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 ;)well here it goes I am trying enough information as I can before I begin and yes I am a ToTal NEWB on translation hacking or any type hacking for that matter and as the Title sez I am trying to do an menu and mission objective translation of Super Robot Wars GC and gonna make use of the Dolphin emulator to test out my results and also extract files out of the disc image I made using Gecko adapter and SD card thru my WII and is in gcm format there are a few filetypes inside the disc and they are the .PAK .BIN .CMP .SP .BNR .POOL .PROJ  .SAMP and finally the .SDIR

so the Question is do you guys have any Idea where the menus are stored in any of these file types I gave and also what are the tools that I might need

I will give the entire list of files inside the disc when get home later so that you may help me find where the files I need to edit is stored   

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