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Personal Projects / F-Zero Climax translation
« on: May 21, 2019, 09:20:14 am »
I just wanted to let everyone here know that there's an alternative translation available for F-Zero Climax that doesn't freeze unlike the one currently here at RHDN that does so after the first race. Well, here it is:

I've already submitted a project page for it here. However, knowing how strict the submission guidelines here are, I'm not 100% sure that it will even be approved which is why I wanted to at least inform all of you here where this translation may be obtained. Just click on the green button that says "Clone or download" then select "save as ZIP" to download the ZIP folder. Make sure to also follow the instructions carefully:

Place the Japanese F-Zero Climax rom inside the rom folder named input.gba and run the build.bat script.

And for those of you curious why I don't have complete confidence in my submission being approved, it's for these two following reasons:

1. For new authors, I added Normmatt, the lead project leader in this case and the first person listed in the credits. The problem with this is that the form asks you to fill in the home URL. I placed the linked above which may not be accepted since it's not his actual website. I don't even think he has one to be honest, but I may be wrong.

2. At least one screenshot is required for submission. The link above did not have any at all, neither did any other place where the translation is available. And not to mention the fact that even if I did find one, it might still be rejected on grounds of "hotlinking". Therefore, I placed a link to the second screenshot of the existing F-Zero Climax translation here at RHDN of the control pad scheme (since it has not changed in this new version).

This translation also had Clank Hughes listed in the credits as with the existing translation here. However, Normmatt is now listed as the lead romhacker in this version. If my submission does by some chance get rejected, anyone who wishes to submit this translation here may do so. I'm getting a bit too tired of tackling the RHDN submission form again and am already quite busy as it is already... But hopefully everything will work out and this won't be necessary.

Script Help and Language Discussion / Ys V - PS2 opening
« on: May 01, 2019, 04:06:10 am »
I've always been curious what the dialogue between Adol and Dogi is in the PS2 version of Ys V as this was not present in the SNES version:

The actual dialogue takes place between time frame 4:30 to 5:40. If anyone could please tell what they're saying, that would be nice. Thanks in advance for the help!

Gaming Discussion / What techs would a playable Schala have?
« on: March 14, 2019, 02:30:57 pm »
The idea of Schala being a playable character in Chrono Trigger has always been an interesting topic of conversation among fans. Most agree that if this was possible, she would have probably joined either before or after the Ocean Palace disaster. But what techs would Schala actually have? Based on what we see in game, although she is a powerful spellcaster, she doesn't seem quite as good as Magus/Janus is. Especially when it comes to offensive techs (being a nice and non-aggressive person). I honestly think that her techs would probably be somewhat a combination of what Magus and Marle has (and possibly a bit of Frog's techs).

In my opinion, Schala's tech list as a playable character might look something like this:


Not necessarily in that order, but something like that. Perhaps it would be better to have her learn the three offensive spells first like Magus, but this makes more sense to me seeing as how in the game, she is an expert at support/barrier type of magic, along with possibly healing. This tech setup would therefore make Schala a great healer and support character, but a bit lousy at fighting which again, makes sense for her character type and personality. She might also make Marle look a bit useless by comparison. Which brings up another point, instead of trying to add an eighth character, couldn't a romhack just replace Marle with Schala? Now that would be an interesting thing to see. Especially story wise, since the replacement of these characters would change the story line drastically. But enough of that. Moving back to topic now, what techs do you all think that Schala would have and why (assuming she joined the party).

Note: I only added what single techs Schala might have, but you can add double and triple techs as well if you like. Making such lists just seemed as though it would have taken too much time for me. Another interesting point of conversation would be what weapon she would use if any. I'm guessing that it would either be a crossbow like Marle or a staff of some sort. Either way, she would not be a good attacking character (which is to be expected of spellcasters).

Edit: And as a separate thought, it would also be a great idea if shield/barrier/haste would be changed to target all characters instead of just one at a time.

Gaming Discussion / Why do some people complain about long RPGs?
« on: November 25, 2015, 11:39:24 am »
This is something that I've seen quite a few times here and at other sites lately. Why exactly do some people complain that modern RPGs are too long? Isn't that the point? Who wants to pay for a game that they could literally beat in a day or two? It would be an obvious waste of both money and time to invest in such a thing in my honest opinion. Besides, no one is forcing them to finish a game in one sitting or anything if they're busy or whatever, so why are they complaining about this in the first place? Isn't a longer game better than a shorter one?

It just doesn't make any sense to me whatsoever... I would much rather play a decent RPG with a long and interesting story line than a short and boring one that's a waste of money. And while we're still on the subject, why play RPGs in the first place if they feel that it takes too much time to finish? Personally, I actually feel that most RPGs are pretty short (both past and present). For example, it certainly would've been nice if Chrono Trigger was a bit longer. So, what are your opinions on this? Do you feel that most RPGs are too long, short or just fine the way they are?

Gaming Discussion / Your favorite console and handheld.
« on: November 04, 2015, 01:18:50 am »
Over the years, there have been many different gaming consoles and handhelds made by different companies for various systems. I was curious to see which ones were the overall favorites of the members here and why. This can be either a console, and/or handheld device.

Though it's a bit hard for me to choose seeing as how there's plenty of good ones, I would have to go with the Super Nintendo as my favorite console and the Gameboy Advance as the best handheld. The reason for this is because they both had amazing graphics and music for their time (and still do in my opinion), as well as a very large selection of great games (especially true for the SNES). Overall, these two are almost tied in terms of functionality and gameplay, but I still have to say that I would choose the SNES over the GBA as the greatest gaming system of all time. This is also in part because of the larger RPG selection of the SNES console.

So, to sum things up:
Favorite console: Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES).
Favorite handheld: Gameboy Advance (GBA).

So, which are your favorite gaming consoles and/or handheld devices and why?

Gaming Discussion / Most complete Fire Emblem SNES patches.
« on: January 01, 2015, 10:55:21 pm »
I was just curious which of the different Fire Emblem translations are the most complete overall for the three SNES titles. For example, I already know that the most complete patch for Fire Emblem: Monshou no Nazo is the one released by "RPGuy96 and VincentASM" and that AGTP is currently still working on it, but what about the other two?

The translation for Fire Emblem: Seisen no Keifu by "Dark Twilkitri Net Translation Division" seems to be the most complete from what I've read on this site. Am I right in assuming this?

And last, but not least, there's Fire Emblem: Thracia 776, for which I have no idea. There's three different patches for it, but I can't tell which one is best to use overall. Based purely on the release date and screen shots, I would say it's the one by "Shaya", but I don't know for sure.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I'm only asking because I couldn't tell just from the patch descriptions alone and playing with three different patches would take way too long. Thanks in advance for the help!

On behalf of Taskforce from Dynamic-Designs, I've come to request a small four line translation for an anime preview which can be found here:

You can either post the translation here or at the D-D forum. Thanks in advance for the help.

Gaming Discussion / Septerra Core: A total ripoff?
« on: April 08, 2014, 05:59:30 pm »
While many games have similar styles and plot elements, Septerra Core appears to directly ripoff a lot of elements from Bahamut Lagoon and Chrono Trigger. I'll explain what I mean below, but if you haven't played this game and want to, you may want to avoid this topic for now as there may be some small spoilers.

For starters, the "world shells" in Septerra Core seem very similar to the "lagoons" in Bahamut Lagoon, which are basically floating land masses (also like the Magical Kingdom of Zeal in Chrono Trigger, but not to the same extent). Though I've seen quite a few fantasy games with floating islands or castles, non of them had the whole world like that as in Bahamut Lagoon and later, Septerra Core.

As for the Chrono trigger references, aside from the unique speed/turn based battle system that exists in both games (with a minor difference in Septerra Core, there's three levels to which a character's speed/turn bar can charge instead of one), a lot of the characters in Septerra Core seem to be based on those of Chrono Trigger. I'll list these below:

Maya for example seems to be based on Marle. They just changed her hair to blue and gave her a rifle instead of a crossbow (both of which are similar). Going from a princess to a "junker" was quite a bit of a change though, heh!

Grubb and Led are based on Lucca (all three being mechanics that work on making and repairing robots).

Corgan and Araym both also seem to be based on Crono in different ways. Corgan is a swordsman and is a polite person who is always looking to help others for a just cause like Crono. Araym on the other hand has pretty much the exact same hair style and color.

Runner and Lobo seem to be loosely based on Robo. Runner uses the same type of laser based weapons and bombs, whereas Lobo is a humanoid robot (or in this case, a cyborg) like him with a very similar name. It seems to me as though they broke off Robo into two different characters, one that looks like him and the other that uses the same type of weapons.

The Mining Helgak (an enemy boss on Shell 7), looks very similar to Lavos and his spawn.

Selena doesn't seem to be based on any character I know from either of these two games, though she and the symbol on her cloak does remind of the main character from Chaos Legion.

And last but not least, Badu also looks like they loosely based him off of Frog. Though there is enough differences between these two characters to call them unique. If anything, he looks more like a primitive Protoss (Zealot) from Starcraft, hahaha!

Well, that's about it. So, what do you all think of this? Is this all a coincidence, or did the Septerra Core staff copy a lot of elements from these two classic SNES RPGs? And before anyone gets upset, I just wanted to say that while I enjoyed playing Septerra Core for the most part, a lot of plot elements and even characters seem to be copied off of Bahamut Lagoon and Chrono Trigger. It's not like I hate the game or anything, I'm just saying...

Edit: And one last quick note, the world of Septerra also reminds me a bit of the artificial satelites from the Panatasy Star series, namely Phantasy Star 3.

Edit 2: The core energy thing is also pretty similar to the whole "mana" idea in other games.

On behalf of D-D, I've once again returned with a spot translation request. This time, the game is Chaos Seed and the lines are much shorter (and fewer) than the ones for Aretha-II. Anyways, here's the link to the untranslated lines (in Draken's last post at the bottom of the page):

For the sake of simplicity, I'll quote Draken's post here. You can either post the translation here, on the D-D board or via a text file, just be sure to keep the "Newl" and "Keyp" tags as they are at the end of the lines. Thanks in advance for the help!
Hey guys! It's been a while since we've had to post anything in this thread. It looks like all major strings of text have finally been translated. Sadly, however, there were a few rogue bits of dialog here and there that got overlooked. Any help in translating the following strings is greatly appreciated.

File: CSeed 182
Desc: At this point the main character's Master is describing a "Teleport-Stone", which is a monument used to warp into the Enchanted Cave.
; へーっ、飛天功みたいにブワーッと[Newl]
; ワープするんですか?

File: CSeed 05
Desc: Comes from Senju (Spirit) World. Here one Senju creature is talking about the snake in the village. These creatures sometimes speak quite erratically, so the original translation was a little difficult to understand.
; あーははははは。[Keyp]
; やめちゃったっ[Newl]
; つったって[Newl]
; 何が変わるわけでもなし[Keyp]
; 安心して帰んな,
; 蛇のこたあ気にすんなよ。[Keyp]
; じゃあな。

It was translated as...

Nothing will change even[newl]
if you stop.[Newl]
Don't mind that snake...[Keyp]
Relax and go home.[Keyp]
You know(see you then??).

File: CSeed 25
Desc: Another one from the crazy Senju world. The problem with the translation is that I have no idea who Torisen is... Can anyone clarify it a bit for me
; トリサントッテモ[Newl]
; ウタガスキ

translated as:

Torisen really likes music.

File CSeed 25
Desc: These last 3 are crazy bird-speek dialog strings... Really not sure how to accurately translate them on my own.
; ピュッツツーイ、ピイ。[Keyp]
; ホー、ホータ、

; がんばれ。[Keyp]
; ホ、タルノー[Newl]
; マタタ、キニモー[Newl]
; ニタウーキヨノ

; クィクァイマニマニ[Newl]
; マニマニダスキー[Keyp]
; クィクァイコー[Newl]
; クィクァイカム

I think that's all of them... Rather i HOPE that's all. Many thanks to anyone who can help out!

On behalf of Dynamic-Designs, I would like to request a spot translation for these lines from Aretha II:

You can either post them here directly, at D-D or via link to a text file. The only thing I can say for certain, is to try and keep the translated strings in order and follow the format (I noticed that there's some "blue", "white" codes, etc. mixed in the text). Well anyways, thanks in advance for the help! :beer:

Edit: Special thanks goes out to LostTemplar for his translation over at D-D! :thumbsup:

On part of D-D, I would like to request if anyone could please translate these ending credits for Nekketsu Tairiku Burning Heroes. It's not that long, it consists of the staff who worked on the game:

Just scroll down to the bottom of the second page there to Wildbill's post. There's two small screen shots per line. I think it would be best if the order of translation is as the screen shots. So starting from the top left one (that says "Staff") to the one directly right of it, next the following one directly below the top two to the left, then the right one and so forth in a zigzag manner.

We hope to have the translation released sometime by the end of this year as originally planned. So far, we've been making steady progress which is good. Well anyways, thanks in advance for the help! :thumbsup:

On behalf of Dynamic-Designs, I would like to ask for help on translating the Chaos Seed manual which holds important information about the game that's required for certain parts of beta testing. The D-D project members feel that these pages hold key info on building and maintaining Enchanted Caves and other things which are the backbone of this game. Thank you in advance for helping! :beer:

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