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Is it possible?
I have tried playing the official translation on PS3 via. The Legacy Collection but it's considerably more laggy than an emulated MSX2 version, and I prefer playing it on PC.
I see that the font in the Subsistence versions, even on PS2, is more high-res than what is probably possible with the MSX2 on it's own.

I really hope someone would make this, if it is possible, since Konami and GOG didn't release Metal Gear 2 for PC even though Metal Gear 1 did and it's based on the Subsistence port.

Also, the atmosphere of these games is heavily enhanced when played in 240p on a CRT, and the PS2 version is only 480i, so the official translation ported to the MSX2 versions and played on a MiSTer FPGA would be a really authentic experience.

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