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Newcomer's Board / Ways to get a level select cheat?
« on: March 19, 2013, 03:23:03 pm »
I try to find unused areas in games by making cheats, comparing different values as you move scene by scene. Usually this works pretty well, but not this time.

I'm trying to do this for Tomba on PSX. Not the US version either, the JP one. So far, I've gone over 5 hours and nothing. It seems impossible. I haven't met a game so stubborn that no code coming up in the address list seems to have anything to do with what area you're in.

So I'm asking you guys, are there any other tricks I can try here? So far all games I try seem to store the level values in one address, but the way this is acting I'm wondering if this may be one of those games where a cheat needs four different addresses, kinda like when you find a debug mode or something.

There's unused graphics for lost areas in the game apparently, so I'm hoping a level code might reveal those areas. So I'm pretty excited but at the same time impatient with how long this is taking :x Anyone got any ideas?

I'm sure my wording is a mess since I'm so tired and can't think at this point  :P

Personal Projects / Sonic Heroes for SNES!!..... kinda
« on: July 18, 2012, 09:33:23 pm »
No, it's not a completely original game  :P This a hack of Animaniacs for SNES which replaces the Animaniacs with Sonic characters that I've been doing in my free time for nearly a month now. Mostly inspired by the infamous Speedy Gonzales hack Sonic 4 on SNES and other such sprite hacks that have been sold in other countries. I tried finding other SNES games where you run and also had all of the character graphics uncompressed in the ROM(my hacking skills don't go past replacing sprites), and this was the closest I could get. Plus I happen to like this game so it's a good choice :)

I'm almost done inserting all the sprites, which are being made from pieces of Sonic 3 sprites. This gets particularly difficult when you have to try to fit someone like Sonic, who has a head that spans across four 8x8 blocks in width, in place of Yakko's head, which only takes up two 8x8s in some sprites. Needless to say some sprites in it aren't perfect, though I've made a lot of original animations based of the original Animaniacs animations that I think have come out not too bad. BTW, Tails' tails had to be deleted as there was no room for them :p Still need to get the proper palettes in too, but I'm saving that for when all the sprites are in.

This should been finished within a week. Dunno how much attention sprite hacks get here, but if this ends up on pirate carts in Brazil someday then I'll be pleased :) If anyone feels like helping also edit compressed graphics(the title screen and the world map characters would at least be nice to replace as they're still Animaniacs), that'd be neat.

Script Help and Language Discussion / Can't figure out this sentence
« on: October 12, 2011, 04:03:31 pm »
Text from Moon for PSX. I can't really take a stab at it as I get lost each time I read it. Could really use some advice from you guys :)



Personal Projects / Moon: Remix RPG Adventure PSX Translation
« on: September 16, 2011, 02:00:16 am »
Hello all! This is a topic to introduce a new project I'm working on as lead translator. This game is THE reason i learned Japanese, so it's pretty exciting to be bringing it to an English audience. I recently put up an ad and ended up getting a response from Esperknight(huge thanks go to Pennyworth for suggesting him to help out!), and so far it's been progressing pretty well thanks to his expertise! Most text is already dumped and a good portion translated, and Esperknight has a working inserter for text. He's still working towards implementing a VWF, but for now I'll leave you with this preview.

Yes, this will look different later :)

I'm looking forward to hopefully also getting some help in restoring some unused stuff in the game, or at least making it functional. Such as a sprite that still remains in the game data that was originally planned as a second female player. But for now the translation is the priority since no one likes finding messing around to find unused stuff when you haven't even played the original yet.

I'm sure there will be more pictures to show eventually, I mostly just wanted to start a topic so this project is known and to let people know that this game is finally being translated to English. Until next time!

Newcomer's Board / So how do people find debug menus anyway?
« on: August 20, 2011, 11:43:20 pm »
I've been messing around with games trying to find unused stuff, mostly Playstation games. So far my only method is to use a cheating plugin to find the value that stores the area you're in and exhaust all the different numbers I can input with that to see if I come across any unused areas. I really want to be able to do more though. What's the general process for finding out if there's a hidden debug mode in a game? I just can't imagine what someone looks for in order to get the codes that would activate such a thing.

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