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I got an Everdrive N8 for my PAL NES a few weeks ago, and I would like to play the game "Might and Magic: The Secret of the Inner Sanctum" on it, but unfortunately the US rom doesn't launch... I guess there must be some kind of protection to avoid the US version to launch on a PAL console. I tried the Japanese version of the game and it works well, but of course the in-game texts are in Japanese that I don't understand. Unfortunately, this game had never been released in Europe.
I tried to open both US and Japanese games (no-intro roms) in a hex editor, but I'm a total newbie in hacking and I don't know much about hex editing, so I just noticed some parts are identical, and many parts are totally different... but I don't know what to do exactly...
Is there a way to:
- remove the region protection in the US rom so that it could launch on my PAL NES like the Japanese rom? (I think that would be the easiest way)
- copy the English text of the US rom and paste it over the text of the Japanese version (this seems very difficult to me...)
- is there a patch out there that would translate the Japanese rom into English (but I didn't find one)

Thank you very much!  :)

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