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I am looking for someone to help build a number of songs that will need to be installed into Cadence Of Agony in the future.

The music will need to be designed in Famitracker or designed directly into the Cadence Of Agony Rom itself. Which ever is easier for the designer.

The following list is a list of all the desired tracks that I am hoping to get installed into the game.

Some are complete and some are still needed.

Intro Reel - Agony (Castlevania - COA Original By Optomon) (Complete)
Name Entry Screen - Underground (Castlevania - Harmony Of Dissonance If Possible Otherwise The Famicom Disk Version From The Original Castlevania)
Prayer Scene - (Complete)
Stage 1 - Bloodlines (Castlevania - COA Original By Optomon) (Complete)
Stage 2 - Roman Rondo (Castlevania - COA Original By Optomon) (complete)
Stage 3 - Slash (Castlevania - Rondo Of Blood) (Complete)
Stage 4 - Grand Ballade (Castlevania - COA Original By Optomon) (Complete)
Stage 5 - Hollow Deep (Castlevania - Chorus Of Mysteries) (Needs CV3 Version)
Stage 6 - The Cursed Prison (Castlevania - SOTN Saturn Version) (Needs CV3 Version)
Stage 7 - Firestorm (Castlevnania - COA Original By Optomon) (Complete)
Stage 7-A - Wondering Ghosts (Castlevania - SOTN) (Needs CV3 Version Made)
Stage 8 - Fresh Kill (Castlevania - COA Original By Optomon) (Complete)
Stage 9 - unholy Vespers (Castlevania - Order Of Ecclesia) (Needs CV3 Version)
Stage 10 - Rainshadow (Castlevania - Bloodlust Original By Optomon) (Needs CV3 Version Made)
Stage 11 - Celestial Waltz (Castlevania - COA Original By Optomon) (Complete)
Stage 12 - Dracula's castle (castlevania - COA Original By Optomon) (Complete)
Stage 13 - Heart of Fire (Castlevania - Aria of Sorrow Version) (Needs CV3 Version)
Stage 14 - Bloody Tears (Castlevania - COA Original By Optomon) (Complete)
Stage 15 - Hysteria (Castlevania - COA Original By Optomon) (Complete)
Stage 16 - Resting Again (Castlevania - Order Of Shadows) (Needs CV3 Version)

Boss Fight - Flesh Feast (Castlevania - COA Original By Optomon) (Complete)

Dracula Second Form Fight - Mid Boss Theme (Castlevania - Legends) (Needs CV3 Version)
Dracula Final Form Fight - Proof Of Blood (Castlevania - Circle Of The Moon) (Needs CV3 Version)

Epilogue - Relief (Castlevania - COA Original By Optomon) (Complete)
Credits - Castle Center (castlevania 64) (Needs CV3 Version)

Character Meeting - Theme Of Renon (Castlevania 64) (Needs CV3 Version)

Stage Clear - Needs Custom Song
All Clear - Needs custom song

Player Death - Need Custom Song
Game Over - Need Custom Song

Hopefully this list makes some kind of sense.  :thumbsup:

ROM Hacking Discussion / Need Some Information (Final Fantasy 1-3 Nes)
« on: September 23, 2017, 07:47:25 pm »
I  have a bunch of questions regarding Final Fantasy on the Nes. In fact all three Nes Games.

Recently I have been messing with the games trying to create the Title Screen concept that is in Final Fantasy 2.
(The Translated Nice Version Custom Title Screen, Not The Original White Font Version) and put it into the First and Third Game. So they would appear prior to the prologue and by pushing start you would then see the prologue screen like in FF2.

What I am looking to get information on is where and how would I be able to get that done.
I attempted to copy and paste the code that creates the Title Screen in FF2 and it almost worked except that and I am sure this has to do with ASM. The screen I inserted appeared on top of the save slots screen and pretty much caused a mess. (By Inserting I Mean Using A Hex Editor And YY-CHR)

Now, I also expanded the Roms allowing about 256 Kilobytes of empty space to be available.
But the games prologue starts about half way down the Rom around 1000 or so. Making it impossible to find the graphics loaded at the end of the Rom that I stuck in there.

I have a feeling this is a endless journey on my end but I appreciate any information at all.  :thumbsup:

Personal Projects / Metroidvania (NES Castlevania Hack)
« on: May 23, 2017, 03:02:11 pm »
Hello All,

This is the start of a new project I am working on. It's mainly just a side thing I am doing while working on "COA".
I don't have a name for it yet aside from Metroidvania as this is going to be a very literal Metroidvania version of Metroid using the first Castlevania Engine. Assuming this is going to ruin gameplay since Metroid is known for being Non-Linear, I don't plan on making it into the story line or anything special. It's more something I have been wa nting to test out and see where it goes. I guess it could be called Castleroid but that sounds like a giant growth you would get from being on the toilet too long.

Here is the beginning picture of development.
The title screen graphics and palettes are already in, I matched the graphics so they would be identical in placement to FCEUX PPU Viewer for easy installation. However, I became so used to CVIII Hex Editor I forgot that Stake unlike Revamp has a Title Screen Palette Editor. Making it Sooooo much easier.  :thumbsup:

Hey Everyone,

With all the hype going around about Un-Censoring old school Castlevania Games.
I decided to create my own version of what I think Castlevania III should have looked like upon it's original release.
I'm not talking simply bringing over all the Japanese Graphics Ect, My goal is to combine both The American and Japanese Versions together using the best of both games.
For example, I think the Leviathan's body in the American version looks good but would look cool with the Japanese versions horns.
The reason I have decided to call the project "Rated M For Mature" is because I intend to give the Censored graphics more than just undressing them, Example Statues and Sprites. I want to give them more realistic features. In comparison to the newer Castlevania games where now and days NOTHING gets Censored.

For starters I noticed the Prologue in the Japanese Version contains the title screen with a white box around it like slides from a reel. But the American Version had it removed. So I created the Prologue removing all the Boxes to see what it may look like....

Personal Projects / Super Mario Bros. 2 - The Nightmare Of Bowser
« on: January 12, 2016, 08:13:21 pm »
Hey Everybody,

Almost everyone that played Mario 2 growing up noticed the change of characters and the absence of Bowser.
So what I have been working on this last couple of days is a hack that will convert all the enemies and some other stuff into what at least I expected Super Mario 2 would be more like.
The first game I played in the series was Mario 3 and then the original Mario.
So when I finally got to Mario 2..I was like where are the Goombas and most importantly who in gods names is Wart?!!?
Now of course its common knowledge about Doki Doki Panic and why we ended up with the USA version of Mario 2.

So here we go....

I spent the last couple of days trying to convert Wart into Bowser.
It's not complete yet, I still have to edit the Palette and make a couple more adjustments.

Here are a couple pictures of what I have done so far.....

January 12, 2016, 09:06:48 pm - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)
Bowser Palette All Done.

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