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Personal Projects / My Neighbour Totoro (SMB1) [Demo available]
« on: February 23, 2019, 03:56:40 pm »
Hello folks,

Demo IPS
Patch to ROM with CRC32 3337EC46

I've been thinking for a while that there really should have been some Totoro games on classic consoles. I couldn't find anything so I thought I'd make something (if there are any Studio Ghibli hacks out there already I'd love to know). This is the first time I've done anything this extensive so I consider myself to be 'entry level' in this whole ROM hacking thing. This is a hack of Super Mario Bros. 1 on NES.

Where I am with this project;

Character sprites and animations.
Some More levels
Some All enemies
Title screen
First full music track

More Music
More levels
More enemies
Update remaining original sprites
Ongoing refinement

If anyone has had any experience doing NES music on SMB, any pointers are appreciated. Also, if anyone can point me towards hacks with good level design that would be helpful, I'm in need of some inspiration! General thoughts and feedback also welcome.


Update 1 - 07/03

More levels completed - up to midway through world 2
Yubaba from Spirited Away to replace Bowser
Tweaked title screen
Few more enemy types
I am able to edit music - still working on composition.
Coins changed to acorns


Update 2 - 19/03

Some progress on the music, but it's slow progress. Not all notes are represented in all octaves from what I can see in the guides. :huh:
Levels for world 1 are complete, world 2 about 50%.
Minor graphical updates to question mark boxes etc.

Update 3 - 02/04

Level design for the most part, experimenting with auto-scrolling levels and a bunch of stuff Eden GT sent my way.
Been having a look at the tool FCandChill has made, need to revisit the music properly and redo in FamiTracker to test that.
Had a play around with some backgrounds, trying to add a bit of depth to the levels. Still unsure, might tweak pallets or abandon that idea . . .
Might try and get a demo together to see if I can get any feedback on the level design . . . any takers?


Update 4 - 01/02/2020
So life got in the way. I've not been able to put much time to this, only making the odd level here and there, but the last couple of nights I've managed to get the first full music track onto the game. This is a bit of a milestone as I was struggling to get to grips with it not having enough time to understand it.

Video with music

Update 5 - 20/02/2020
I've put about 4 music tracks in there but space is an issue so I've had to cut them very short. Totoro Theme (lvl 1-1), Sanpo (lvl 1-2), Catbus (lvl 1-6), Path of the Wind (lvl 1-7). I might expand the ROM after the levels are done to get the full track on there but will park the rest of the sound for the moment. FCandChill's tool has been really helpful with this.

I've made a few more levels and have experimented with some functionality. There are some levels with platforms that move in a circular motion (lvl 1-5) or are moving and drop when touched like SMB3 (lvl 1-6). A lot of these need further refinement . . . earlier ones are more finalised that later ones. Eden.GT sent me some stuff last year, immensely helpful as it would take me far too long to work this out the more complex stuff on my own.

Video with levels and music

Update 6 - 25/02/20
Demo available for you to try, about 9 levels or so. It is still far from complete but it should give a sense of the look and feel. Any thoughts on what works, what doesn't very appreciated. There are some things that I am unsure about keeping in but interested to see if anyone likes or dislikes these parts.

Demo IPS
Patch to ROM with CRC32 3337EC46

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