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Newcomer's Board / Hacking vertical text to display horizontally
« on: February 16, 2012, 12:01:53 am »
The console in question is PC-Engine (Turbografx-16 in the US).

I have a game that is displaying both horizontal and vertical text. I've figured out the control codes and most of the pointers for both - sadly, I don't think the horizontal vs. vertical printing is determined via control code.
I'm aware I might have to delve into asm (a new thing for me) to figure it out, but any beginner's tips for solving this kind of problem?

Ideally, I'd be replacing all instances/calls to creation of vertical text with the routine that prints horizontal text. The vertical text is stored in rom almost identically to the horizontal - I can point a vertical string to read a horizontal one and vice versa with minor formatting changes.

Hi there, I'm almost done with a hiragana table for a game (through WindHex) and making steady progress.

I have a question before I start the katakana table.

My game uses control codes for special characters (dakuten and handakuten). For instance - B9= け while B9DE= げ
This is well and good and seems to work inside of a table.

The problem:
The control code '5C' seems to switch from hiragana to katakana, and then is used at the end of however many katakana again to switch it back.

Default behavior seems to start as hiragana. How can I teach my table to pick up on this control code? It uses (as far as I can tell) the same data values as hiragana, the switch just tells it to look at the katakana characters. For instance 44 44 44 will show up as 3 hiragana and 5C 44 44 5C 44 will show up as 2 katakana and a hiragana.

Or if I'm reaching a point where I should dump this portion of the script, how can I instruct the dumper to follow this switch? I don't want to split it into different files if it's not necessary. I hear Cartographer might be able to do this for me?

Thanks for any assistance!

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