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Newcomer's Board / SMB2 cast and credits editing
« on: February 24, 2017, 10:04:23 pm »
How can I edit the Cast and Credits text at the end of SMB2?

I've tried looking for the text in the ROM using the SMB2 text table, and also trying to make a new text table by figuring out what values corresponded to what graphics tiles in the credits using the FCEUX PPU viewer, but I can't figure it out. :(

Where are the credits stored and what text table do they use?

Personal Projects / Super Mario Infinity - SMB1 hack
« on: September 26, 2016, 09:17:19 pm »
EDIT: I've set up a website for this hack. Here it is:


Hi guys. :)

I am currently making a ROM hack of Super Mario Bros. called Super Mario Infinity.

I'm fairly new to ROM hacking, but I've been practicing for a while and I think I've got the hang of the basics. (tile editing with Tile Molester, palette editing with a hex editor, and SMB-specific stuff with the Insectduel level editing tool)

Anyway, about the Mario Infinity hack. It is really hard (I usually need to use save states on most of the levels after level 2). I've made 9 levels so far.

Here's a little TAS I made of the first level (which isn't nearly as hard as the later levels):

I am still a beginner at ROM hacking though, and any help would be appreciated. Like, how to get the title screen to be better. Replacing the "1 Player Game / 2 Player Game" text with the game's title isn't really the optimal way to do things, since it isn't very obvious how to select 2 player mode. Is there a way I could get rid of the logo and replace it with a bunch of plain text?

P.S. I kind of stole some graphics (Mario, goomba, and spiny sprites) from Mario Evolution 2 because I wasn't able to make good ones myself.  :( Sorry. I did some of the new graphics on my own though, plus all of the palette editing.

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