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Programming / How to get vertical scrolling working for a Megaman game.
« on: February 11, 2017, 03:29:27 pm »
It has been a while since I posted here.
Now to come straight to the point. Despite everyone may thinking, the Megaman Odyssey Project is still alive (we are afterall taking things slow).

We like the assistance of people who have experience with Super Mario Bros 3's vertical scrolling. In short, we like to impliment something like this in order to do stuff like in this particular video.

So, the question is if there is someone who can help us in this regard.
Kuja Killer gave up on vertical scrolling, because for him it was a task, he never could figure out. As he himself says, it is way too difficult.

Greetings everyone.

I recently joined RedScorpion's latest project to help him make it a reality. The retranslation of Secret of Mana, which is known as Seiken
Densetsu 2 in its original form.

As many of you know, the translator of the time Ted Woolsey, who was tasked with its translation back then, had a very unreasonable
deadline to met. Namely one month of time. As a result the translation was not only rushed, but also needed to be cut down, because
the data banks were not made for roman letters. In addition as the data banks couldn't be extented in time, Ted had no time to double
check his translations as well as he needed to improvise alot when he himself didn't understood the meaning of certain sentences.

The german version didn't fare much better in comparison, as Claude E. Moyse faced the same problems. Also he was told by Square to
make it funny. While it worked for us german kids, we are now grown ups and cannot find the same sort of joy reading the lines.

We intent to change that, thanks to FuSoYa's VWF and Moppy's Editor. First of all, while we intend to retranslate the game in both
english and german, we also plan to expand the game with the cut material and come closer to the original intent of the creators, back
when the project started as a SNES-CD game.

While we searched for the cut material, we found out to our suprise, that Chrono Trigger is the result of the unused ideas and concepts
of the original SNES-CD game.

While we cannot insert all of Chrono Trigger into it as well, we might just take the ideas and make them more fitting for Seiken
Densetsu 2.

However while we of the german Seiken Densetsu community would like to go out as soon as possible, we still need a translator,
who can help us to come as close as possible to the original, and even more to the original SNES-CD content.

Our wish is to expand on a properly retranslated original, because it feels right that way.

Here also the text dump of Seiken Densetsu 2 and Woolsey's translation.

Programming / ZSNES Changing sample 44100Hz to 43200Hz permanently
« on: December 23, 2014, 09:38:43 am »
Hi everyone. Normally I would offer my services for custom graphics, but now I have a little problem with what I want.
Thing is, that ZSNESw apparently fixes any changes on the ZSNESw CFG data file and I want to change the sample 44100Hz to the more harmonic sample 43200Hz.

Which tool can give me quick access to hack ZSNESw directly?
I would love to have a frequency around which attunes to me more nicely.

Currently I and Kujakiller have to deal with the nasty 32x32 tile table, which would be much more efficient, if it would work like the 16x16 tile table. However trying to editing it, would have horrible side effects on what already existed before, like it would screw up with hitboxes, gravity effects and a lot more.

We need to find a way, how to make it more data efficient. It is ludicrous how the 32x32 table has several 16x16 tiles within repeated like mad. Just a example of Hardman's stage.

We would appreciate, if there is someone who is capable to successfully rewrite the 32x32 table into a 16x16 table without to change what already exists.

How do we install the VRC6 Konami Chip Sound Software into other NES games? For example how do we install it in the very old Final Fantasy and Rockman games without to mess up the other data inside?

Just to let you know, I am not asking this for myself but on my own volition for Lugia2009 and other musicans with their respective knowledge about programming and hacking games. Since I know only binary with their values and such with the ability to change colours in GBA games, I won't be able to understand the complex structure behind these programs (I still would love to know how I could tell in binary the computer precise orders, but that will come later someday).

Personal Projects / Megaman Odyssey Project
« on: January 03, 2011, 12:14:56 pm »
Those who have visited Board2, Sprite.Inc and Rockman Perfect Memories should know Megaman Odyssey by Kuja Killer.

Megaman Odyssey is a project, which began several years ago at the same time when the development of Megaman Forever and Megamn Ultra 2 started.
Kuja Killer had finished two Robot Masters along with their levels years ago. However he stucks now, because he lacks the sprites for the Necro Man Levels and his partner MegamanOmega seems to ceased the work on that project. He is a formidable programmer with Megaman 3, but he is such a softie that he gives up to early fast. Hence he is to shy to ask and bother anyone for help, I decided to do for him the search for more supporters which are really willing to help. Also I am a spriter for his cause, but it is not enough.

For the new ones here, who don't know Megaman Odyssey here videos.

Megaman Odyssey Demo - Boltman

Megaman Odyssey Demo - Inside Boltman's Tower

Megaman Odyssey Demo - Duplex Man Part 1

Megaman Odyssey Demo - Duplex Man Part 2a

Megaman Odyssey Demo - Duplex Man Part 2b

I beg of your help!

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