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ROM Hacking Discussion / How do you give an NES game SRAM?
« on: December 21, 2017, 12:18:16 pm »
Hey all. I've been wanting to play some NES games but I REALLY prefer to have them SRAM then having to mess around with save states. I, personally, believe save states are a sin. Anyways, I saw and tried out this hack that gave Ninja Gaiden SRAM and it's AWESOME! I wanna know if it can be done for other NES games- particularly Batman, Ninja Gaiden II, and Vice: Project Doom. Thanks!

This game was a beautiful let down for most. Few got to ever touch it and it experienced issues with being PAL exclusive and having major slowdown issues. I still really wanna play it though. The sprites are just too pretty.

So, one guy made an SRAM hack that apparently bypasses the game's PAL requirement and also changes the battery type. What I wanna know is: what does this entail? When played through emulation, does the game run 100% how it's supposed to now? How much do those 2 changes improve this supposedly terrible remake? The emulator I plan on using is Picodrive on an RPi2 (900 MHz).

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