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ROM Hacking Discussion / Crash Bandicoot Prototype Texture Ripping Help
« on: October 29, 2011, 12:24:11 am »
So with the public release of the Crash Bandicoot Prototype, I've decided to try ripping each unused screen/map and their accompanying elements from the game. So far, I have used a method which involves a combination of 3D Ripper DX, ePSXe and the Next 3D 1.5 video plugin (the details on my method can be found here). I have tried using other programs like Dragon UnPACKer 5's Hyperripper, Iceberg's Texture Finder, and SnowBro's Tile Molester on the archives within the prototype disk image to extract the textures easier, but only Texture Finder incorrectly read the textures and the other programs gave nothing but false positives. Also, using a VRAM viewer to extract the textures would be a method just as hard if not harder for what I'm trying to do. Anyway, I've been using this method up until now.

My work so far:

Next, I would like to rip the level/island maps. However, I've run into a problem. The sheets are so complex that I wouldn't be able to rip the maps without some kind of algorithm to sort them out. This is how the sheets work:
  • The sheets are in a .DDS image format.
  • Each sheet has a maximum of 256 colours, and typically has 50% less opacity then it should.
  • In each sheet, pure black typically indicates empty opacity.
  • There are 15*15 tiles on each sheet (excluding the rightmost column of tiles, which is on a separate sheet.)
  • The rightmost column's sheet of tiles are arranged from top to bottom in 32*32 pixel sized groups of 4 tiles, with each top-right tile moved below the top-left tile, and each bottom-left tile moved above the bottom-right tile.
  • Each tile is 16*16 pixels in size.
  • Each tile on each sheet that uses all colours on the sheet is a correct tile in that sheet. All others tiles should be removed from the sheet.
Sheet-Map Comparison:



Rightmost column layout:


As the example sheets are unmodified, they may be hard to see due to opacity issues. In that case, you could open them up in a program such as Microsoft Paint to understand them better.

In order to finish ripping the maps, does anyone know of a way to make this process simpler?
Thanks. :)

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