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I’ve been working on a full transcript for Geppy-X on PS1, since outside of memory card menus, the game doesn’t really have any text to dump, just graphics & audio.
I’m requesting some assistance in transcribing a couple line fragments I can’t nail down for a myriad of reasons.

VIDEO LINK (not mine): (1:50-2:23 if link doesn’t start there)

CONTEXT: Nameless villagers in Hokkaido (and thus, using Tohoku dialect) huddled for warmth as their region is plunged into an ice age by the villains’ plot of the week.

Caption     北海道 某所
Man A        |xxxxx!| 今年の冬は|xxxx|だよー!
Man B        くそっ!こりゃ宇宙悪魔帝国の仕業に違えねえ!
Townsfolk  *murmuring* 違えねえべ!(one voice picked out from the crowd)
Man A        爺様、どうすべ?
Man B        どうすべよ!
Elder          ゲッPーエックスを呼ぶだ!
Townsfolk  *murmuring*
Elder          すぐに、|xxxx|見るんだ。

The rest of my work on this game is compiled in this spreadsheet:

This isn’t the only scene with gaps (the others are scattered throughout the game, highlighted in cyan on the sheet), but y’know, one thing at a time. 
Any help is appreciated.

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