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Newcomer's Board / Mega Man VII Password Errors / Glitches After Patching
« on: December 30, 2016, 08:59:11 pm »
Hi. Found some Megaman 7 hacks on this site and I am having some troubles with the game after patching. Patching seems to go ok but if I use Megaman 7 Plus (Dark Mark) or Robot Masters AI (Docrow) the passwords the game gives me do not work.

Here is what I know.

-I have not had the best of luck applying snes patches.
-I am paying attention to patches requiring roms to be header roms and un header roms.
-I have tried using Lunar IPS, SNEStuff and snesROMUtil. Each method seems to give same results.
-I am not applying both patches as Robot Masters AI seems to include Megaman 7 Plus anyways.
-No matter what I do Rockman appears in Yellow when receiving freeze cracker.
-Stranger glitches are Rockman talking to roll or rightot or light while yellow and the dialog is about junk shield when receiving freeze cracker.
-When game is reset, the password screen does not store the current password. (prolly cuz it doesnt work)
-I have tried fixing checksum with ucon64 and it did not help.
-When using snesROMUtil, Robot Masters AI patch increases romsize to 4mb. The others do not seem to increase.
-Megaman X1 seems to have some anti piracy measures... It was released before MM7...

I have a feeling the passwords do not work because the Robot Master AI patch unlocks all 8 bosses from the start. I have found that if you use a password to unlock all 8 from the start your passwords will not work after that as well. After writing this I realized my passwords for Megaman 7 Plus DO WORK! It is just the Robot Master AI patch that does not. I suppose further contact with Docrow would be necessary to have him remove the start with 8 bosses unlocked from his patch to perhaps make this work... Damn I wish there were a way to get his patch without that one feature...

If anyone has any info contrary to what Ive posted or any other ideas please let me know. It appears passwords are working after all... I read on a post here that holding L+R might help but it did not.

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