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Mega Maker is what the name says a Mega Man Fan Game similar to Super Mario Maker or Super Mario Bros X which lets you create and share Levels.
It looks very promising, i am sure it will be successful if Capcom doesn't takes it down which they probably will. The release is only few days away.

edit: Mega Maker has been released! :woot!:
Most of you have probably already seen this trailer but for the ones who didn't here you go.
Hello everyone, i am looking for some smart designed Hard Type hacks or just hacks which add a extra Challenge to the Original version of the game but they should be fair and not impossible to beat nor require frame by frame accuracy movement or endless grinding (sometimes it can't be avoided).

The gameplay should be sort of a survival where every enemy can kill you but you always have a chance of beating them, no cheap stuff of course.

Any genre is welcome.
Gaming Discussion / Retro Gaming never dies!
December 17, 2016, 12:47:15 AM
It's amazing to see how strong Retro Gaming is going today and we are almost in the Year 2017 (only 2 weeks away). Retro Gaming will never die! i bet in 20 years or so, people will still be creating awesome Retro Gaming Hacks and Translations like we see today. Back when the Systems were released i would have never thought of how long the Systems will be relevant.

I personally enjoy the new Systems and collect them all but the classic Systems will always be my favorites.

I want to thank everyone who puts his time and effort by contributing to this great hobby we all have and share, you are the ones who keeps it alive! :thumbsup: