called Arctic Antics, a game starring a psychiatrist sea lion, a sumo wrestling walrus, a gay rockhopper penguin and a crafty arctic fox on a mission to take down tyrannical elephant seal who has banned parties. I know it's kind of a silly concept, but that's my style. I want to make something cute and light-hearted that doesn't star humans as a way of putting something different out there into the media.

Because I'm not a great graphic designer, I decided to go for a simple NES Style with my graphics. This game will be made in RPG Maker MV. I've already decided I am doing all the graphics and coding myself, but would like to see if anyone would be interested in making music for my game as a way to help make things easier for me. If anyone is interested, let me know. I would be very grateful and agree to split any money I could make off this game with you.

I forgot to mention that in particular I am looking for someone who is experienced with using famitracker. I'm trying to go for a semi authentic feel so I rather have actual 8-bit music instead of chiptunes.

Edit: I guess I should show a screenshot.
I bought Dragon Quest for my Kindle reccently, and upon watching a video fight of the final boss, I found out that the final Bosses dragon form is kinda small. I wanted to make it bigger for when I fight him to give him more pressence. Is there a way to do this?
I can't help but wonder why music from the Kirby franchise is so popular in Megaman hacks. Rock Man Exile, Rock Man Exhaust, Rockman 2 Min, several Megaman 5 hacks, etc. I feel like you could make an entire Megaman 2 hack sountrack using just Kirby related music that's been featured in Megaman hacks.

Besides Megaman, why is Kirby the most popular franchise to grab music from in Megaman hacks?
Rockman Speed Bound's OST patches gave me the idea to try and rip my own OST patches for Megaman 2 games, like make OST patches for Rockman Exile, Ultra, Exhaust, No Constancy, Deus Ex Machina, Min, etc. However...

Pre-Intro = $30A7C - $30A7D = B4B1
Title Screen = $30A7A - $30A7B = F4AE
Bubbleman = $30A6E - $30A6F = 91A1
Heatman = $30A66 - $30A67 = 8794
Metalman = $30A6A - $30A6B = 429A

I have NO IDEA what Infidelity's sound document on the site is trying to tell me. The $ symbol appears NO WHERE in the hex files, and the hex catigories on the side ALWAYS end in 0. Never C, never 4, ALWAYS 0. So I spent about half an hour trying to figure this out and got just about nowhere. Any help would be appreciated.

October 11, 2016, 07:51:10 AM - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)

No one? NO ONE can help me, here?
I'm only posting one game I need help with for now, but I think this might be useful for a general thread of patching problems.

This morning, I downloaded the rom for SaGa 2 for the NDS from *romsite removed*. A while ago, I had downloaded a translation patch for it, but have been waiting for a chance to download the rom.

...But I've tried many things to get the translation patch to patch on, but nothing works. I keep getting "Xdelta3/too many file names" errors. What am I doing wrong?
ROM Hacking Discussion / Luckyman Difficulty Hack
February 07, 2014, 07:59:13 PM
Okay, so I've been playing the Luckyman Megaman 5 hacks, and to be honest, I may sound crazy but they do intrigue me a bit. It might just be the fact there's seven of them and beating all seven sounds like a fun challenge. The problem is... the game is very poorly designed. The graphics, I'm assuming have to do with Japanese memes or something, but the insane difficulty stems from a plethora of cheap hits and flickering sprites, slow down, excessive use of pit traps, and just over all poor design. So... just now I started hacking the game in order to make a more reasonable difficulty for the hack.

There are plenty of good hacking tools that will allow me to edit the level layout, sprites, and enemies placements. However I'm worried the only way to edit the AI of enemies is through rocket science (hex editing). I especially want it for this one boss who places these devices that petrify Megaman and can infinite trap him. He can actually shoot these devices too. I don't mind having them petrify Megaman, but I think it's bull**** when he simply places these objects. I want to make it so he ONLY shoots them to make things more fair.
*Sigh*I often go to a lot of MUGEN communities, and they are all a-buzz over this rare, obscure fan made Fighting game based off the Mario franchise. Originally, it could be found here:

...But the download link no longer exists. Me and a bunch of friends who are interested in finding this game are going around the internet trying to find this fan-game someone made in Fighter Maker, but so far we've had no luck. I know this isn't exactly the best place to ask, but since I don't go to any Mario forums, I thought I'd try here. Does anyone have this game on RH?
Programming / Garbled Sprites
December 20, 2012, 05:16:54 PM
Plint Michigan here. I just created an Addendum for an obscure hack by Ridley X that splices the hack together with DurfarC's Battle of Gamma to give it Battle of Gamma's music in order to make it more fresh. I had to make a few changes to the hack, though. I'm almost ready to submit except for one thing. In many areas, the sprites came out garbled. I tried to be as careful as possible when hacking the data of Battle of Gamma before adding Ridley X's hack, but some sprites still came out garbled, including the enemies in one sector of Top Man's stage, most enemies in Spark Man's stage, and Hard Man. The game is pretty much playable otherwise, but I'm wondering how to fix this.

December 22, 2012, 02:02:01 PM - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)

Gee, thanks for the help guys.  :'(

Fortunately I figured it out on my own, so this can be locked.
ROM Hacking Discussion / Dumb patching question.
April 12, 2012, 02:01:21 PM
Here's something I thought of today that I would like to ask. Is it possible to patch TWO different hacks together without garbling up the graphics. Like for example you want to play the stages of one hack, but your disappointing because said hack uses music from the original game instead of brand new music, and you want to play the stages using music from a hack that does change it. Like for example you want to play Rockman L with Rockman 2 Deluxe music. But if you patch the two together, you get sort of what you want: Rockman L stages, Rockman 2 Deluxe music, but the graphics are garbled up. Is there a way to bypass this?
ROM Hacking Discussion / Interest perking again.
March 26, 2012, 12:46:31 PM
About a month ago I was interested in hacking the Megaman X series by replacing Megaman with a different character. But eventually, I stopped being interested. Now my interest is starting to perk up. This happened when recently I started playing a Megaman Zero game, and I remembered why I became interested.

I'm going to tell you the cold, honest truth: the whole "Humans VS Animals" motif they went with in Megaman X and Megaman Zero is a huge turn-off for me. I know it's fictional and it's not supposed to be taken seriously, but it still kind of dampers the enjoyment for me. They're not bad games, I just kind of wish the games would have put less emphasis on "Animals are evil" motif by putting at least SOME non evil animal robots like a Rush or something. Instead, not only are all the robot masters animals, but the badguys also use vehicles and pets shaped like animals. The goodguys ONLY have humans, which nothing wrong with that if the game didn't give me the vibe that humans are the ultimate good and that all non-humans are vicious evil creatures designed to kill. ...They kind of did have a few animal buddies in Megaman Zero if you count the cyber elves, but the same "Humans VS Animals" motif stayed.

...I know I'm kind of a sissy, but that's why I want to edit those games is due to my disdain. This started out more as a personal project that turned into something I considered distributing if I managed to add something that would make the game fresh for other people. But I still have no idea how to edit levels or music or text, and I'm still unsure about recompressing graphics. All I have is a tile editor and some passable spriting skills. Here's some of my sprite-work.

I have more to show, but right now my computer is messed up, constantly saving and uploading things in Jpeg, which ruins the file. Basically this is an image based off of the character who was supposed to play Zero in the sprite hack I'm making: A cephalopod like creature named Carbuncle. This is a mugshot in Megaman Zero style. Originally edited from a Megaman Zero 4 Mugshot.

And one of the cool things about Megaman Zero 4 is that the bosses are already Mythical Creatures, so all I would have to edit is the main character. ...But I haven't gotten to that game yet.
Meh, I've been here for a while mostly to get help for MegaMiraj, which is a hack I'm working on that's currently on hold because I'm not sure what I'm doing anymore. Most of Megaman X's sprites are editable in Tile Layer Pro except for some of his cutscene sprites, but almost everything else in uneditable, and I'm wonder how I'm supposed to edit them. Of coarse, I'm assuming I have to extract them, which I sort of know how to do, what I don't know is how to reapply them.

But with all the questions I have about hacking, sometimes I worry about people's opinions on those who ask hundreds of questions. I know it sometimes gets annoying where people ask questions to a point where everyone gives up and yells "Figure it out yourself, moron!" But there are also some questions that are hard to find the answers to. Even tutorials on this site might not answer every question you have about a topic. Like, you know Hex Code like 1F = 31, but you're still unsure how to edit it in Hex Editor. There's also questions like "How do I edit text," and "Where do the level hexes lie?" Sometimes questions have simple answers. I remember when I ask where Music Hexes lie, someone suggested me an emulator to find them. Then I had a bunch of other questions, eventually people stopped answering them. Maybe I ask TOO MANY questions.

...So anyway, what is your opinion on those who ask too many questions?
I've always had a fascination with Megaman Hacks where the music is changed. I download so many hacks just to see what kind of music they put in them. I've always wanted to edit Megaman music as well.

...I'm sorry, but I CAN NOT figure out Hex Editors. I try editing numbers on random just to see what's changed, and nothing usually happens except misplaced sprites or malfunctioning objects. Please don't tell me Hex Editing is the only way to change the music. Please tell me there's an easier way.