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ROM Hacking Discussion / Mystery hack ?? Final Fantasy 10 Tactics
« on: December 05, 2019, 01:05:29 pm »
Hello, I want to ask if anyone out there may have heard of a Final Fantasy Tactics romhack "Final Fantasy 10 tactics" or X tactics. It seems to be a full game romhack based on FF 10, and not just sprites only. Playstation 1 version

I came across a stream randomly of someone playing this on FC2 live, where they were in a boss fight with Seymour, this one specifically near the end of FF 10:

I counted about 5000 HP even though it shows only 900, it would keep "underflowing" from 000 to 999 a bunch of times (in the screeshots below)

I searched everywhere I possibly could. Google, youtube, the streamer's own blog linked on the page description, insane difficulty forum,'s own list of FF tactics romhacks. Found nothing period anywhere. :(

I at least got a couple screenshots of the mugshot pictures before the stream ended when he finished this battle but that's it. So i couldnt see more.

Tidus Mugshot, Kimari sprite:


Seymour's 4 element discs just like the FF10 battle (on the sprite)
Also lulu sprites at the top barely

Personal Projects / Megaman 3 Improvement 2.1
« on: May 15, 2015, 11:57:54 pm »

This is a update, to Megaman 3 Improvement I started in 2012. It has dozens of bugfixes, improvements and most un-used graphics etc. being used. I've done a big overhaul ever since someone made an Intro story for megaman 3 recently. I made it become reality in romhack form and used MM3 improvement to do it on.

I've included a guide listing the most important settings so anyone can edit the story however they want. I hope people will find it useful. All the changes to 2.0 are listed in the readme/changes log.

** Please note: I've included a edited "megafle.dat" text file which is needed for the MegaFLE 0.701 level editor due to ROM expansion. It will allow you to further edit the 4 pictures for the story (like normal level editing) It will have to be placed in the megafle 0.701 folder.

The ROM has double graphics and programming space just in case a person wanted to utilize it. And because there was no room to even put any of those graphics in anyways unless i expanded.

** The primary main reason for MM3 Improvement is for this to be used as the base of anyone's own new Megaman or Rockman 3 romhacks in the future. I will be so happy to see if this was ever used for people's own romhacks.

Also, the "mm3 improve notes" was about me keeping track of all the changes i've done for 2.0. Except story intro and extra sound effects. It's if a person wanted to put things in manually, or avoid some updates. But probably useless to most people.

I waited until the entry page on was updated before i posted here (now it is), just only posted here and acmlm board, (just these 2 places only thats all). i thought this was maybe important enough to be here. hope that's OK.

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