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A have a question about PSOne ISO romhacking. I planed new project (full english translation from japanese Playstation Wizardry 1-3, 4-5 and 7 games)
I can not extract the .xa and .str files from the .bin or mounted cue, with right size.
I tried many way... if I just mount the image .xa and .str unreadable, if try extract with Isobuster with raw, mode file sizes is didnt same with the mounted image (and not just these file, all). Ok I can extract in user mode any other files with same size, but I can not the .xa and .str (unreadable or not the right size).
I want to rebuild the image with modified files,  (I dont want modify the .xa and .str, just the text data and .exe) but I cannot rebuild the correct iso without these.


I try restart/restore this project.
Translation rewiever wanted!

I know it look like I abandoned this project long time ago, but few weeks ago i found this:

It is a great SysCard patch to support 8x16 and 8x12 ASCII font.

When I successfuly patched 3.0 SysCard image (it should be a headerless version), now is much easier work on PC-Engine CD translation.
Maybe some extra graphic char will be missed because just basic ASCII suported.
I already translated the intro texts, and work on full reverese enginering the first town.

Only stepback I should rework texts again on all dungeons, but now thanks to reverse egineering maybe I can get more spaces to bigger dungeons (mostly towns).

But as you see, I'm still not on native level english, and I use translations from online translator tools. Thankfully, these tools is developed lot in the past 10 years  ;D, but if anybody like to help, review the english text, would be great.
Repointering is not as easy like most of NES and SNES games, mostly small asm code load every pointer, maybe just 20-30% came from pointer tables.

If my english will be crappy, is a bit hard rework all asm part to fix texts.  :-\

Thank you Guys!



I Begin Might and Magic: Book One PC-E translation and I discover lots things.
First time I try reverse enginering font and text system, and look like success. In a last few day I can hack the fonts from 12x12 to 8x12, but kanji font isn't on CD, is in the system card. I need well modded syscard3.pce with good looking 8x12 ASCII chars font.
Anyone have them? (I made one, but it's not look too pretty, I think)

And text string looks well mixed with code, not the easy modify strings lenght. PC-E  8k memory address space is to small, and not easy modify like a SNES segment addressing. Memory banks relocation is looks too difficulty to me, and looks more hard with CD system. Is someone can help, please inform me.

How i said here is the in progress pack of translation:

This areas translated: B1, C1-3, D1, E1, Cave North Barrier, Dusk, Erliquin and Cave, Sorigal and Cave, in progress Portsmith.

All translated text is in the torrent in .jce file format, can use with JWPce (JWPce is a freeware japanese word processor). I use these format because easy to rip texts from the game to the ShiftJIS coded file.

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