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The title says it all. Which titles do you think would be the next essentials on the list if Nintendo had added 5 more?

Let's also keep in mind the system was supposed to have a large selection of game styles, so let's not add 5 JRPGs.

Newcomer's Board / Tutorial: How to get your hack noticed
« on: June 18, 2017, 02:23:42 am »
Dear RHDN community,

a topic I pick up on from time to time on is that many people feel it's hard to get attention for their hacks on RHDN. You work on something for many months and then you release it and somehow the only thing that happens is that 3 weeks after release it appears in a "New hacks added to the database" posts as a single bullet point alongside 15 Sonic hacks that each change Dr. Robotnik's dialogue to a different dialect of Hebrew (situation slightly overexaggerated for comedic effect). I can totally understand how that can feel frustrating.

On the recent poll with feature requests there were also several features that aimed in the direction of getting better hacks noticed easier - up and downvotes, sharing hacks on social media directly from RHDN, favouriting hacks,etc. It's obvious we have work to do in this department. If you have more suggestions on how to improve hack visibility, don't hesitate to bring them up for discussion any time.

For this post however, I want to tell you how to improve the visibility of your hack right now, with what the site currently already offers. It is really simple actually, but for some reason so few people make use of it.

Submit a news post for your release.

A lot of people don't seem to know this, but RHDN news are crowdsourced just like anything else in the database. There is no one on staff going through all the romhacking forums, blogs, personal websites or even the local submissions here to pick out specific hacks to write news for. No, all news except the automatically generated ones by the submission bot are coming from users. Don't assume that some superfan will be so excited about your release he'll write a news post for you - just do it yourself. If you already spent months on your hack - why not spend 10 more minutes picking two screenshots and writing a short description to improve the visibility of your hack a hundred fold? You have no one but yourself to blame if you don't!


  • Aren't you afraid the site will be spammed with news if everybody submits some?
    If there are 10 new releases every day then we are happy to show that kind of community activity on the RHDN frontpage too. More news is good news. It means people have more reason to visit the site more regularly, which means even more visibility by having a news posted. You see, it's a win win situation.
  • How do I know if my hack is worth a news post?
    The guidelines don't specify a bar that is any more special or higher than that of a general hack submission. We can't tell you how to feel about the merit of your own hack, but in general I'd say if it's worth submitting to the site, it's probably worth submitting news about it. If your releases are smaller stuff like a bunch of docs or improvement hacks, why not bundle them up for one slightly bigger news post? Just use common sense and when in doubt ask, we don't bite.
  • Writing about my own project in third person is so silly!
    This topic came up once or twice before, so I thought I'd address it. If everyone started writing in first person and in their own style the frontpage would quickly read very messy. A lot of people mistake RHDN as a site for some translation group already and think it's a single entity that is responsible for all the hacks on the site. If you started reading "I just released Super Ultra Mario DX today" in every news post people think RHDN is some individual or group that did that even more. By having all news written in a neutral third person fashion we keep the news style somewhat unified and the confusion for visitors as low as possible.
  • My English is not very good, I can't write a good news post!
    This I can totally understand. Try it, if there are only a few mistakes we'll most likely fix them up for you before approving the news. You can also start by typing up the news on the forum and then using the forum's spell check to get at least word spelling right. If you still feel uncomfortable with the result, maybe ask a friend or on the forum for help with that. Or try the IRC or Discord server, maybe someone there can help. I'm sure we can find a way.

Does that help? Is there anything we can do to make the process easier? Better suggestions? Let us know.

Gaming Discussion / Dragon Quest Builders
« on: October 25, 2016, 05:27:40 pm »
I just finished the first world in Dragon Quest Builders and I'm really impressed with the game.
If you are like me and loved the idea of Minecraft but thought the aimless execution as a game was abysmal you should definitely give it a try.

In case you haven't heard of the game yet, what is it? It is like Minecraft but as a very focused single player game. The basic mechanics are the same, the whole world is made up of various blocks of the same size which you can gather by smashing them with tools and then place somewhere else or combine them into new things. What sets it apart is that there is a story and a clear progression. You are building a small village and the buildings you create attract townsfolk who'll help you by creating stuff themselves and defending the city. More importantly they give you quests and lead you to better and more complex objects. There is always something to do that'll lead to you improving your village or new equipment.

You can still build the houses however you want, what turns them into specific buildings is the stuff you place in it. For example a crafting table, a chest and a light source surrounded by walls and a door will make a workshop and it can be upgraded by adding a shop sign, better lighting and some decorative items. In that fashion the whole village keeps evolving which is very motivating. Materials aren't just available in the world but also from slaying monsters which were recruited from the classic DQ range. There are regularily attacks on your village by the monsters which defenses you can build and your villagers equipped from armories can fend off.

Of course if you love Minecraft as it is you'll probably hate this since it's too focused and not 'free' enough. But I personally always found that complete aimlessness to be super boring. In DQB everything I build has a purpose, even purely decorative items upgrade the level of your city and lead to it attracting more people. It's very addicting. When I heard about this I thought "Oh really, now they are cloning Minecraft?" But the execution makes it so radically different. It really shows what a seasoned pro developer can make out of a concept that an indie dev can only realize into a basic prototype (I thought the "updates" Minecraft got after the development was outsourced to an external studio were a bad joke considering how much budget they could have had).

Has anyone else tried it? It's available on PS4/Vita and there is a demo.

Gaming Discussion / Do video games still need mascots?
« on: September 12, 2015, 03:09:11 pm »
I agree with this.  Nintendo has been riding the exact same handful of franchises for 30+ years.  It's almost embarrassing.  There's only so many times you can repackage Mario or Zelda before it gets tired... and I think most people have hit that point.

This quote inspired me to this thread. It would have been pretty off-topic in the other thread so I'm creating a new one.

Do videogames still need to be carried by a singular character? When was the last time we got a new character that reaches recognizability and lasting power like Mario, Link, Sonic, Lara Croft, Crash Bandicoot, Solid Snake etc...?
If we look at modern games, what is popular seems to be multiplayer games with no or unimportant characters. Indie games focused on game mechanics and not characters or story. Even the storydriven stuff is very self-contained. I think a character like Elizabeth from Bioshock Infinity has more personality and depth than all the 90s game heroes combined, but we'll never see her in another game and I don't mind that. When a game is more character driven we get to experience their story and then they are gone. There is no longer this type of broad stroke mascot that'll stick with us through a whole franchise.

Or am I off-base here? This thread is the first thing that came to mind after reading the above quote, I'm sure I'm forgetting stuff. More importantly, is this a bad thing? I just noticed this, but I can't say I ever missed them. And the publishers still don't seem to be tired to keep throwing games with those old characters at us. Maybe that's why no one is noticing. They have the market covered amongst themselves.

Gaming Discussion / Steam entering the next stage
« on: September 23, 2013, 03:25:03 pm »
In the first of three big reveals, Steam just announced SteamOS:

It'll be their own full-screen, controller-focused OS for PC gaming on TVs. And it'll be based on Linux.

The final reveal will most likely be the long rumored SteamBox hardware. Though I'm really curious what the remaining thing will be.

Gaming Discussion / X Rebirth
« on: August 08, 2013, 01:39:35 pm »
I've waited a long time for high-res gameplay footage, and Egosoft finally delivered:

And they also have a release date too, 15th November. I can't wait.

In case you are clueless what this is about, X Rebirth is a space simulation and the 4th game in the long running X series. This one took 7 years to make and it looks like the wait was worth it. Their claims sound unrealistic? Well X3 already had most of that, I played it, it's real. This one will just be bigger and more epic. (And hopefully it'll finally have a good UI, the only real issue the series had).

It irks me that Star Citizen gets all the spotlight, just because they leech off long past glory and keep stirring the hype machinery.

Gaming Discussion / Randomly generated platforming has arrived
« on: July 29, 2013, 12:06:43 pm »
I vaguely remember that we once had a discussion on the board on how people would like to see procedurally generated levels in platformers. I think it was in relation to a Kirby game.

Well for those of you who thought it would be a great idea, your wishes have been answered!

You can skip to 12:15 for an example on how mean the levels can maximally get in the game.

Personally I do not see the appeal at all, purely from a game structure point of view. I don't want my games to have an endless supply of levels. I want a clear progression over a finite amount of content to a well-rounded finish. And then I want to play a different game. I wouldn't want to eat the same food for the rest of my life either.

Gaming Discussion / Playstation 3
« on: June 10, 2013, 03:04:23 am »
So with the PS4 coming later this year and this generation going into maintenence mode (we all know there won't be many new games beyond a few movie tie-ins, sports games, delayed releases or low budget ones) I'm thinking about picking up a PS3 after all. There are a few games I'm interested in that I couldn't play this gen and I think it's enough to make me make the jump, but I'd like to get you folks' input.

Do you think another price reduction of the PS3 is realistic in the next 6 months? Or is the slim as low as we are going to get it for now?

Some games that I'm interested in:

MGS HD Collection (Mostly for peace walker)
Dragon's Dogma
Valkyria Chronicles (Loved the PSP game)
Heavy Rain
The Last of Us
Final Fantasy XIII-2 (my 360 died before I could get to that)
Tales of Graces
That Ghibli JRPG thing

I barely followed PS3 news so I'm probably missing a lot of interesting ones. Any further suggestions of games that I definitely have to take a look at if I'd get a PS3? Just skip anything multiplatform, chances are high I already played it on 360 or PC.

Gaming Discussion / So THQ is officially done (and Atari too)
« on: January 25, 2013, 09:26:19 am »

The company has been broken up and bought up by different publishers. Sega bought Relic Entertainment(Company of Heroes, Dawn of War, Homeworld), Koch Media bought Volition (Saints Row, Red Faction) and Crytek bought Homefront. Ubisoft bought the Obsidian developed South Park RPG. Interestingly, no one wanted to buy Vigil (Darksiders).

I'm not sure I like that Sega got Relic. As I'm sure I've mentioned before, Relic is my favourite currently active developer. I never got the impression from Sega that they are much into competitive e-sports and supporting their titles for a long time after release. I don't want there to be a yearly DoW title like they are producing Total War games, each with slightly altered settings but otherwise barely any improvements. Though I'm not even sure they got the Warhammer licence along with the purchase, so there might not be a new Dawn of War in any case.

Sadly, this sale could also mean that Company of Heroes 2 gets delayed by quite a bit. :'( The game seems to be generally done and is already in beta testing (sadly I didn't get a spot yet), but I'm sure it'll take time to get integrated into Sega's testing and distribution procedures.

It's also interesting that no one even wanted Vigil. I guess Darksiders 2 must have really bombed HARD. Are the two game's stories complete? I read that the second game tells the same story as the first one, only from another perspective. I wonder if they had planned for 2 more titles and if there are huge gaps in the storylines because of that. If so I guess I can cross those off my "to play"-list... :-\

Also Atari is also dead for good. But before you get all nostalgic, the company was Atari in name only, the classic Atari died quite a long time ago. What is dying now are what used to go by Infrogames in the old days. I'm sad to say that they deserve to be bankrupt with how hard they wasted the Star Trek licence when they had it and especially how they let STO vegetate along while they had the reigns. Good riddance.

To make it absolutely clear: This subforum is NOT to request translation hacks that YOU do not plan to contribute to.
This has already been indirectly stated in the first rule below, but has been pretty regularly violated.
Here or here are the places for those.

There are now special rules in place for this subboard. Please read and follow them, we'll delete or lock topics which break these rules.

This board covers everything related to languages and scripts. You can post here if you're looking for translation help, if you're looking for help with identifying Kanji and generally for language questions of any sort.

Please keep in mind the following rules:

1.) This is a romhacking board. The things you post should have some relevance to romhacking. It's OK to post a thread about translating song titles or some such once in a while, but make sure you clearly state what kind of content you post. Don't just post huge amounts of game scripts when you don't intent to actually use the translation in a romhack.

2.) Don't paste huge script portions directly into the board. Upload the script in text form to a webhoster or a text paste service and link to that instead. Huge walls of Japanese text only clutter up the server. Posting 3 or 4 lines of Japanese directly on the board is OK of course.

3.) Use script files to translate from. Don't upload a huge load of pictures showing the text to the board. A screenshot or two for spot translations are allowed of course.

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